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  1. [Danger! High risk of tl;dr. Just click "Yes" above if you don't wanna read it. ] Hello, as some of you might know already, this topic was brought up at least 5 years ago, discussed a bit and abandoned. And yes, i know this rather belongs into the suggestions subforum, but i was unable to create a poll there. Harvesting and mixing are parts of the game many players spend the majority of their time on. Yet in contrast to fighting, exploring and social activities, these are totally unanimated. There is a column of swirling lights you can activate in the options to see if you are harvesting or stopped, but even with a bigger crowd gathered together in a mine or a flowerpatch still looks like a still life. (in b4 mentioning teh sounds and local chat) Out of 10 people i showed the game, 9 addressed this matter in one of their first comments about it. This made me believe harvesting animations might greatly improve the first glance people have on this game. So, what i'm suggesting is the following: 2 or 4 simple, cyclic animations that represent that you are harvesting. They would start when you start to harvest and stop when you stop due to an event or whatever. They'd be visible for everyone around you too, but would not be affected by the relative position you have to the harvestable. Eventually emotes would have to be suppressed while harvesting to not get the animations mixed up. For conveniance a switch could be added to the options menu to turn off the display of those. We'd need at least 2 animations. One for harvestables that use a pickaxe as a tool and one for those that use leather gloves or nothing at all. (yew as the only item requiring a saw would be nice too, but is not that urgent). 4 would be needed if a difference has to be made between sitting and standing or if the animation of the torso can't be separated from the state the legs are in. For harvesting with a pickaxe i think everyone's able to imagine what it would look like. For harvesting with your hands, i'd suggest making it look like you were shovelling stuff into your crotch or simply stretching your arms out and drawing them back repeatedly. This might not look too nice, but i imagine animating individual fingers to resemble the act of grabbing as something that's tough and requires a lot of work. People who are especially skilled with animation and have much free time on their hands could step up to refine this later. Criticism against these animations aroused mainly from 2 things. First off people were afraid that they might lead to inappropriate pictures, e.g. a player hitting another with a pickaxe. I say we have those already in the game, e.g. when players sit close together from a certain angle it can look like someone cuts someone else in half with a shield or has his/her hand on a stick protruding from the crotch of the other. Yes, these sort of things happen, but i don't care and i don't think anyone else should care too much either. It's a game after all and funny things can happen with the graphics. The second thing was that people were afraid the additional traffic might hamper players with low bandwidth connections. I'd like to also enervate this point too. First off, the optional switch could be used to save processing power for those on older computers. The additional traffic would last, but if i'm correct, this is less than what emotes, spellcasting and fighting cause. It's true that the occurence of many players using emotes or fighting simultaneously is much rarer than with harvesting. But then again, if i am correct, the fighting animations are far more complex and differ when displaying hits, critical hits, etc. This is bound to create far more traffic than something only turned on and off once in a while. If you read this far, i appreciate it. Just let me know what you think of it by voting in the poll above. My own opinion concerning this might have become evident as enthusiastic by now anyway. Cheers, Elgoran. #edit: Oh yeah, an animation for mixing too ofc. It's 7 in the morning and i didn't sleep yet, so i almost forgot to mention it. No idea how an universal animation for that might look like though.
  2. 80+ tank build

    Hello groomsh, there are several ways how you can tank an instance, so without knowledge of your a/d-levels and the number of pickpoints at your disposal any advice given is pretty much be a shot in the dark. I'll still give it a try. To the best of my knowledge there are 2 extremes: If you're a pure deftrainer or at least a faithful aluwenite and have a decent gap between your att- and def-level you could try to max Instinct and distribute the leftover PP between Coordination and will. This build aims at blocking almost all non-critical hits. This way you won't get hit too often, but if you do get hit, expect some severe damage. This build also has the advantage that, due to not maxing Phys, taking will and not unnecessarily raising your CL by att-levels, you might be able to wear thicker armor and still get to be the selected target without having to take your plate off or casting poison. The other extreme was to max physique and vitality and eventually taking the evasion and/or mirrorskin perks. This way you didn't care really to naturally block hits but reduce the damage taken with toughness and armor. I believe that in its extreme this doesn't work anymore for the 80+. The way i understood and experienced the new critical damage system it leads to situations where a higher toughness ultimately results in taking more damage. If your enemy scores a critical-to-damage hit and your toughness would reduce that to, let's say 1-3 points of damage, you're fine. But if your toughness would reduce it to 0, the new system kicks in and you get hit for a higher amount. That said, a good tank build is something in between those 2 or maybe the first extreme variant. Another word of advice from me would be to not focus too much on a powerful restore. With a lower restore, you will of course use up more healing resources, but you won't hesitate to heal early, which can save you a rosto or two in case of lags. If someone knows better and feels i am talking complete rubbish here, s/he is ofc free to post their enlightening words of wisdom. Best regards, Elgoran.
  3. 100-119 Invance

