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  1. Red Dragon Armor Set for sale (no helm)

    SOLD for BIN, thanks all. BTW, take a look at the buyer here, backing out because he says he could not reach me after 4 days (no pms, gossip messages, forum messages, nope none)...just remember his name 8)
  2. Red Dragon Armor Set for sale (no helm)

    This set is again for sale as the buyer backed out. New red dragon armor set without helm, opening bid 215K, Buy It Now 250kgc, no trades, gc only, SERIOUS BIDDERS only, please.
  3. Red Dragon Armor Set for sale (no helm)

    Sold to Soul for 230k, thanks for bidding.
  4. Red Dragon Armor Set for sale (no helm)

    Received bid from Hatch for 225K.
  5. Selling new red dragon set, no helm. Opening bid 215K, Buy It Now 250K, no trades, gc only. Bid here or contact me in game. Thanks!
  6. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    Wow, really nice stuff! DaKiss, I think you want "mighty" not mightful...not a word as far as I know. Loved the effect of fading into the cape near the end, really nice.
  7. Adopt a newbie program started

    Signing up potcaster/annatira.
  8. How I start my day

  9. Adopt a newbie program

    Count me in. The only thing i would suggest is that this be specifically addressed to new people when they enter the game. Can't tell you how many new players i've encountered who are scared to death of anyone who approaches them, thinking they are being targeted for killing or scamming. Maybe a check box on the start up page, asking Yes or No, do you want a mentor? and explaining a bit about the program, how they will be contacted and what they can expect (not a free ride and unlimited free stoof, but a friendly helper who can offer advice.)
  10. Gold membership

    Sign me up. Have you considered making a separate map that only gold members have access to? Nothing too fantastic or advantageous, but limited to gold members. The possibilities there are endless. NOTE: I am trying to vote yes, i will buy and not selecting any of the bottom options and it won't let me, is that how you want it?
  11. It's not a joke, I was there (as were many others) when he spammed us with his wonderful intellect and vocabulary.
  12. I think this gentleman has just banged up against one of the best things about this game. The community. Too bad his head is so far up his ass he can't share in the experience. It's his loss, certainly not ours.
  13. cant atart el

    well, what does the error message say?
  14. Events

    I do pm contests for one main reason, *everyone* has an equal chance of winning them. I like doing more difficult/challenging ones, but when the same people win them over and over again they are hard to defend (and I get a LOT of complaints about it.) Not saying the winners do anything wrong, just that the way the contests have to be run seems to favor certain skills/people. So in the interest of being fairer to all players, I intentionally make the majority of my contests chance only. I agree that many people won't make the effort unless the prizes are really good. Was very discouraged a number of times by players demanding to know what the prizes were and then making comments in ch 7 like "Pfft, not worth my time" or "noob prizes, forget it." I have seriously considered sticking with just Newbie contests on Isla Prima as for the most part new people love to win, anything, anytime.
  15. New animation for the pinguin

    OK< that link really made me laugh 8).