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  1. Tit Axe For Sale

    Hey.Place your bid. THe auction will end Whenever. THe bids will start at 60k.
  2. Monsters Invasions

    what about color tagging the names to each certian city. like votd would be blue. pl would be red. i think thath would be good. u can keep ur guild then like 3 guild would just have the same colors.
  3. Titanium Axe

    when will we be able to make these
  4. Titanium Axe

    who is winning so far
  5. Titanium Axe

    full plate and one bp and one mm
  6. Monsters Invasions

    if no one killes them how long will they last for great idea though im quite excited
  7. Post Your Mature Ideas About The Harvesting

    i dont think that i would mind this upgrade half as much if u didnt get teleported all together. also if pickaxes had a much lower probability of getting destroyed. the hp taken doesnt bother me much it is just when im sitting on a huge bag going to make health essences i dont want to have someone else be sitting on it when i get back from being teleported.