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  1. Word association

  2. Word association

  3. Paying to play

    Teh New Continent will be free? No kidding, it would be awesome.
  4. Word association

  5. Update test, part deux

    It's working for me on Windows 2000 and Radeon 9200, but sometimes i have a huge health bar and do ~500 damage. It's working on the test server too.
  6. Party With Scarr

    I made a more "impressive" screenie:
  7. Www.corpus-opis.com

    Looks really nice. I like green colours.
  8. Xxx_messenger

    What is the purpose of these Messenger characters? I run into a house in mm and they were having there a kind of a meeting... EDIT: Well each Messenger is form a different guild.
  9. Xxx_messenger

    Thanks folks. My curiosity is satisfied.
  10. Xxx_messenger

    I'm just asking, because my guild does not have a Messenger. I've edited the post above to make the question more clear.
  11. Who Think Gasoline Prices Are Too High ?

    I don't think so. Some ppl are really happy (Russians, Arabians, oil companies) that the prices are high that they won't let them go down. Before this Iraq event Saddam wasn't selling much more oil than it is bought from Iraq now. Anywany, USA has one of the most power-consuming industry in the world.
  12. Who Think Gasoline Prices Are Too High ?

    Huh, in Poland it is 3,88 PLN per litre - around 4,6$ per gal. Just drive.........
  13. My Maps!

    Hmm, the northern entrance to crystal caves could be a little moved to the West on your map of DP (I'm just using the streched version of your small DP map ).
  14. Boom!

    I'd love to join as Bombardier (Ulrih).
  15. My Maps!

    I guess in MS Paint it is not possible, but in some other software (like graphics converting programs) there should be an option where you can tell which pallete should be used (or a special option to use web-safe palette). Sometimes it is default to use the optimized pallete (like in Compu-Pic or IrfanView). Just check, if it looks nice than it does not matter which palette you used.
  16. My Maps!

    You may zip them or send them to me, I can put some pictures on my host.
  17. My Maps!

    Huh, Aitrus, your maps are really great. Maybe it is a good idea to post the maps in two versions, one without resources and one with resources. But, of course, it is your hard work and your decisions. What concerns 256-colors: Saving a 256-color (or 8bpp color depth, it is the same) with Microsoft Paint is not a good idea, because Paint hasn't got a good algorithm to decrase the color depth and I think that Paint is using the "Web Safe" palette, which is not necesary for Eternal Lands (Eternal Lands client accepts the optimized palette as well). I have converted the small resized version of DP map to 256 colors with Paint Shop Pro and Microsoft Paint, and you're right the MS Paint version is like Technicolor, but the PSP version is very similar to the original. I've worked in the resized version so the quality is really poor, but you can see the differences in colors. MS Paint version PSP9 Version The maps are streched to 512x512 so I could chceck if they work in EL. Well, I think if you have some problem with the color depth, I could convert them to 8bpp 98 dpi version, just send me an email (gabrys_t@yahoo.com), or post it in the forums.
  18. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Foxie - a bot. It's currenlty under development. Based on Bongo's code. EDIT:This bot is no longer a trade bot, so I don't suppose you will see it often. We have no idea what can be done with Foxie, so probably she will be deleted.
  19. A Question For The Guys In Charge

    I can't understand you, teh banned 0n3na. It is not "no more easy exp" it is "no more money". You get exp anyway when you get this item. I have no idea how this affects the Economy, but i suppose that everybody has now these items (Iron shields...). OK, i havent noticed that some people buy the ingredients instead of making them on their own, but those who produce metal bars shouldnt pay for those who make easy exp by buing the bars.
  20. I Would Like To Give My Thanks

    If there were more people like Satan in this game the game would be much more exciting. Actually I was thinking about becoming evil, but my character is not tough enugh
  21. Testing New Formula

    harvesting level 30 22 gold ores in 120 sec - 11 per minute recom lvl. 30 118 blue lupine in 120 sec - 59 per minute recom. lvl - 1 114 white asiatic lilly in 120 sec - 57 per minute recom. lvl - 8 73 vegetables in 150 sec - 29 per minute recom. lvl 20 ~60 fruits in 120 sec - 30 per minute (not sure, because i got blessed) recom. lvl 18
  22. Well, I really dislike the new slow autoharvester, however I think, that basing the harvesting speed on maybe the weight (there would be a problem with titanium, I know) of the goods or better on the harvesters level would be far more better than basing it on a certain value (harv-rec-lvl/4 is additionally IMO extremely high for) for each kind of item as it is now, so that people who gain harvesting levels could feel that they get better and better. Macroing will increase, because it very easy now to harvest flowers and to get money from it. Leather Gloves to harvest sulfur - it is really a very good idea. I hope that the gloves can be damaged exactly as a pickaxe. Well, if you really want to make harvesting more harder.... harvesting roses might be also dangerous for the hands. I don't understand why the players can not sell iron shields and steel long swords to Trik. Why wouldn't he like this weapons? If the economy was meant to be fixed with it, he could just pay less money for these weapons, but with these harv and manu news there will be less shields and swords in the game anyway. I guess, that you don't mind that dozens of people will begin PKing and monster fighting if they consider manufacturing or alchemy hopeless. I hope that the gold cave won't be crwoded. EDIT: I agree that manufacturing time could be increased as i was done (although I'm not manufacturing advanced things yet). With potions it could be different (you know, you have only to put all the ingidients together and stir ). Harvesting didn't need to be made longer, because you need not less than 7 ores to make a metal bar, so it takes IMO long enough to harvest enugh ore to make sufficient bars to produce a weapon.