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  1. very old players

    Ok, since I'll probably forget to post it @ proper day: 10th anniversary here - same as Megyeer Started dec '03 as Szaddam_4, name changed after big crash. And indeed, old names pop up
  2. Hoarding poll

    Indeed, like NPC selling them Well, I didn't say I want my FRIEND to TRADE with my alt, I want my friend to KEEP them for me while I'll go harvest.. I can't see how giving stuff to a friend is illegal...
  3. Hoarding poll

    Anyway 2 of 3 points was negged from what i said about this suggestion: - It is illegal to interact with alt char (which i knew, just gave an example for people 'no risk, no fun' philosophy) so can't keep them there... - Bots are not available for everybody to keep thair stuff. But how about 3rd option ? Just give all of them to a friend before go to harvest ? So you will have 0 (and always best chance to get one) while harvesting, or more extremly you take all of them to harvest area, and drop to a bag or hyperbag = still you are seen by script that you have 0
  4. Another attempt at solving Hoarding

    Meh, responsed to you in same thread, BEFORE found out this one Anyway, it wouldn't work in shape you suggested
  5. Hoarding poll

    Some cons : 1. While going to harvest I'll give all of them to friend who isn't harving anything atm. (most freq.) 2. I'll hoard them @ alt char. 3. Give them to a bot (only for those who have one) Conclusion: work for nothing But INTENTIONS for this idea were good
  6. Hoarding poll

    Under 100k gc. Like 50+ E-ess (25 ELEs, 7 EMEs, 11 EFEs, 5 EWEs, 5 EDEs) - 5 of EACH Eess are prize from Radu's contest with hyperbags, so i didn't 'hoard' them intentionally Like 15 stones - 10 enricht, 5 binds or something like that - will check later Saving for later use. EDIT: grammar EDIT 2: forgot to mention serp stones - 10+
  7. Underwater City

    Inded nice idea, and breathing can be solved by mask or something made under engineering. You don't have to add any continent for that, just new map you can add to existing one, like visiting underwater in sea (in WS ) Just regular map, but with water instead of air Anyway it probablo won't happen... soon.
  8. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Short story: Before playing EL, my favourite game was Panzer General (first one) where you can play campaigns only as Axis General Anyway it's my 2nd player name, first one didn't match english too much, and was 'hot' because of similarity to Saddam
  9. Which was your biggest project ever?

    Well, back in time Don't know which one was biggest tho (for the times i made them) Ancient: 1. 100 full sets (in time when top items were tit chain and serp - and max emu = 300) Newer: 2. 5k diss rings (made it twice so 10k in total: get all ingreds and make) 3. summon 5k gargs (get all ingreds and summon) 4. summon 12k wolfs (get/buy ingreds and summon) Ongoing: 5. 5k PV rings - got all ingreds myself - now only to finish 99/150k MEs and 5/15k FEs And hope even more crazy will come
  10. CEL Site Update

    Black Dragon Helm doesnt give any lifa and mana bonus (Equipped Stats page) But in GENeral: great addition !! As usually.
  11. godless removal stone

    Well, IMHO the point is not in removing godless, but to make all negative perks equals. Why taking any other perks is no pain (now, with proper stones available) and some still is ? Almost agree with Desertus Remove removal stones, or make them for every perk
  12. I agree to participate In Game Name: Gen_Axis (alt Gen_Allied, but I'm not playing it for long time) Forum Name: Gen_Axis Real Life: Male BTW. Will we be able to see results of research ? Or will they be secret ? :> Edit: found answer in FAQ... But got another: Will we be informed when it will be over and where to see these results ?
  13. Resource shortages idea

    The xmass tree wont happen because of different religious cults we have on our world. Well, I didn't say, I want it back, only i rememeber it as an example of IP winter version. And about resources... I'm guessing turning off harvestable stuff shouldn't be difficult, cuz it's srver side, so clicking turned off item should return something like 'it's infected ! cant harvest !!11' or something
  14. Resource shortages idea

    Anyway, having unaccessible RANDOM resuorce each week would be cool addition Great idea :] PS. About seasons, I hope one day they will be implemented (still remember xmass tree on IP), and how about having cold in winter ? Loosing hp if not wear warm clothes ? EDIT: typos, duh !
  15. Are you an EL oldbie?

    Dec '03 And wow, haven't seen Crannog (even the name) for ages, but still remember... it's fame