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  1. Selling storage

    Hello! :-) Im selling my whole storage... Please make offers at market price, i wont sell if your offer is too low. You are free to make a higher offer than someone else, unless is says RESERVED after item its currently available. Food: 2077 Mead Flowers: 100307 Tree Mushroom Ores: 7 Titanium Ore Metals: 111 Silver Bar 4 Gold Bar Minerals: 917 Ruby 2456 Turqoise Tools: 222 Leather Gloves 8 Mortar & Pestle 17 Hammer 118 Needle 19 Gemstone hammer & chisel 26 Ring Mold 15 Medallion Mold 3 Scissor 15 Nail 370 Loom Weapons: 8 Bronze Sword 13 Iron Battle Hammer 10 Wooden Battle Hammer 2 Iron Sword 1 Short Bow 6 Iron Broad Sword 2 Steel Long Sword 1 Frying Pan 4 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 2 Crossbow 5 Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 1 Titanium Serpent Sword Armor: 183 Leather Pants 181 Leather Boots 5 Iron Helm Magic: 760 Point Defense 6 Moon Medallion 30 Unicorn Medallion 6 Stars Medallion 2 Conjurer Cloak 34 Ring of Power Potions: 471 Potion of Minor Healing 498 Potion of Body Restoration 2370 Potion of Spirit Restoration 200 Potion of Will 158 Potion of Physique 171 Potion of Coordination 17 Potion of Vitality 1 Potion of Wildness 101 Potion of Reasoning 100 Potion of Manufacturing 30 Potion of Summoning 36 Potion of Crafting 355 Potion of Great Healing 126 Poison Antidote 345 Invisibility Potion Clothes: 3 Fur Boots 2 Excavator Cape 2 Conjurer Cloak 2 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Red vest 1 Black Cavalier Peacock Hat Misc: 379 Bones Powder 913 Leather 6 Serpent Stone 5 Invisibility Removal Ward 11 Small Mine 5 MI Removal Ward Books: 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Thermal 3 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Ice 1 Book of Iron Broad sword of fire 3 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire 18 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire
  2. Selling some of sto

    Animal: 2 Racoon fur 5 Beaver fur 26 White Tiger fur 4 Fox Fur 2 Feran Horn 23 Hawk Feather 15 Falcon Feather 24 Deer Fur 2 Puma Fur 25 Deer Antlers 581 Bones 1 Skunk fur 104 Red Snake Skin 2 Leonard fur 12 Brown Snake Skin 111 Tiger fur 24 Leopard fur 4067 Raw Meat 12 Rat tail 31 Black panther fur 18 Polar Bear Fur 24 Brown rabbit fur 35 Bear Fur 3 Cockatrice Feather 39 Wolf Fur 1 White rabbit fur 2 Green Snake Skin 25k gcs all animal 1 Halberd 22k 3 Book of True Sight 7k 2 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Thermal 6k 1 Blue Dragon Shield 62k 81 Pking arrows 2835gc 93 Training arrows 930gc Total all items: 125765 gcs / Lanfear
  3. my pk suggestion

    30 seconds of cooldown is probably too low and 3 minutes as i suggested in my first post is probably too much My idea is that the cooldown before you can re-enter should be roughly equvialent to walking to mm sto and restock and then walk back again Yes fixed team battles would be great but it takes more work to implement, I wanted to keep it simple to start with I think there will be "teams" anyway forming in a lot of games I dont know where i suggested to increase the cost, my idea is to have it cheap so all can join and use it a lot I came up with the idea of battle tokens, since its no drop, no break, Radu still got to earn some money And its a great advantage to set all the games preferences to your own liking, thats why only the game creator pays token(s) The gcs added to a prize pool was my idea because i want it to be as cheap as possible, but still possible earn some big money, depending on settings and how good you are If the game is too expensive for you, you can join a cheaper game or create one yourself Pk is about action, fun and winnings The idea that you can buy titles/specific items/cosmetic stuff is a cool feature, something that can added later on / LanFear
  4. my pk suggestion

    Nothing stop you from gathering 5 guildies and 5 allies, but it will still cost you battle token(s) to create the game, then you all need to pay some gold to the total prize pool And nothing stops me or anyone else from gathering a couple of friends and go in and kill you while you pvp and claim your money as prize But i agree with you that exp need to be removed or halved if people abuse it for pvp purpose As i mentioned in my original post, 3 mins of cooldown if you exit before you can re-enter, thats a significant amount of time you get no kills But about the time its takes to go to mm sto and restock or change weapons / LanFear
  5. my pk suggestion

