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  1. still banned

    been waiting A LMOST 2MONTHS
  2. been long time no speak

    QUOTE (Aislinn @ Dec 8 2008, 11:17 PM) I have made no decision on you, I am still getting information about your activities and am gathering up logs to confirm who was on your characters at those times. You can at least count on the 30 days. You never said indefinite till now an u never replied an ave me back an info this is last post u made on my topic. I haven't decided. As I said, at least the 30 days. And even still you won't get everything back if at all, just one character. It's really not the brightest thing to keep scamming after your main characters get locked. i can send u the logs of you saying that it would be atleast 30 days an i may not get all my stuff back......... if u said i wasnt getting it back then i would have never wrote u on this sitt bugging you. an just curious i kno mr dekke got banned plenty of times an u kept giving him chances so why when i mess up 1 time i go threw all this
  3. still banned

    I learned my lesson believe me ill never share accounts with anyone again or let any1 log on to my account. And i gave lil_webbie Jay account awhile back so he want be logging on my chracter i oly let him log on kreamz because he got bored but i will not let anyone use kreamz besides me an want cause any trouble or chracter sharing an will have no alts i fully understand an apologize.
  4. still banned

    yes i understand that i want let any1 log on kreamz besides me. lil_webbies has his own chracter that i gave him awhile back named jay. i am not leetting any log on me or llogging on any other accounts besides mines i learned my lesson believe me
  5. still banned

    an you please unbann my account i want let lil_webbie or any1 else logg on to my account or cause in trouble my self its been 41 days now can some1 reply back when u all are not to busy......
  6. Excuse me~

    sounds good
  7. been long time no speak

    rome lol yea just got out jail sux bein in there but wazzz good boosie an can some 1 unlock my ip an chracter been 41 days i apologized i want cause any trouble on el...
  8. been long time no speak

    i waited 40 days now an messaged u last 3 days maybe u been off line >> but i waited 30 days like u said even more been 40 so log on plz still no kreamz unlock or ip
  9. Excuse me~

    aislinn already said she was unlocking accounts just wait u impatient been 40 days though
  10. Trill Ent.

    hey korrode thx for pki p.s madmax<3 we do run it
  11. Excuse me~

    yea n00bie dekke
  12. Excuse me~

    120 is n00b then an still is lmao
  13. Excuse me~

    lmao i didnt scamm u 4 chracter i got your chracter an jay your friend and mind begged me to give it back to the only reason i took it is because u thought i was dumb enough to let u scamm me for all chracter so i took yourz an the only reason i gave it back to u is because jay asked me to (real jay) an i didnt scamm your chracter or i would be on it dumb azz. plz define chracter scamming ;p cause u sound an look like a f&*()* retard an 122 oa sux
  14. Kreamz Banned an ip blocked

    still no info dec 12th
  15. Kreamz Banned an ip blocked

    been d 3 days i been waiting on a reply