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  1. Creatures that dont use melee

    sry if its been mentioned before, i musn't have been searching the right words
  2. I think it would be cool to have some kind of agro creatures in the game that use ranging or magic to kill you instead of the generic melee. This would throw a whole new aspec into the game when it comes to invance/instances and just general training. What do you all think?
  3. Tips and Tricks

    Hey Dugur have you or any ranger tested this method recently because i tried it and i couldnt get the ice dragon to stand still. It kept wandering off even when i was getting amour piercing hits.
  4. Storage sale

    -All Sold. Thanks-
  5. Selling stuffs pl0x

    how much for tit serp?
  6. Location of logs

    Ok thanks
  7. Location of logs

    Hey i was wondering is there any way to change where my logs are saved?
  8. Experience Boosters

    The outcome is not the same. Someone with lots of money could get a character and buy him 70 lvls and he would have never logged onto EL in his life wearas with the boosters you have to still work for your levels. The only same thing is that the more money u have to spend the more lvls ur going to get. Well then they should get rid of the online store on the EL site because that give you things that people with not much money wouldnt be able to get like with special weapons and tonnes of rostos that free players would normaly never dream of having. Isnt the idea behind having an online store to benefit the people with money ingame?
  9. Experience Boosters

    Iori why dont you like this idea? "Because buying your levels in an online MMO is shit ?" My suggestion never had the intention that you just buy levels, that just states that the people with most money win. With xp boosters u stil have to train for experience and boosters just give you the % more on to what u make while the booster is in use. "but did you ever think of what the godless perk does" You could just make it so people who are godless cant use these items. "Also Gods ingame are natural enemy's so how would this work with them?" Splitting the boosters up skill wise was only a suggestion my first idea was to have a booster count for All skills
  10. Experience Boosters

    Hey this is an idea for the item mall or what ever its called on the EL site. The heading pretty much says it all but you could have these item boosters which add an extra 10-25% bonus experience that you get and this works pretty much the way the gods work except its for those who like to get what they want fast and spend money. This of course wouldnt be HEAPS noticable in your stats strait away but like the gods in the long run it can pay off. You could have: bronze xp boosters - 5% extra xp silver xp boosters - 10% extra xp gold xp boosters - 25% extra xp maybe even a platnium booster - 45-50% extra xp the list could go on depending on how high you want the boosters to go possibly even 200% also if you want to split it up more you could make the boosters limited to a single level e.g. silver attack xp booster - 10% extra xp only for the attack skill there could also be xp booster packs for bulk buyers e.g. XP booster pack 1. includes - 3 bronze xp boosters, 1 silver and 1 gold xp boosters maybe you could even make this an engineering item, obviously for very high engineering levels. For the picture of the item it could just look like the nexus removal stones (the bronze boostes being bronze, silver being silver etc) Hope you like the idea. Sorry for the spelling if there is any
  11. Harvest Hour

    Hey i was just wondering, can you still find shiny stones while harvesting After harvest hour???
  12. Moldable Shields

    Yea i guess but i think it would be cool sitting in storage with a full thermal steel set and a thermal steel shield, with a thermal weapon but if its already been mentioned and disguarded then sorry, you can delete this topic. Move_buster
  13. Moldable Shields

    I was thinking since there are modable swords maybe there can me modable shields as well. For instance maybe if you have a titanium shield of magic you get 10 extra magic protection or if you have a shield of ice then there is a certain % to freeze your opponent for an amount of time. The shields wouldnt be too expensive though because it cost almost nothing to make iron and steel shields. Maybe only metal shields can be modable and not many ingredients used to keep the cost down. Move_buster #edit spelling
  14. Selling 10k blue star flowers

    all sold, thanks to the people who bought it.
  15. What should i be fighting?

    Hey im just starting to get into the fighting game and i was wondering which creatures would be best for me on a/d/p/c 28/30/6/10 and then what creatures should i fight from there. i am mainly sticking to goblins untill i get some more p/c.