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  1. bootleggers

    Quote from forum.. 1000 people online - onetwo (Q) Questions/Help that's abit more then the 300 b4 the reset lol
  2. bootleggers

    well the reason I even asked about a restart is because www.bootleggers.us is having one... which happens to be today, in 3 hours For that type of game i think its awesome. I'm going to try right away and see if I can rise to the top haha. For E-L I think its kind of bad because all of the character investment(books/levels/gold etc). This game is however different where killing is permanent so sometimes you have to start over. Give it a try if you need something to do while your harvesting lol. I know I like to multi-task when I do because it gets boring.
  3. I don't see why this wouldn't have been considered but since I wasn't here when the mini events were added so I'm not sure what type of discussion happened about it. Why not remove harvesting astrology and have the normal events and remove mini events? If this was considered just lock an disregard.
  4. Starting over.

    Hate? Over a thread in which all I wanted to know was someones opinion. I started this thread for info, that's all I wanted. You all can figure out what you want to do from here. I am happy with my result.
  5. Starting over.

    Good point, maybe lvl caps. Or something. And 15% is more than I expected actually. There was 2 votes at the start of the pole and I thought I'd end with 3-4 max. To me it is a success. I don't have to win to have my ego stroked. I just want to discuss a subject its an open forum just let me have my fun. There are 14 votes also for, I don't want to but I'd keep playing anyway (basically what I like this but I've worked too hard for my levels means) If I rephrased the answers I'm sure I'd get widely different result but I didn't take the time to word them as I thought (from the beginning) this would get absolutely no attention whatsoever. Why I say its a success.
  6. Starting over.

    Twice now with the I'm lazy reply. I have to say something before this gets out of hand. 1. This topic is not about who is lazy, who is not. It is about a server reset. 2. Fireant_queen. That is my first character in E-L. It had your a/d stats before you even started playing. 3. PuNa - I trained it up to a/d to train on desert chimerans, then sold it. 4. A/d is the easiest skill to train. I'm training it right now to raise my OA because I just reset. Just because I don't train a/d doesn't make me lazy. That would be like me telling you your lazy because you don't have 42 ranging , I don't because I realize thats not what you want to do with your time. Please leave the uninformed childish insults to another thread. I said no flaming, I wanted to discuss a server reset not get involved in childish banter. I propose this for the good of gameplay. Not for the good of MY gameplay. It would be a good thing I think if everyone gave it a try. And I like the yearly reset becasue that would help us avoid this state of affairs we have right now indefinately. For the love of god, just look at binding stones and tell me you don't hate that. I'm sure it could be made that they are found more often. As now, there is already enough of them in game, but with a reset stones should be flowing like wind on taco tuesday.
  7. Starting over.

    Then you pick Other will rant. But it is untrue about there being no reason. A lot of things have been abused in the past, like people farming yeti's for obscene amounts of gold before it was dropped. Also people training using TS getting miles ahead level-wise to someone who will now not be able to use the same advantage, who already is at a disadvantage its just increased. You could add items/gold farmed before cooldowns or mini-events that was either botted or just gained at a faster level than would be possible given the system now. A wipe would make everyone start on the same place, given the same advantages/disadvantages. Not to mention those pesky rangers who got a few extra GC. There has been a lot of huge events in the past of the game that make the playing field completely unfair. And while life is unfair, this is a game and it can be changed. Thos are only the reasons I can think off the top of my head, and I'm sure there are tons other that I wasn't even aware of because ppl knew how to keep their mouth shut. Oh yeah, the people that farmed dragons using magic. The list goes on.
  8. Starting over.

    I was also thinking a NPC could be made for items that are bought exclusively in item shop so that player would be able to get their items on their new char that they paid $$$ for. Say... NPC takes your tit thermal, you create a password. Once you get to X level after reset you unlock your item and can retrieve it with the password. Bandana's/caps/tiara's/crowns included. And p2p races. So people aren't at a loss for the money they spent on game.
  9. Starting over.

