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  1. New engine test (terrain)

    60 fps on a Geforce 8600 GT
  2. Depletable Resources Poll

    I voted no. The reason I play this game after so many years is due to being unique. When I come back from work I can sit down and play a not so fast paced game, EL, and its relaxing. With having those depletable resources this game will be like games as lets say WOW or RS. Even with those mini events, you dont have to be actively searching for mines. Its one of the reasons people (well I did) stop playing games like wow, and come back to EL. I hope this game will keep its playing style.
  3. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    In trassian: when you use the eye on the message board in front of the entrance to the fighting school. It shows: Entance of the Draegoni Fighting School.
  4. Crash/connect bug

    I'll try playing EL without the AV software etc. thanks for the help.
  5. Crash/connect bug

    Well to start. When I run EL the first time I start windows, everything goes well. Then I get a connection error, about the same when you lag out. But I cant connect to the server. When I start EL again. I get this on the login screen. click here And my error_log had these contents: Log started at 2006-06-08 22:52:46 Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com I forgot to add a couple of facts to it. When I reboot the game works perfect for a certain time. It looks like I get that connection error just random, not like I crash after one hour or so. Neither at the same map or spot.
  6. Market Prices Dropping

    Why not try to increase the end users demands. EG Shields etc break more often, Fighters get more gc's for a monster. Fighters go buy more shields. Through more money in the system Manufacturers might even buy more bars from the alchemists. Or get those manufacturered items more requirements EG not 5 iron bars but 10 iron bars per helmet.
  7. Alchemists on Strike!

    Lies.. With the ingredients bought from a alchemist you cant make a profit, second if you would try to do sell them for a profit.At the time leveled up manu you can start playing EL 3. I need to level manu by EG. making iron bars: sell them to the blacksmith (or make iron helmets from them) then buy leather and thread for pants or something like that... So crafting & manufacturing are just sideskills from alchemy from my point of vieuw.. As for the Role playing part.... I WANT TO SELL ME HE's! greetz Michel
  8. The idea sounds cool. If this cant be archieved why not let trik buy items for small profitable prices ^^(again)..
  9. mm perkers

    train with steel chains and just some leather pants thats what I do ^^.
  10. Looking For A Lover

    Its that im in the same family (guild) otherwise..
  11. Random Spawns

    I saw someone say this Do you think you ever going catch up those players, You will have to walk the same path as they do.. And they wont stand still. The only solution is a max limit. Even with this new system YOU will have the same cons as they will have. Also players who need to train on a certain creature should have MM capes now. Being ganged up by 3 creatures will kill them for sure. This will be hard for newer players. I can only say that I think its interresting (and I eager for more ogre spawns).
  12. If You Want To Have A Bot

    a little change it name is now equipmentfsale. im gonna put it near the docks on DP
  13. If You Want To Have A Bot

    just got a bot that's called equipmentforsalebot lol well dont have to explain what it does. also trying to get a hold on how to program properly.
  14. Testing New Formula

    man you are my hero. Ive tested mining coal, it has a good harvesting rate with your formula. a bit like the old one. havent tested the mixing yet still that i have to wait 30 secs to make a chain well thats reasonable if you ask me. and i think lots of manufacturers will too . ive tested also some flowers and titanium ore. titanium is a bit slow and it should be like that imho still alchemists and manufacturers wont use it as much as in the previous system (too bad). btw there is one thing thats not really right if you ask me. the blue lupine spot (x3) in portland. its too easy to make money with it.. but thats my opinion. Well so far my opinion. I hope it is usefull in some way
  15. Your Ideas/suggestions About The Update Changes

    what about increasing the ingredients and boosting the speed same effect less boring.