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  1. mobile NPCs

    Walking NPCs i like that idea, we should have walking guards (on some maps like votd,wsc) they would attack Pkable players on sight. Also wsc guards could protect travellers from gargs (at night only), thay would be helpfull with monsters invasions also. Simply walking NPCs would be a brilliant feature.
  2. what's this

  3. Iraqi Information Minister

    Iraqi players can feel offended about that
  4. Screenshot Of The Week

    no I ment "noob"
  5. Change the name "screenshot of the week" to "screenshot of Idont-know-how-long-since-last-one ;P" or something similar. Picures arent updated every week, Magic Castle is on the main site for about 3 moth now .
  6. Monster Drops

    sure lest make figters richer than we are now Fighters ARE the RICHEST in whole game. Killing is most profitable job at the moment. they should also drop srs and EFEs so high lvl fightes could get everything from fighting, so they would not need to buy anything, that will be soo cool. good that you are not a dev. i know this is bad example but compare it to reallife. what good gives you knowledge of fightingskills when you are a pussy and you cant lift 20pounds ? same if you are fatass (coordination = - 10 )... its ok that PKing is affected with P/C this way ppl with lower a/d but high OA can spend thayrs pickpoits to be good fighters. Note also that p/c affects deeply experience gained, so you have to think where you put your pickpoints. i feel like you need to go haverst... i am havesting diamonds everyday. Did get only 1 rostogol . btw i would go even futher, make rostogol only harvestable, give harvesters chance to be richer you are welcome.
  7. Logging

    man you are fast
  8. Monster Drops

    yes, shasso is right. Better have less amout of "rare" items, that makes them rare, am i wrong ?
  9. Pouetpouet

    I say, read the rules
  10. Ranking Lists

    nidan, it must work server side to prevent n00bs from cheating But it wouldnt be hard to implement on server, also server load should not be a problem here. just add a table to each character with [rabbit][beaver][rat][deer][fox]...[ch_wolf] and increase the count with evry kill. Should be easy. we could use that to make some ultra cool EL stats like rabbits killed today: 3999 rabbits killed this week 332422 as for harvesting... same table [red_rose][red_snap]...[tit_ore] nothing new. harvester of the week avard goes to: The-piper for harvesting 20030 diamonds :) I bet this could be imlpemented in 15 minutes
  11. bring back 20 of them.
  12. Selling Iron Ore To Npcs?

    i could buy it, pm Ohm in game.
  13. Pp Reset

    Don is right. and please stop writing about #reset, #reset is for players that made misstakes while planing their characters (took godless and then noticed that gods are cool ), took instinct for no reason (just liked the name or whatever). Don is example of person who took arfificial for making rings and then found himself unable to make them becouse requirements changed and he needed another 3 pps Lots of ppl took vegetal to make potions but after update potions time has changed. So basicly it looks like they wasted pps. Tons of players took animal nexuses and now there is no point of summoning high lvl creatures (rostogol stone). I myself took, animal, vegetal ... was pissed after the update but worst thing is that i took artificial a week ago, just to make money on making leather stuff (with cheap leather) but 10 hours after taking nexuses price of cheap leather increased so my plan was ruined for god sake, i VOTE YES !!!
  14. Buying Magic Iron Or Broad Sword

    still buying
  15. Unlocking Rogue

    sure. voted yes.