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  1. Continue _Fritol_

    again, Hello! Please why do you stopped Topic before? Ok it isn´t essential. Aislinn: you have exhausted all "last chances". Nobody char had last chance _Fritol_, Huvik, Lachim_cz were ban or lock, so they didn´t get "last chances". I please you for deal, because I hope that we are reasonable peoples. You give me really LAST CHANCE and unlock _Fritol_ and if I do something bad you ban my char on forum, in game and ban my IP (ban all EL) and you never hear about me. However i please one requirement before you ban me you write why( We changed for misunderstanding ) I am sorry for my english. _Fritol_
  2. _Fritol_

    I am sorry, but i am searching in my memory and i still don´t know. Can you please help me??
  3. _Fritol_

    I write name and password and it is doing nothing. So it is locked?? And please why?? Thanks for replies
  4. _Fritol_

    Hello, When I install EL past 2 years, I am try to log in with my char _Fritol_ , but it isn´t possible. Can you please say me why?? Thanks
  5. Banned IP

  6. Banned IP

    I am was not shared his char i am only played on his computer. I can send you photo or video.
  7. Banned IP

    It was same exmple. I am could not for my banned IP.
  8. Banned IP

    No, i am never do any thing what break rules
  9. Banned IP

    Yes i have banned IP, but i never do any thing what break rules
  10. Banned IP

    Huvik dont play el from his ban. I NEVER LET SOME1 TO USE MY ACCOUNT ON FORUM AND IN GAME
  11. Banned IP

    we dont want do any bad. Example : i come to Johny_cz house and i am want to present him my char, so you see on his IP second character and i was on his IP a few minutes.
  12. Banned IP

    ok sorry
  13. Banned IP

  14. Banned IP

    we can send you video.
  15. Banned IP

    What is straight answer.Huvik is my neigbour he was in ca$h and stop playing some1 must stole his acount ,because he didint do any bad and our provider is huviks father.