    Elgoran 114/120 a/d, public stats, GMT+1 And if you don't mind, please everybody enter your name and availability here: http://www.doodle.com/4aqdsmdtgb9hyzed
  4. enhance achievements

    I like that one even better than the original idea. Though i'd keep the first 3 as they are and just add the gem-coloured ones. Those should mark really high levels though, e.g. ruby status for 1 million harv'd minerals, 200 made rare items... The reason for me preferring a discrete structure over a continuous one is the latter would basically just equal making your counters public. My 3 cents, Elgoran.
  5. Korrode's Combat Guides

    Greetings fellow fighters. After complimenting on the niceness of the guide, i'd like to ask something: The ingame description of the evanescence perk implies that every entity in EL capable of combat was endowed with a critical to dodge chance. I find this is not mentioned in the criticals section of the guide, thus i conclude that critical to hit overrides it, meaning it isn't checked for if a critical hit occurs. Is this correct? And what about other special effects such as mirror skin, are they checked for on a critical hit? And since we're speaking of special effects in melee (e.g. a mirrored hit or a BoD effect): Do those adhere a chance to break equipment? Thanks in advance for your answers, Elgoran.
  6. n0ser bagjumper

    On this point i agree with Dilly. Afk-harving at a spot for days and then wondering why your bag is gone, hypering half of your sto deep in the woods just for the hell of it, dying from "you hurt yourself"-events although your character has 100+ maxHealth... You are naturally free to take any risk you like, but you have to deal with the outcome yourself. This is called personal responsibility and EL is full of players who seem to not believe in that concept. And those might imho find much more enjoyment in playing Progress Quest. Now, of course you are also free to warn each other of players who might take advantage of such situations. But if you keep the official disputes subsection of the forums noisy like that by doing so, there is no place left where people could hear about the more severe forms of villainy. Best regards, Elgoran.
  7. Hello EL, by proxy of an instance team i'm auctioning 1 HoS Removal. The auction will end 48h after the last (winning) bid was made or if BIN is reached. Starting bid: 100kgc Min increase: 5kgc BIN: 220kgc Happy bidding and best regards, Elgoran.
  8. Harvester of sorrow removal stone

    Stone sold.
  9. Horray for Penguins!

    Here's the golden rule for installing new software on your PC: If it runs Linux: Be root If it runs Windows: Reboot
  10. Lvling in manu

    A nice summary given by itzman here. I just wanted to add that you can also combine the making and selling part by mixing directly at Triks feet. Although this will deprive you of the conveniences of mixing at sto, you'll be able to save yourself some walking time. Since, due to the helmets not being stackable, with a decent emu you'll be able to bring food and ings for far more helmets than prefabricated helmets. You can also combine both strategies and mix part of them at sto and then fill up your empty inventory slots when starting a mixing session at lovely lakeside. Best regards, Elgoran.
  11. Ubuntu 11.04

    Greetings Girton, As far as i can see, there really are no packages for narwhal (ubuntu 11.04) in bluap's repository yet. So this leaves you only with the options to build it yourself or wait a bit. :-/ Best regards, Elgoran.
  12. Auctions

    Dunno, PKers buying rare greatswords or nexusRemos might not want everybody to know. Also people buying larger amounts of s2es...
  13. Auctions

