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  1. What is your political compass score?

    Economic Left/Right: -0.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.85 I've always thought I'm more right-winged... However the answers for tax questions are different in different countries. OMG, how did they learn what were the political beliefs of Pope John Paul II ?
  2. Pierwsze kroki w Eternal Lands

    Ktoś zniknął screeny.
  3. fifa world cup

    Damn it was sad for me to see the Dutch players loosing the match, Roben, Sneijder, van Persie, van der Saar and most of the Dutch team are damn good players :> to bad that old actor Louis Figo and that C-version of Ronaldo won the game
  4. Who remembers....

    I remember the update when NC storage was added :> and later on, when the only storage that allowed mixing was Raven, there was the best place to socialize
  5. Skellies

    Of course, but all his skill and knowledge abilities are vanished... don't you feel sometimes as he were still here around? I believe that it was his ghostly phantom warrior that came once or twice to Judith to hit some newbs.
  6. Skellies

    Indeed they're manufactured in a factory around somwhere... then they're send to some maps to get some experience, but unfortunately lots of them get killed by stupid players on training Later on, the lucky ones who survive get a full body, skin and some other precious parts and get spawned on IP as new player... some of them get even magically resized (it's called race change). The skeletons are manufactured in a special way, so they can get both female or male body (this help also making later sex change). Due to many skellies killed by players, the gods have decided that skellies should get some protection, so some of them get chosen to become armed skeletons and try to take revenge on the players. So the gender of a sekeleton is not fixed, the gods set it when a new player is ready to spawn on IP. By the way, you should also know where did phantom warriors come from - they're the remains of players who typed #killme yes twice... these ghosts havent got many skills, because niether the soul nor the body did not stay inside them, but these other remains of a player still feel the need of fighting. As the phantoms havent got a sex either, you can see why the scientist think that the sex is determined by the soul...
  7. Silliest thing you did ingame ? :)

    Made an alt char with self destruct perk to kill some chimmies. I did manage to kill two and got around 40gc drops... Also trying to PK someone without HE in inventory
  8. Pre update test

    The towers with violet rooftops in the Arius Magic School flicker on my machine - the texture changes form a correct one to a rooftop one. It happens very often when the camera moves. When the camera is still it usually stops. These were taken at Arius City [116, 235]: Wrong texture: http://www.catz.yoyo.pl/el/wieza_wrong.jpg Right one: http://www.catz.yoyo.pl/el/wieza_right.jpg The citywalls are correct. My GC: Sapphire Radeon 9200 Driver: Omega 3.8.205 OS: Win 2k Edit: The same problem is at Melinis [21, 297] http://www.catz.yoyo.pl/el/melinis_wrong.jpg (these 2 parts of wall on the sides should look the same, but both of them are wrong - the one on the right has no roof, and wrong texture in the lower part, the one on the left has a roof, but there are some weird triangles under the roof)
  9. Pre update test

    When typeing #arm with titanium helm i get: (...) Magic Resistence: 1 Magic Protection: 1 (...) Shouldn't be there only one position with magic protection?
  10. Milo_PL (Scammer)

    You shouldn't lead someone to yourself in PK if you're not 100% sure he won't kill you. You just told him where you are, so he decided to have a look and kill you. You should notice that milo might have some problems with english. In my opinion that situation was not a scam.
  11. Campfires, let's make them lightable! :)

    There are many fireplaces that are still not working, i'll post some: //"Nordcarn outside, map_12.elm" {0,0,36,930,132,174,0}, {0,0,36,732,17,118,0}, //Tarsengaard outside, map_11.elm" {0,0,39,6122,80,282,0}, {0,0,39,6106,116,45,0}, {0,0,39,2479,306,151,0},
  12. End of the Premieership Season.

