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  1. how long will i be banned? :/

    hi i was wondering tomo what time to i get banned
  2. how long will i be banned? :/

    ok i was just wondering what the date is that i get unbanned pls help!
  3. polar bear traning plx help

    i am oa 26 and p/c/i/v 8/12/6/8 a/d 48/55 is good to train on polar bear with low oa i just reset need help with pp's placement they give good exp but i ten to have to restore alot on them can some 1 help plx
  4. polar bear traning plx help

    anymore advice u guys can give me?
  5. polar bear traning plx help

    im doing more pvp with freinds then polar bears now and great info guys ty
  6. polar bear traning plx help

    10/20/8/8 p/c/i/v now
  7. polar bear traning plx help

    what neg perks should i get if any?
  8. polar bear traning plx help

    yea my mana is perty low died a few times already
  9. polar bear traning plx help

    tyvm liquid is this also good for pk the way the atribs are set up?
  10. polar bear traning plx help

    im using col tit sheild and tit torso aug pants leather boots and still get hit alot i restore 4-5 times on 2 polar bears and i have 6 pp's to spend plx help do i put in c or phys???
  11. how long will i be banned? :/

    ok ty aislinn im very srry
  12. how long will i be banned? :/

    i deleted all my alts ecept for drac thats locked u can delte him to idc i will not do this again i didnt want me or cooldylan to get banned if i knew was against rules to help a freind that way i would have not done it and we would not be postiing here now and im really sorry radu
  13. how long will i be banned? :/

    i used drac to help cooldylan because he was anti to sell boks armor etc to trik and npc thats it and i did not know was aginst rules and i aplogize for that
  14. how long will i be banned? :/

    Hi im frozen ingame i just want to let u guys know that i did not know what i was doin was against the rules and i have never been baned befor and im srry will never happen again i just want to play el on my charater again i will delete all alts if u can tell me how long im banned for would be nice and im truly srry
  15. Taking orders

    I'm taking orders and selling 10k quartz at 2 gc each pm Sniper in game for your orders or post here>..... ....harvesting and alching ...... Thank You..........
  16. Taking orders

    14k sunflowers and 14k red roses Done Thank you
  17. Taking orders

    ok im back to taking orders but make them small pls and it may take a few days for me to get them Thank You
  18. Taking orders

    this is my max list Harvesting 10k~~~~coal 5k~~~~blue quartz 5k~~~~ red quartz 5k~~~~~quartz 10k~~~~~of each flower 5k~~~~~toadstoll 5k~~~~ iron 7k~~~~ silver 3k~~~~~ sulfur Alching 1k~~~~FEs 500~~~~EEs 1k~~~~~LEs 1k~~~~~ERs rest of them i dont alch animal 2k~~~~bones 1k~~~~Raw meat Thank You
  19. Taking orders

    ok im adding a max for the harvesting do to only 1 person doing all this the max will be 25k of each harvesting item i will try to get surfys and leriams done as fast as i can Thank You
  20. Taking orders

    i am no longer taking orders for the moment surfy and altaria are the last ppl i will be taking orers untill fourther notice THANK YOU
  21. Taking orders

    Thank u very much i will get on it asap
  22. Taking orders

    will be done soon thank you
  23. _dracul_

    ok guys i am here to aplogize to all tht suffer of my bad actions i did not want to be an outlaw and i aplogize to the L.A. guild for all the pm and bad things they heard i hope u will accept me and give me a fresh start
  24. _dracul_

    u guys say i am a bjer but u are wrong because i walk in to sto not knowing whoes bag but in the end i returned it so how do u call tht bjing i think u need to get more proof :PPPPP