    I agree on having a starting price you're willing to accept and making the auction "ends x hours after last bid" to be the most sane way to do one. I'm not entirely sure about the excluding private ingame bids part though, since the only thing that this would accomplish would be that the anonymous bidders as well as potentially price bumping auctioneers would have to find a middleman to do so. Yet again how a player sets up his/her auctions and what kind of auction one is willing to bid in is completely up to the individual. I know i've been accused of greediness once for not ending an auction early, so my views on what "best business practices" means might not be shared by the entire playerbase.
  14. Armor choice

    re instance armor: We did a test about a year ago and came up with the very roughly estimated formula CombatLevel+3*Armor. Whoever has the lowest result of that formula will get attacked in PvE MC, unless magic is used to override it. So as a tank your choice of armor is limited by your fellow fighters' CL and armor setup. I personally would choose the classic steel greaves/cuisses + titanium plate combo. Or as a more expensive, but also more protective alternative full black dragon armor. Both ofc accompanied by either the plain CoL or luxury RDHoLaM. Cheers, Elgoran
  15. Oldie but Goldie

    This video has been around for a while, if you got some spare time on your hands and don't mind popular science too much, you might find it quite amusing though.
  16. Greetings, the official channels already seem to have these, e.g. i can type "#jc market" and get the same result as by typing "#jc 3". Giving players options like "#jc gadaffi", "#jc bethelcave", etc. for channels with a number >1000 might result in more dynamic formings of shortlived chatgroups. - Who should be entitled to create the synonyms? Simply everyone who feels like it. To save used bandwidth though, maybe a restriction of 1 synonym per player per hour might prove usefull. - How should it work? Synonyms might be set by a text command like "set_topic $channelnumber $synonym", resulting in that combination being saved in a serverside list. Optionally the serverside list could also save the name of the character that set the active topic. In case of that number already being in use, a warning message, requesting for an additional playerside confirmation might be given. The list in its entirety would be sent to each client on login and each change would either be sent to the clients on occasion, or more economically only to players using a "#refresh_topics" command. Since there are lots of possible channelnumbers, it might also prove usefull to limit this feature to channelnumbers from 1000 to 2000. To gain knowledge of the active synonyms, a "#list_topics" command which prints all synonyms to the console would come in handy. Although this would hinder the usage of this feature by players who want to have some means of control over who joins their channel (the current friendship channels), these players might not want to increase the ease of joining the channel anyway. The synonym might again be displayed on joining the channel. - Why should EL need this? Well, ofc atm we hardly have enough players to be actively chatting on 1k different channels. Still it might be nice to have some channels with given topics, thus being able to focus on the topic without having too much spam. Also something like [XYZ@7862: Hey, i'm just about to leave the spawn if someone wants.] might be helpfull (given a prior "#set_topic 7862 uberspawn" was done). - Doesn't this feature have potential to create drama? Yes, something like "OMG, that dude changed the synonym of my nice channel to U_liek_mudkipz !!11!1!!!" might happen, yet right at the moment i am in favor of the thesis that the drama output of a group of people is solely dependant on its size and not on any other external factor. - We're still limited to 3 open channels at once... I am afraid this issue is directly opposed to my suggestion. Even someone like me with an average of 0.8392 channels opened at once in his EL life would easily reach the 3 channels limit when partaking in several lowly populated topicbound channels. Since an increase of the limit might severely increase network traffic as well (since chatting afaik relies on sending bulky strings around), i must leave this problem unsolved. Eventually something like a separation into heavier and more lightweight channels could be done or more utopistic a transfer of the chatsystem from the pure client/server model that i guess is used atm to something using supernodes like skype does. But i can't think of any easy solution there at the moment. Well, that's it. Btw, when searching for this, i did find several suggestions aimed at improving the chatsystem, but none directly matching mine. Best regards, Elgoran.
  17. Increasing NPC prices

    Imho npc prices are our last line of defense against inflation, so no, sorry.
  18. NMT Cape auction

    Greetings, as the title suggests, i'm auctioning 1 No More Tears Cape. To bid post here or PM me ingame. Starting bid is 400kgc, min bid increase is 1kgc, the auction will end when one bid remains the highest one for 48 hours. Happy bidding, Elgoran.
  19. NMT Cape auction

    Auction over.
  20. NMT Cape auction

    Anonymous ingame bid: 510kgc
  21. Canceling a spell

    Nope. That doesn't work for tptr.
  22. NMT Cape auction

    Ingame bid from adriano_: 480kgc
  23. NMT Cape auction

    Anonymous ingame bid: 460kgc
  24. NMT Cape auction

    Ingame bid by arxan: 455kgc
  25. NMT Cape auction

    ingame bid from evgelex: 420kgc