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  1. Hi guys!!!! my ingame name is "Binky" and yea i was stupid enough to trust overkill to lend my ubber greaves n he scammed me.... well this is the proof of chat log i have (have a longer one but too sleepy to post:P) if u dnt believe me feel free to contact cajun_belle:P i am not upset at loosing my ubbers but it is really sad to see lossing a friendship over 800k+ ( n yea i knew him for couple of years) beware of him next time u see him and feel free to brod him for poor old binkster :D......


    binky: so they do work against hardcore mons:P

    [PM from OverKill: You can lemme try? i want make siggy of overkill increase armor :D]

    OverKill: or hardcor ppl

    OverKill: :D

    [PM to OverKill: u promise ur not going to scam me?:P]

    [PM from Entreri: steel grea of ubber def??><>?]

    [PM from OverKill: promise]

    [PM from OverKill: that will be pro siggy]

    [PM from OverKill: :D]

    [PM to OverKill: okay i will lend u ]

    [PM to OverKill: i trust u k:P]

    [PM from OverKill: dam i got giant 259]

    binky: u try:P

    [PM from OverKill: oki...if i had somthin you wanted to try i would let you b/c itrust you to]

    [PM to OverKill: come u can try them:P]

    [PM from OverKill: come to enternce giant almost dead :D]

    [PM from OverKill: its down to 259hp but had diss]

    [PM from OverKill: :(]

    OverKill was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you.

    You have been saved!

    [OverKill: ok

    OverKill: hope for orange spam

    OverKill: :/

    binky: not yet:P

    binky: lol

    [PM to OverKill: where u?]

    [PM from OverKill: upfront]

    [PM from OverKill: by cajun]