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  1. Reduction Potions

    they are not bad but it sucks cause if u have to go afk for a few there goes money down the drain.....and since i have a 4 year old sometimes i have to go afk frequently
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    in game name Nola 2k silver ore 2k diamonds total 11.6k gcs
  3. Vacation

    welcome back hope you guys had fun
  4. Sign up for "n00b" instances

    I would like to be added to the list for the instances the 60-80
  5. ZOMG!11! you need this so much

    8 Iron Broad Sword 300/ea 9 Steel Two Edged Sword 900/ea
  6. small sale

    how much?
  7. Storage Sale

    mol please pm me in game
  8. a little Sale :)

    Offer please 100 each?
  9. a little Sale :)

    how much for the extracts?
  10. Small harvestables sale

    if its not sold ill buy the silver ore for 2gcs each
  11. Selling

    3192 gold ore 7980 gcs
  12. Book sale: check 'n' see

    Book of Palon Vertas Ring building - 3k
  13. Selling some things.

    ps cloak