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  1. Boom Crash?

    If you would use the search button on the forums you would know that the server was already stated to go down for a few fixes "nothing important to any non-dev" Read more about it by searching.
  2. A Couple Of Things...

    hrm i could use a nice binary of the game for XP. I have major probs with CVS under xp. If you can get me zip or rar w/ all the files for either an xp CVS or EL i would love ya.
  3. Game Not Saved?

    See that wasnt so bad. Im almost finished with the first book that got rolled-back msyelf. Beta's are prone to these sorts of mishapps which is why i got a lil mad about all the complaints.
  4. Ways To "stop" The Macro Harvesting

    Ok this post is just for those wanting a system not revolved around anything that can be macro'd. Fighting = macroable harvesting = macroable magic = macroable manufacturing = macroable summoning = macroable alchemy = macrable lets rewrite the whole game.
  5. Team Split

    when the dev splitting becomes more clear could we get a sticky of current EL1 devs still pursuing project?
  6. Game Not Saved?

    think you should declare an estimated time when you will be updating it? Thta way we wont see 50 more of these posts when it happs?
  7. Game Not Saved?

    I wasnt referring to you. You are not the only one who was rolled-back. i lost 3 book researches among other thigns but you dont see me being mean to everyone and crying. it happend learned from it and move on.
  8. Game Not Saved?

    what does that have to do with this post?
  9. Game Not Saved?

    brain. They do have a right to post about losing their stuff as im sure they spent time on it. Dont respond with such hosility man. Flaming only breeds flaming LERNA~
  10. New Economy System

    I have an idea wink.gif Remove shops and create something like Maketplace Everything will be maked by players weapons,toola and food realy everything No NPC with food or basicaly tools everything must be maked by players What do you thing about that idea? This would not be a good idea in my book (everyone has an opinion though) The fact that by the time your server reaches a population of 300 or so average users on at a time that 60% of them will be anti-social and 90% of the 300 are ass's. Its already hard enough for me to find/buy items on this game through people.
  11. Depositing To Storage

    I agree. But only as a temporary solution. I think the entire storage should be redone, so when you click on a storage NPC it will bring up a big 10 X 10 graphical screen much like your character's inventory. Non stackable items would be stackable in the GUI storage box. then you could deposit/withdraw/organize much MUCH easier. Also, the #storage command could read off items in order of how you have them placed in the storage window. Probably been suggested before, but I think EL NEEDS this if it ever plans to be sucessful when P2P comes out I say we just go ahead and finish off our runescape ideas (runs and gets the java-code for runescape) lol But yes i also believe graphical is better with maybe 2/3 pages worth of storage and all the usual perks of this form of storage, i also believe any item should be able to be put into storage. (A noob goes out and finishes the first quest. Hes so happy about his new armor and sword that he wants to protect and put it in storage while he goes out and does whatever "may be dangerous in his opinion" anyways he goes and tried but waaah cant. So he continues and pop he died while exploring.) that was just one example of what could happen
  12. I wish i could get a cvs that would install for me. Every binary i have dl'd always closes the cmd prompt whenever i open it. I have tried to add these @_@ i could probably just simply edit 1 .c or .h file probably. but i would have to send it to someone to have them actually compile it w/ the rest of the game. Also another small fix i left off the first post is Bind escape to the options tab. Escape + quit = the most common log out system (escape being almost always the option button in any game) and i feel that it will make the game feel more familiar with newer players and older players alike.
  13. Screw You Guys, I'm Coming Back (well, Sort Of)

    More info about it later, I'll keep you up to date. Oh yes, and it won't be a game for power gamers, it will involve strategy, a LOT of teamwork, player built cities, common research, maybe some city wars, etc. sounds just like one of my idea's @_@ get out of my heaaaaaaaaad. best of luck with it and if your project falls behind and your still working on it by the time i learn coding ill jump on with ya EL1 going p2p hrm. I agree that if el was to have a p2p system that roja is doing the right thing. Certain maps and maybe 1 new set of equip like "adamantium or something" that only members can forge/find/buy and maybe 1 or 2 new skill tree's. It makes it so that paying isnt that big of a deal if you cant afford it but it makes people who have the money to spend support the server. edit also people seem to be worried about lack of devs for el1 now. The project is open-source at the moment... That means anyone can add onto the game. Btw is roja still the main admin for el1? (oh ya and where can i download an easy install CVS? i tried from i believe their main site and after like 10 secs the cmd prompt window just closes. winxp btw"
  14. Game Not Saved?

    Lol i got dc'd too but i was just reading sme research books and ended up passing out in my recliner. Just pick up the pieces and go back to wat u were doing
  15. I think having mouseover buttons bring up the text for the hotkey like say you held it over stats button it would say "ctrl+ whatever button is hotkey for stats"