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  1. PR19 Add skill experience related operators to #calc

    Thanks for catching that. I had switched to using the localized shortnames at the last minute and should have checked more thoroughly than just "it still works". I've updated the patch on github with the necessary casting.
  2. I made a patch to do nifty math things related to your skill levels and exp. E for total exp in a skill, N for exp to next level, Z for the last exp event. Use the operator and the (localized) skill shortname (all one token) to calculate all sorts of cool things. I also threw in Q as a sort of reverse L to do exp to level calculations. This is a lot more convenient and less error prone than manually typing in the exp numbers from the stats window and the HUD hovers. Examples: How many more mixes to next manufacturing level: #calc nman/zman How many more mixes to alchemy level 80: #calc (l80-ealc)/zalc Expected level after crafting 10k of something: #calc q(ecra+10k*zcra) Hours to next harvest level: #calc nhar/(120*zhar)
  3. very old players

    I'm glad to see a few Llamathists in this thread.
  4. Invasion reward points system

    Personally I'd like special days more because I feel like they benefit a broader group of players (I'm not a fighter, and I am selfish), but I see how more spawns are cool because that rewards the kinds of players that actually participate in the invasions. The idea of having a variety of different rewards to choose from is fun though. Hopefully people will make well thought out posts explaining why we should choose a specific reward each week. It should spawn some great debate.
  5. The Greatest EL Player

    And Hazur is a llamathist, so that earns him bonus points xD for everyone saying DonP... yeah, he was cool and a friend, but the king of combat will always be colo...
  6. Sky Client Test #1

    "Hey, my eyes are up here!"
  7. Invasion reward points system

    I love this idea! It encourages players to more actively participate with the EL community as a whole, instead of just going off somewhere alone to harvest and mix. It rewards us for having fun! I don't really have anything else to say, it's just so fantastic.
  8. The Greatest EL Player

    MikeH for founding Llamathism.
  9. Crash 1-2 min after Grue

    Were you by any chance harvesting before, during, or after you grued and/or reconnected? and if so, do you have the new harvesting animation enabled? There were some bugs with it that could cause a crash after lag or a disconnect, but not to fret as they've already been fixed in the CVS. It would be great if you could give us as much information as possible about what you are doing and where you do it when you crash. If you have a way that you can make it crash on purpose, that would be wonderful.
  10. Ideas on new harvestable?

    Congratulations to Moebird!11!
  11. favorite ingame channel

    offtopic all the way. philosophy, entertainment, coding, and fun. Now available with less in my pants!
  12. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Instinct Removal Stone from Toadstools in VotD edit: Coordination Removal Stone from Treemushrooms in Treetown yay, two in two days
  13. Crash after re-connect

    You're awesome! no more crashes \o/
  14. Crash after re-connect

    I can reliably reproduce this on both Mac and XP. 1) start harvesting 2) cause a resync or disconnect+reconnect or otherwise find a way to lose your actor 3) cause one of the stop harvesting messages crash in eye_candy_wrapper.cpp:580 cast_reference->effect->recall = true; Here's what I believe is going on. You start harvesting, and harvesting_effect_reference gets set up with the pretties. When you resync, or reconnect after a disconnect, destroy_all_actors() is called, and I *think* ec_actor_delete() washes the ongoing harv effect away with all the other actor associated effects. Since this isn't the normal way for the harv effect to stop, harvesting_effect_reference doesn't get cleared. When we finally do get a stop harv message, ec_recall_effect(harvesting_effect_reference); is erroneously called. Since the effect is already gone, it crashes. Possible fixes: 1) Bring harvesting_effect_reference into scope for actor_scripts.c and set it to NULL somewhere in destroy_all_actors(). This won't help us if we ever destroy just yourself, but I can't think of when that would happen off the top of my head. Since this crash is related to lag, it shouldn't happen that often anyway, so a perfect solution probably isn't necessary. 2) Make every effect check if it is the harv effect when it dies, and if so, clear harvesting_effect_reference. I think this is a waste of time, and it would probably make the client slow. 3) Have ec_actor_delete() do the check. probably still a waste of time. 4) Get rid of harvesting_effect_reference and have filter_or_ignore_text() look through all the eye candy stuff for og harv when we get a stop message. I can't wrap my mind around the ec stuff, but I'm willing to bet that would be needlessly complicated. I'm sure there are more ways to handle this, but I like option 1 because it's only a two line fix. Fixing this will also take care of not seeing the effect after resuming harvesting. There's another lag related crash that happens if we don't have our actors when we start harvesting. This one is a little harder to reproduce. At least the fix is easy. Check if get_actor_ptr_from_id(yourself) returns NULL before passing it to ec_create_ongoing_harvesting2().