    Darn, Arsenal played so well... They should have won this... but Barca is also ok.
  13. The hydrogenium

    I'm glad to see something new coming to the game, however I'm happy I did not buy the Hydrogenium * books :> It'd be a waste of gcs for me now. The method of making MSMH a rare resource is great and definitely it will work. It is a shame though that the s2e and other cheap swords won't see PK anymore. Just a small suggestion: maybe the s2e could be exchanged by a NPC for a "MSMH mining catalysator", wich would be used at the mines. That would make more RP sense IMO. 'Bout "encouraging people to go to the new continent" - maybe the passage shouldn't be officially "secret" anymore.
  14. Titanium armor

    Its awesome I'll need to buy a whole set, it'd look ridiculous with my leather pants I cant wait the update
  15. New Harvest kill

    Lolz, great idea
  16. Should there be two Ant colonies?

    I definitely dont like the idea of ants attacking people. How could I make friends with a bot, that he wouldnt attack me on PK? Guild alliance? No, thanks... This is a multiPlayer game, not Player vs. machine. However, i like the idea of 2 colonies. It could be entertaining to watch them.
  17. Polska - Poland

    Eeee słucham Radia M często i takich bajerów tam nie pociskają. No a teraz zabieram się do lvlowania... może zostanę wicepremierem.
  18. Your perks

    Fast regeneration, power hungry and I can't dance. Some time ago I had godless, but I did reset because of it.
  19. This sux, but, everone plz read

    OK, I've read it.
  20. Hi. Motylek's internet cafe (he's my guildmate) has got an IP-ban. He's the owner of the cafe, and asked me if I could help him communicate with you, because he's got some problems with English. He's able to play from home, but anyway... I'd like to ask if he's banned because of a ISP-banning policy, or just his IP is banned? Of course I can tell you his hostname, but I'm not sure if I should put it here. Edit: We ask, if you could unban the ip, and keep banning only the nicks if there is some abuse from cafe's ip.
  21. My guildmate's internet cafe IP-banned.

    It is not like the banned players are using the cafe all the time and they will do some bad things when the cafe is unbanned. There are more people using this cafe. I understand that you banned that ip, but it is some time since then and it is not someones private ip... it would be nice if non-private ip would be unbanned after some time.
  22. New Fonts for EL

    For me it sucks more that the some chars from ISO 8859-2 are not supported... Anyway, Entropy posted somwhere that it is not possible to support these (non-latin-1) characters with the current server code...
  23. Karma

    I think that Karma shouldn't affect a player everyday. But it can do some good or bad things from time to time. Some ideas of rewards for good/bad karma. *Joker might give higher or smaller rewards after finding him. *Good players might be able to see to location of the unicorn on the map. *God's quest (someone with low karma would need to get 10% more bones to defence or attack god) - as you have to do them only once. However it can be also based on the alignment of the god. *Special karma weapons. I.e. some with high karma wouldn't be able to use ebul scythe of hurt as good as someone with an evil character. #I haven't got a nice idea about gaining karma, but the monster invasions could be divided into good and evil invasions. Fighting during the good ones would have a negative effect on karma, fighting against evil invasions could raise karma. #There could be also "good and evil patch" in some quests - you'd have two ways to achieving the same goal, but it would adjust your karma. I think karma shouldn't give a constant advantage or disadvantage (like shop prices or chances of getting killed/pkable and so on). There should be some space in this game for people with bad karma, and we shouldn't make their everyday life harder, we should think about some benefits for them as well. Game with people having only high karma would be exactly the same as playing without the karma system. EDIT: *People with high karma might spawn closer to the exit in the underworld. *People with low karma might need lower levels of defence in order to pass safely a monster area. (you need to have 21 def in order not to get attacked by a goblin, with bad karma it might be reduced as the monsters would fear you). 2nd EDIT: Every god might watch some maps. Low karma players might get a litlle cursed on maps watched by good gods and blessed on maps watched by evil gods. The same with high karma. (I know that people with godless would not be happy though.) Well it seems that I'm shifting from the luck-related definition of karma to a religion-related one. No idea if this is good. (please forgive me my strange English)
  24. Anyone like Green Day?

    I like them, and some other people here also like them
  25. new armor

    I think it'd look a little nicer if the torso part was a little wider and longer and was covering the "belt" part of leg armor. I hope it wouldn't look horrbile when wearing only the torso...