    Exactly though what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If its good for pk server, its even better for main server. I rarely like full pk games I like to choose when I want to fight. That time is normally while I'm not training. I think your just an undercover pk server recruiter.
  10. Starting over.

    In the first post you said you liked the game better at its earlier years, and that's your reasoning to making a server wipe. That kinda stands for "what I want". Off-topic: PK server is not only about A/D, quite the opposite. You should try it and judge it then. I'll make an attempt to explain. Sometimes I'm too lazy and I generalize my ideas. It was a lot funner. For 1. The best armor was not worth 80 dollars. So every once in awhile you'd get a decent drop from pking and there were no rostogols. People cared less because it was relatively easy to get another iron plate or serp sword or mirror br cloak etc etc. It wasn't about who can BROD someones 80 dollar item as stated in liquids thread. Then in KF you would drop items, and there was no shortage for fights. A few of the reasons I liked it better back then was because of no cooldown(which made a lot of people quit). Obv that won't be changed just like the server is never going to be restarted. Ppl have spent a lot on pps and other ppl have years of hoarding. There would be relatively no hoarding as people would not have the money to do that(right away at least). They themselves would be spending their money on things they need and not buying up all of 1 item to have a monopoly on it. Now some people are basically endgame, and not everyone is. This would instantly remove gold farming. I believe that started at yeti's and moved up. While they would still prove a challenge for top fighters it would be a long time for people to farm. Even back then we'd go have fun and kill an AC but not to farm, only to have fun in a guild project. Now that the game has improved vastly, its not likely the people that tried it and didn't like it in the past would ever come back. Not knowing that it is perma-beta and ever evolving. A campaign to invite new people after the server reset could bring new players to the game. Not really a guarantee. The reasons are endless even if I don't list them all. There are just as many counter arguements to all my arguements I know. It's just an idea and the only way to really see if it works would be to do it, but thats not what I want. All I want to know is what other people think of the idea. Creative imagination call it. What I mean by stagnation is, day after day, its the same people on one server playing the same game doing the same stuff. There is no randomness at all and everyone has basically gotten comfortable. The reason for my idea is that it would be a brand new game. Not one people have played for years. Ya know? Edit: Sometimes I just writesmall or paraphrase to you don't have to read a ginormous thread like this. Which normally ppl never do anyway. Now that I have unnecessarily explained myself I want to know what other people think.
  11. DRAW

    Draian Rangers Alliance World-Wide New ranging guild. Just looking for people who like ranging, or would like to become rangers themselves. Basically there are no requirement other than just wanting to range. Doesn't even have to be your main focus, just one of them. #guild_info DRAW will help you get a little more info. The website addy is drawel.webs.com.
  12. New monster ideas

    I kind of like this idea. I guess mainly it would be a farming mob as noone would be able to train on it, it could drop HE's (mainly) and other essences. That would drop the ridiculous price of HE's. Plus maybe break a few warlocks cloaks if they could be made to effectively help you kill them to reduce damage properly(as warlocks cloaks reduce magic damage) as they are rarely used. Plus I think it would add greatly to the RP aspect of the game.
  13. Starting over.

    The purpose is not what is best for me, I just want to know what other people think. And I don't train a/d much, so I'd suck really bad at the pk server.
  14. Starting over.

    tbh the game is in a state of stagnation as far as im concerned I personally think it would be fun to do, I remember the game in its younger years and I liked it a lot better then
  15. Starting over.

    I don't really know what to expect from the replies, and those who think this is retarded plz don't flame me I am fully aware of what you think and why. I really just made this just to see what the replies would be. Just really want to ask the question for a few reasons. 1. There is no cap. Any new player wanting to come here and "own" basically has to either shell out 500$+ or spend the next 3 years of their life plastered to a computer screen for some crazy grinding. 2. Basically the only people you see are people who have been here for years, if advertised properly it could bring in a lot of new players. Really honestly I don't expect it to ever happen, I really just want to see what other people think about it. I feel stupid just asking because I'm sure most people won't understand my motive.