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  1. Bot payments

    Paid $20 for "Fashions" 2009 bot payment today. Transaction ID: 7ML08975RC509293C Thank you, BooBoo
  2. Depletable Resources Poll

    I didn't vote because imo neither of the options (mini events or evaporating items) are very workable. The mini events are a constant frustration and running around trying to find stuff will in most likelihood be no better. I wish a solution could be found that didn't punish those of us that are just trying to have fun and play honest. With as difficult as it was to recently harvest the latter portion of the 150,000 items needed for the month I might as well have been doing office work, laundry or washing dishes. This is an exceptional game and I would gladly pay a monthly fee, buy a perk or whatever to keep it fun, otherwise I guess it will be fighting, as harvesting for this many items has lost it's joy.
  3. Mini Harv Events

    If it helps to give feedback I hope something like this could be implemented, as it would be much more manageable with the vast amount of harvestables required! How true!
  4. Mini Harv Events

    This would seem a good idea and one that wouldn’t penalize all of the people who are just working hard on building their own skills. Tailoring takes an enormous amount of gc and harvested materials, which I try to gather entirely myself, but with these mini events it is just too frustrating/boring and the fun is lost.
  5. Selling 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Magic

    Auction ended to Rairor for 35k
  6. Hi, I can't find any of these listed so have no clue what it's worth. 2 day auction, and I'm sorry no offers out of auction, since I don't know what's reasonable. Thank you
  7. Vegetal Removal Stone Auction

    Auction has ended and went to Boedha Thanks Boedha
  8. Physique Removal Stone Auction

    This is one more I had to auction - please start at 15k thank you.... BooBoo
  9. Vegetal Removal Stone Auction

    A short 2 day auction for a Vegetal Removal Stone.. please start bids at 225,000 (found in MM silver) You can pm me ingame if you want. Thanks, BooBoo
  10. Selling animal removal stone

    Hi All, Auctioning an animal removal stone, with the bid starting at 220k, going for 48 hours. Boo Boo SOLD IN GAME
  11. Game crashed video driver

    Thanks, Labrat! I was having the same problem, I hope this repairs it. Much appreciate the link
  12. Fine Feathered Clothes

    Selling purple & black baggy pants - 16k Selling red & black baggy pants - 15k Skull & Crossbones scarves - 3k Red scarves - 1.5 k Black scarves - 1.5k Brown buccaneer hats - 5k Black buccaneer hats - 6k PM me if interested BooBoo