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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k silver ore thats 20kgc ingame name - cycrosism
  2. The Oxygen Harvest Serivce

    Order being worked on
  3. The Oxygen Harvest Serivce

    Just to know, are u doing this order? If no, i place it again and if u dont have jobs do it x3 I am not sure, i am filling some other orders if terje wants to do your order again
  4. The Oxygen Harvest Serivce

    Completed ill catch you next time i go online
  5. The Oxygen Harvest Serivce

    Both orders done Thanks for ordering
  6. The Oxygen Harvest Serivce

    Welcome to the Oxygen flower service Staff: cycrosism, Terje Max order - 5k Price List Flowers Level 1 (0.50gc each) Red Snapdragons Tiger Lilly Chrysanthemum White Asiatic lilly Blue Star Flower Impaatiens Lilacs Blue Lupine Yellow Rose Black Rose Red Rose Flowers Level 2 (1.00gc each) Cactus Swamp Candles Sunflowers Daffodils Wheat Flowers Level 3 (1.50gc each) Mugwort Valerian Rue Poppies Dandelions Poisen Ivy Red Toadstool Tulips Red Currant Blueberry Henbane Mullein Red Toadstool Flowers Level 4 (1.75gc each) Wormwood Nightshade Yarrow White Chanterelle Ogre Toes Tree Mushrooms
  7. As you can see in this screnshot in votd, the shadow on the tree thats on the water is still but as you can see the grass is moving just like in the water reflection. If possible do you think you could make the tree's shadow (in that fact any shadow that's casted onto a water surface) become like a moving watery object thingy. I know its hard to explain but it would look nicer.
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Can i ask why you claimed his order when i ordered before him?
  9. I found 2 bugs by accedent

    If this helps anyhow, when removing my crown of life it takes away -155 and when removing my medalion of life it takes -35.
  10. My account was stolen :(

    Giving out your password isn't against the rules becuase it's your choice to give him it regardless of what happend
  11. I found 2 bugs by accedent

    Ok first off it shows i have 75/80 but on the bottom of the screen it just shows 80. Ok, now look at this picture of a person called Claudia. You can tell that the person is a girl But this tells me different... -Cycrosism
  12. Stff for sale

    Medalion of life please
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Order canceled, 3 days and no one claimed
  14. What are you gonna do with your life?

    Computer Programmer, Computer Modeller, I.T person
  15. Selling flower

    Selling 31k tree mushrooms. Offer