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  1. ip was banned think i know why

    is this something that can be taken care of today I have been eager to play all night and day I finally found my account information and I cannot use it lol im sorry if I had done something wrong I was not aware I was doing anything that could get my ip banned I was trying all of my old alts and accounts just trying to figure out what I could have made the passwords but I found my aount info for my main and the only character I will most likely be playing on which is tap can I please have my ip unbanned and play on this character as soon as possible please and thank you
  2. ip was banned think i know why

    I haven't really played at all I have just been trying to figure out my passwords that's the only reason I could be banned I believe is for to many failed attempts at trying to log in
  3. ip was banned think i know why

    but like I said im pretty sure I found my name and password for the game
  4. ip was banned think i know why

    can someone please do something about this I wasn't doing anything wrong I didn't think I was just trying to figure out my passwords to some of my characters and you guys banned my ip it had to of been because I failed to type the correct password
  5. ip was banned think i know why

    I started a new character and his name was sheefm my ip was banned im pretty sure I know why I used to play eternal lands a long while ago I didn't want to start over so I was trying to get back into the game but I seem to have forgotten my characters exact name and password so I was just trying all of the ones that I could think that I would use can you please unban my ip because I stumbled across a paper that im positive has my character name and password on please and thanks im sorry
  6. Selling arti cape

    Selling an arti cape, anyone is welcome to start the bidding, You can also bid in game, Name: (Enforcer)
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    2k diamonds, for 6.4k In-game name (SpiryThus)
  8. Silver ores

    Sold them tot he highest bidder (in game) CLOSED!
  9. Silver ores

    Im selling 8610 silver ores. Best offer gets it
  10. I Have Been Banned

    Thanks much, i promise no more problems from me
  11. I Have Been Banned

    Kk, 1 month is up ca i be unbanned now please? thanks
  12. I Have Been Banned

    Kk i have been busy in rl so i havent had time to check forums, so whats going on now? I read what everyone has posted but am kinda lost :/
  13. I Have Been Banned

    Who me!? Look if i dont walk out of here with my char that will be really bs because im not here to do anything wrong i just wanna play el...
  14. I Have Been Banned

    This does not effect me right?
  15. I Have Been Banned

    Ouch :/