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  1. Storage sale

    Pm me when u log on for the silver, the greaves are sold just forgot to update
  2. Storage sale

    All sold
  3. Storage clearance

    nick ingame please ?
  4. Storage clearance

    Still stuffs for sale, Sneaky dont want the things listed above so feel free to take them
  5. Storage clearance

    its rs, pm me in game
  6. Storage clearance

    Selling those things: 12625 toadstools - 2gc each 30837 iron ore - 4 each 67000 silver ore - 2.5 each 1018 steel bars - 67 each 252 amber - offer 47658 coal - 2.5 each 1377 fire arrows - 35 each 1 short bow - 1500 1 long bow - 4000 1 crossbow - 7000 15000 health essences - 9.5 each 77378 fire essences - 5 each 149 potion of extra mana - 400 35k SRS - 16 each 179 potion of wildness - 22 each 122 GHP - offer 85 eva pots - 105 each 280 pots of attack - 30 600 coord pots - 22 each 800 def pots - 28 each 375 phy pots - 30 each 128 acc pots - 105 each 398 vit pots - 22 each 600 reasoning pots - 22 each 500 bear stones - 130 each 10 warlock capes - 1500 each 3500 creature food - 79 each 18 RC mine detonator - 2000 each 2x archery arena tickets - 3000 each 5% shop coupon - offer p2p shop coupon - offer Please post here, msg me me here. Im rarely on in the game
  7. New perk ideas

    Ingame name: DarkPresent Name of the perk: Big Johny Description: Gives you +20% of current character size. Cost: 6pp + 20kgc And the opposite: Name of the perk: lil bastage (kidding). Johny's little brother Description: Gives you -20% of current character size. Cost: 6pp + 20kgc Name of the perk: Reviver Description: Allows you to revive an death creature witch will be controlled to attack creatres/monsters and not ofc (so you can use it as a pet. Wont loose hp, will follow you on any map you go except storage (if you go to storage it will just wait for you outside), will have the original stats. Requirements of revive: atleast 80 summoning and magic lvls for monsters up to MCW, 90's for up to ACWs and 100's for all dragons. Ingrediens for doing the revive: All enriched essies, binding, serpent and rostogol stones. Cost: 10pp + 1, 000, 000 (1Mgc) Name of the perks: 1 - Cold Breath and 2 - Poison Breath Description: 1 - 5% chance to freeze the opponent for 3 seconds. 2 - 5% chance of poison your opponent (damage is based on your magic level only, like 1 point of damage every 4 or 5 levels of magic) Cost: The cost of both perks are 8pp + 100kgc (perks are not stackable)
  8. Artificial removal stone for sale

    Hi, as topic says im selling one for 1.5m at my bot but price can be discussed. If u are interested pm me
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    50k Red Currents please, ty
  10. Auction 60k iron ore

  11. Server Problem? Or just us?

  12. Now that Rule #5 is Gone..

    Come back and see your self. Can give u answer on second question: Yes u can use an alt to help ur main as u find for good for ur needs, harvest/farm etc. About leveling ur alt... u'll find many posts about how to level it in those forums.
  13. Youre too far away get closer

  14. Youre too far away get closer

    Thats not a voting but +1 from me. That clicking and chasing mobs are outfashion... Entropy u're saying that it will make it "too easy", i do belive it will make it just more confortable for playing.
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, thanks a lot for finishing my orders I'd like to order more 50k poppies.