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  1. To whom this may concern

    So does this mean i cant play there or I can play there but i just cant play when he is playing but thank you so much i wont let you down.
  2. To whom this may concern

    Oh and Aislinn does this me I will be unbaned? If so thank you very much it has been a month and a half now and I have been wanting to play Eternal lands really bad so thank you if you do decide to unlock Pyscho thanks. Your Friend Pyscho
  3. To whom this may concern

    I really appriciate it thank you very much and again I am terribly sorry I didnt mean nothing I said, no pitty on me or no excuses but I was having some RL issues at the time and my emotions got the best of me thank you for the consideration but like I said I would completely understand if you dont unbann me. To be honest I most likely wouldnt unbann myself I said some pretty mean and nasty things but thank you very much and again I am really sorry for what I did. Thank You for your time Aislinn, and to everyone who reads this post PysCho.
  4. To whom this may concern

    To Aislinn and all that have seen my disrespectful topic that I wrote. I didnt realize how much I actually loved this game. Not to sound like a nerd or anything but I really love this game and the people in it. I am sorry for acting the way I did but i let my feelings get the best of me. Which I promise will not happen again. I would really like my character unbanned but if you dont decide to unbann him I understand why. I dont care how strong I am or anything I really just wish for my IP to get unbanned. Like I said before, there will be NO more problems from me. If I act out again then I deserve to get banned for life and my IP deserves it to. But people make mistakes, and i dont look at this as a mistake I look at it as a lesson. I learned not to act like a fool because im a little angry. Please consider my apoligy Pyscho
  5. I Have Been Banned

    This was the bad thing i wrote and i figured i would get it off here before anyone else seen how stupid and disrespectful i acted in it.
  6. I Have Been Banned

    the reason that unknown_killer is on is because i got him into playing EL and he asked if he wanted to get on and lordmark0 is my character yes but roja said i was aloud to be on with two characters as long as i was doing stuf not to benefit him and i honestly do not understand how me and frozen had traded the only time was when me and my friend traded eachother at his house and that was because we sold stuff to eachother i just want to know if i can have my character unbanned im sorry if i was logged on to 2 characters at a time it wont happen again i just want to get back to ETERNAL LANDS gameplay by today please
  7. I Have Been Banned

    There was a little bit of a mix up between pyscho which is me and a character named Frozen i have been accused of illigal multi and im not saying anything like you guys are stupid or anything because i would'nt be the idiot to do so i just have to tell you that you have nothing to worry about at all frozen is the kid next doors account and we do not trade on the same ip i am sorry if you have thought so like i said frozen is has nothing to do with me once so ever at all he is a bought character and also not mine. And if you thought different and think so im sorry, if i have done anything wrong and if so do you think you could please tell me so i can fix it and go on with my nice long eternal lands life thank you please let me know i would really apriciate it thank you very much Your friend Pyscho