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  1. I regret to inform you that we're not here waiting to instantaneously respond to forum posts. You will be answered in a reasonable amount of time, most likely by the moderator who locked your character. Complaining that z0mg nobody answered you within 75 minutes will not expedite a positive response.


    i was booted by learner dont think he'll post.

  2. booted from learner i didnt mean to post that link was ment for my sto sell in market here..

    i was on that site i didnt copy paste that link i thought i still had my market page still cpoied and hit Ctrl+v didint relize it posted that link until i got booted.

    really it said wait 1min read rules and you can play tryed logging back in didnt work so im guessing im banned which i didnt mean to post that link beause i know would get banned was a rokey mistake



    i think this is messed up that i dont get a reply back...

  3. ok im having sto sell ingame name Reaction or post here


    Eagle Claw offer

    tit set offer

    nmt, offer ~sold

    jagged saber offer~sold

    raiper offer~ reserved

    sycthe offer~sold

    orc slayer offer

    12k HEs offer~ Reserved

    steel greaves ~sold

    cotu offer~sold

    mm cloak offer~sold

    fr cloak offer~sold

    bp cloak 2k~sold

    used tit sheild 24k

    Crown of life offer~sold

    gather med 10k

    bunch of manu pot books

    2,2k Aes 7ea~sold

    200 magic ess 7ea~sold

    100 matter ess 5ea~sold

    300 energy ess 8ea~sold

    600 Les 5ea

    550 brs 15ea

    37k wine 1.5ea

    4.9k vials 5ea~sold

    1200 leather offer

    3k PoF's 15ea

    2 MoL 15k ea~sold


    pm me ingame ReAction or post here

  4. just fill up with AE's, get your unolas blessing, then teleport quickly to TD or any other pk map with your MD buddy. you'll be able to MD for a few minutes, then tele back and start over.


    it's much faster then using LD/MI to lvl up to lvl 35. and if you would LD one someone else its cheaper too.






    easiest way i found was go to unloas with some Aes and a few bear summoning stones just sit infront of him and md the bears i found the really easy :) hope it helps :>