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  1. Bots expiring

    Plecak paid via Paypal.
  2. NMT cloak auction

    370k - saski
  3. NMT cloak auction

    360k gc - saski
  4. NMT cloak auction

    Saski can give 340k gc. He have some problems with forum so I bid for him. Hope that's not a problem.
  5. 2006 poland/czech/slovak meeting

    Heh, for me Krakow is 1:40 and Ostrava 2h of travel, so it's almost same time. I prefer Krakow, but I can go to Ostrava - beer is cheaper IIRC And that 7-8th april is a good date for me also. So, i hope, see u soon
  6. New feature coming soon

    Hmm, maybe i missed something, but i have on equestion. If someone will make a bag in the very same place where someone hide one earlier and he hides it too. If he use a key to look at it he will have contents of both bags? Because when he hide it again he can loose a lot when something like that happened
  7. pawelkus,jasonx

    You have any proof of that or just accusing everyone that you found near the place where u died? I know Pawelkus for about 10 months. And I know that he's trustworthy. You died so many times so you should be mad at yourself, not all others. So, now I'm asking again: Do you have any proof that Pawelkus took it? If don't, stop saying that he IS bagjumper. Maybe he is - personally, I don't belive in it - but there's always 'maybe'. And for false accusation you can make a lot more enemies for yourself than you think...
  8. Polska

    Haj. No to ja tez sie wpisze. Korzystajac z okazji chcialbym pozdrowic tych, ktorzy potrafia to przeczytac No to tyle. A Clans to taki skrobak jest po prostu ;P Baj.
  9. Alchemists on Strike!

    I wish u luck
  10. Beware , Axe wielding maniacs on the loose

    As a member of PL i just want to say that before that update from 22 Nov 2004, we didn't need to save EFE to make tit chains, we made them with just a FE. That 's suspicious . But we made that times projects like making hundreds of shields, helmets, boots, pants and tit chains also. And that was just a luck. We made this tit chains and few days ago there was update and whoa: EFE needed to tit chain, two for iron plate and so on. Little offtopic, but i need to correct.
  11. Update test, part deux

    No problems at me. Maybe just list of books is empty and should be full But everything else is working.