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  1. I have a Serpent sword of magic, I would like to trade it for a serpent sword of Ice. let me know if anyone is interested in this trade.
  2. Auction: Bot Blessing Coupon

    I offer 1k of he's
  3. Guild map question (Summoning)

    Thanks for the quick answer reply! Ice
  4. This is the entire list of options you can put in the different tags. It also includes the new area attributes. For many of the cases, 1 means Yes, 0 means No (as usual), so assume that's the case unless I specify differently. [general] map_name: <The name of the map> #If you just want the default attribute you don't have to write it here... allow_rain: <If it's going to rain on the map or not - default: 1> allow_combat: <Is it a PK map? Default: 0> allow_multicombat: <Allow multi-combat? Default: 0> allow_beam: <Max level allowed to beam from this map Default: 0 (means every player can beam)> allow_tport: <Is teleporting allowed on this map? Default: 1> allow_harvesting: <Is harvesting allowed? Default: 1> allow_manufacturing: <Is manufacturing allowed? Default: 1> allow_summoning: <Is summoning allowed? Default: 1> allow_spellcasting: <Can you use magic on this map? Default: 1> allow_potions: <Can you do potions on this map? Default: 1> timed_heat: <Heat damage per minute - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> timed_cold: <Cold damage per minute - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> timed_poison: <Poison damage per minute - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> timed_corrosion: <Corrosion damage per minute - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> timed_damage: <Damage per minute - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> timed_radiation: <Damage per minute - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> walk_heat: <Per step heat damage - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> walk_cold: <Per step cold damage - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> walk_poison: <Per step poison damage - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> walk_corrosion: <Per step corrosion damage - between 0 and 100 - Default: 0> [/general] The above info is from a pinned post by Wytter. allow_summoning: <Is summoning allowed? Default: 1> Based on the line allow summoning, it seems that summoning can be turned off for the whole map can it be turned off for smaller areas only? If yes, what would be the correct wording/format? If summoning is turned off for the map, or a small area, could summoning stones still be used? If summoning stones can still be used, is there a way to turn them off also? If yes, what would be the correct wording/format? Thank you for any information that can be provided Ice
  5. Bot marketplaces

    I have not read all the recent threads, but I like the idea of a new area (map) created as a market place. If the new area was created and all new bots had to populate that area, that would solve future problems. The current bot owners would have option of moving their bot(s) to the new area. Picking the prime locations on a first come first serve basis. It would be nice to have several of the current maps to have an entrance into the marketplace, but only one or two exits... IP for C1 and Anitora for C2 (you could create another npc to charge entrance onto the C2 map. The central part of the map could have a storage, but not allow mixing or spell casting on the map at all! People could use the market place to get around the scotties dead perk, but you still can't use beam anytime you want, and if you create a maze it would not be a big advantage. People could use this map as a central meeting place for deals, and would be a great central place to purchase items needed! This is just a suggestion that I came up with while thinking about this all weekend! A few new idea's to add The bots closest to storage might be able to access storage, and renting one of those premium spots could cost more! just a thought. Also if the area was created without local chat allowed.... that would be nice, I hate some of the silly conversations, and petty bickering that goes on around storage's. JusT a few added thoughts!
  6. Man (player) eating leopard

    Sounds like an interesting idea, will the creature be more likely to stalk people that are walking around with 50% health? Most predators would chose to stalk wounded prey as it would easier to kill? Maybe if you keep you health up, would mean less chance to be attacked?
  7. Mage class, Fighter class

    I suggested this a long time ago, but how about adding an Arcane Nexus, that would be needed for Mages. Spell Level 1-10 level - No Nexus 11-20 - 1pt Arcane Nexus needed 21-30 - 2pt Arcane Nexus needed 31-40 - 3pt Arcane Nexus needed 41-50 - 4pt Arcane Nexus needed This would help separate the class's and if you really wanted to make it difficult for the dual class battle mage, then require that the arcane nexus be subtracted form the highest human nexus armor. If you were wearing a thermal serpant sword you would need an arcane nexus of 10 to cast 1-30th level spells. It's JusT a thought.
  8. EMP weapon

    Hmmmm want to think about this.... first gut reaction was it's crazy. Second though was well the mecury harvesters will have a way of screwing with fighters.
  9. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    Love the update, and love the new hats, that can only be bought from EL store.... but I storage strategies will not allow me to purchase any
  10. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    I ressurected this thread, not because I want infinate storage, but because it's a thread about storage space. Yes I like using strategy in the game.... Organizing storage based on projects and skills is a pain, and many high price items, I save up for a big push, or at least to make multiple items instead of 1-2 at a time. As the game improves, with each new update, some items you have stored, might have little use at the time and could be very important later. I have given alot of stuff away because limited space, just to find out a week later that I needed it. I really just wanted to see if other felt the same way I did about this topic!
  11. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    I know this is an old/ancient topic..... but do ppl still feel the same? I did some quick checking, am sure I missed a few items! 260 different books 194 Items that can be made/manued 63 harvestable items 35 buyable only items maybe more 552 items, and I'm sure I missed a few things this does not include the recent engineering skill manuable items It's just a question, plz don't get bent out of shape!
  12. Vista

    I will be able to purchase 1 copy of vista for $5.00 throught the college, but I will not install it for a 6-12 months. I prefer to allow time for more of the bugs to be worked out before switching over.
  13. doing a matter essence project in MM, and WeeTodd Jumpep on our bag removing some matter essences.... the essences are not that big a deal, but figured would be nice to warn everyone what kind of player he is!!!!
  14. Red Dragon

    This was using giants summoning stones. had 12 giant stones several fluffy and sslessar stones . 4 giants were able to take the dragon down I think lost one giant, and severly damaged another. Dragon respawn time is several minutes. Trying with only one dragon does not work... need the combined hits of multiple giants to do the job. 1st drop was 23gc 2nd drop was 743gc 3rd drop was 456gc No items were dropped
  15. Client RC available.

    Zirakinbar map [61,263] through [61,245], and [64,265] through [64,246] the bridge walkable tile's are 4 wide, but it looks as though you a balanced on the bridge rail, with one foot walking on air. At [61,245] your standing 1/2 way inside the pillar.