    Sure you could add an option drop/no drop but i doubt anyone ever will use the drop setting Let me make an example how this pk battle could work: 1) I want some pk fun and action so i go to the npc in mm battlehall 2) I create a new game: name: Lanfear min cap: 80 max cap: 130 normal cooldown ranging: not allowed engineering: not allowed bronze swords: allowed dragon armors: not allowed time: 60 mins cost to enter: 10kgcs 3) I then spend my battle token, pay the 10k gcs and get into the game 4) Now the game shows in the list and everyone that visits the npc can see my game everyone 80-130 a/d can join if they meet the other requirements and pay 10k gcs 5) More people are joining, the prize pool grows 6) some might leave again for restock or change of weapons/armor and then re-enter for free 7) after 60 mins the game ends 8) 10 players total joined, prize pool of 100k top killer gets 50% = 50k gcs second 30% = 30k third 20% = 20k 9) If you won, you collect your prize at the npc / LanFear
  6. my pk suggestion

    No I dont want a safe pvp area to train, not at all I want it to be: good fun for all despite pk experience, skill lvls, wealth and how much time they can play 1) a lot of action 2) fun and easy 3) cheap 4) possibility of good drops and ofcourse earn some $ for mr Radu I doubt it will be used for pvp as i have described it in the first post.. please explain how it can be used for safe pvp / LanFear
  7. my pk suggestion

    I was thinking 10-20 as max players per game. I really like just the creator of the game to pay battle tokens for being able to set the games preferences in his favor. The cost in battle tokens probably needs tweaking, and other things aswell Like the maximum time of 120 mins is probably too long But its hard to know how people will use new features without testing / LanFear
  8. Hi folks! I know there have been a lot of topics on this issue before, but i feel i want to give my detailed description of what I would have done to improve pk in this game. A new npc, mm battlehall seems like a nice spot for it. When spoken to you get two options, either join an existing battle or create a new one. If you choose 'join' a list of available games shows in a vertical list and their preferences marked in checkboxes on the horizontal row. You can also see how much time thats remaining of each game and how many kills the current leader has Then you can choose to join whatever game that suit you and your character. If you choose 'create new' then you get the following options: * a name for the game * minimum cap and maximum cap * normal cooldown or no cooldown * ranging allowed or not allowed * engineering allowed or not allowed * bronze swords allowed or not allowed * dragon armors allowed or not allowed * time the game will last * the cost of joining the game (in gold coins) The cost of creating a new game is a new token (a battle token) only available from shop at the same price as haidir passes. The game then take place in a small map with random spawn points. A small cooldown before you can attack someone. The person with most kills when the time ends will win. Details: *Guildtags should be hidden on the map and everyone be able to attack anyone. * If you die you drop nothing, no rosto is lost and you spawn in a random location with a small cooldown before you can attack or be attacked * No break of items similar to that #day, which also solves the problem with broding and the cost of breakages, so you can take part even if you are poor * I suggest creating a new game of maximum cap <60 to be completly free so that everyone can have fun and maybe 1 battle token for cap between 60-130 and 2 tokens above that * Every player pays a price in gold coins when they join the game as set by the creator (minimum 1000gcs), the creator also pays. This is then distributed between top 3 players when game ends based on number of kills if there are more then 3 players: 1st 50% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% if there are 3 players or less the 1st gets 100% if two or more players score the same, they split the prize * The eventual money won in a game will be added to the npc and can be claimed by talking to him after a game has ended * A game can be left by walking out through some exit point, and re-entered with current kills still valid for prizes so you may restock or change setup and then come back, 3 mins of cooldown for re-enter * If noone kills any, the game creator gets the prize * the game makes all the necessisary checks before you enter a new game (from game prefercences set), if ok you have to confirm you want to enter and pay the amount of gold reqiured, same is done for re-enter but you dont need to pay again * If you exit the client or get disconnected you will still be in the battle if there is time left, otherwise you will start in mm battlehall, kills are still valid for prizes * If option no engineering is choosen everyones engineering skill will be set temporary to 0 for that game, to prevent taking ings and make useful stuff while in the battle * no engineering is no mines or wards or caltrops can be brought into the game if no ranging, you cant bring arrows, bolts, crossbows or bows with you if no dragon armors, you also cannot bring any dragon scales to prevent making any armor while inside * only one game created by same player at the same time, to prevent flooding of games * max time 120 mins. min time 15 mins * while you are inside a game, a timer counting down the remaining time needs to be added also the name of the current leader and his number of kills then maybe a small icon which you click on to expand the full list of all players and thier kills for the current game Future expansions: * Ability to form teams * Scenarios like Capture the flag * Differrent maps * More preferences when creating a game Implementation: Could use an existing map at first, kf map or one of the instance maps Can try it without these options at first: normal cooldown or no cooldown, ranging allowed or not allowed, engineering allowed or not allowed bronze swords allowed or not allowed, dragon armors allowed or not allowed I probably forgot to write something down / LanFear
  9. Auction 100k coal

    BIN recieved ingame auction closed
  10. Selling coal and bones

    selling: 80k coal sold 60k bones (160k gc)
  11. 100-119 Invance

    high 110s a/d pure fighter build GMT +1 I play evenings and weekends
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    50k silver ore plz
  13. Video card OpenGL version

    Video card: GeForce 9800 GT Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.3.0