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  1. For sale: Thermal serp Black dragon set (No helm) Titanium cuisses, greaves, shield, helm Crown of life Recurve bow
  2. The Big Bag Race 2

    Great, i'd better stock up on the essences, and get some rings this time.. Also a Crown of mana, like levinmage But now, i like the idea but i doubt there's any chance at all of me getting a big prize.. Why not put a couple good prizes randomely in the lower * sections, that way newer players win big like the higher level players, not just leather pants lol. Sounds great though, can't wait.
  3. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Physique Removal stone, VOTD Mullein bush.
  4. Gellie removal stone

  5. MrDeKke

    I Don't think he would just be this way for no reason, if he had nothing to do with it.. And there's a screenshot, isn't that enough evidence full stop? Not sure what people think, that somebody cropped him in there? even if he says he's in NRM, it doesn't matter when there's a screenshot of him sat on the bag. Unless your saying MrDekke came to SKF to look around and prove his innocence, and then Raz saw him and decided to frame him. How much proof do you need? there's only so much you can get out of a game, i thought the screenshot was enough.
  6. Robin Hood and Marian

    Definitely try to participate, i love ranging... But i need to work out what euro time is, I'm in England, and for France, Germany etc it's an hour ahead... etc, etc, etc..
  7. Selling: Red Dragon Mail - SOLD Red Dragon Cuisses - SOLD Red Dragon Greaves - SOLD Damaged Red Dragon Mail - Only -1 Armor point from original. Cape Of The Unbreakable -SOLD Body Peircing Cloak Red Scarf Rostogol Stone 600 Leather Helms 200 Leather Gloves Night Visor Buying: Rope Building Book -BOUGHT Elven Bow

    If nobody was occupying the spawn, the Fluffy Rabbit would be running around freely, you wouldn't have to wait for it to spawn. This like Molime said, means somebody has already killed it.. And you got really angry pretty quick, when it looks like he was in the right, he stayed calm and polite. As for the whole "My Spawn" thing, if i walk into a spawn and kill a monster, then see somebody there i say sorry and leave, not that they own the spawn it's just normal, but just stay calm. There's plenty more spawns around.
  9. *UK* guild recruiting

    UK Guild, cool. Too late for me now, i've found a nice guild already.
  10. Buying NMT

    If you have one, please leave a message here with the price. Or PM me in game.
  11. Selling random junk.

    400 Leather Helms. Damaged Red Dragon Mail 150 Leather gloves 15 White Tiger Fur Blue Tricorn Hat 2 Skull and crossbone scarf 70 Skunk hat 700 Leather SOLD Disengagment Ring Building Book SOLD Titanium Long construction book 2 Book of Titanium / steel short sword of ice 1 Titanium short construction