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  1. Starting over.

    Last time I was there every person I killed used a rosto. Now that there are more high level armours, the rostos will be even more necessary and common. Ofc the harvest alt exc cape counts as drop too... And what you said about ranking page and player base... it's statistics. In the beginning several had 5 characters and majority had 2+. If these two are absolute bullocks I might actually give it a go again. Of course, because on the main server no one ever wears a rosto and you get sooo many drops in kf you can swim in them. Oh, did I mention that rostos are so expensive that majority of fighters dont go to pk at all and if they do, they flee when they are about to die because they dont want to spend another 20k on a new shiny rosto? I got a nice low end gear set +supplies from pk just yesterday. If that never happens to you, all it takes is ask to not wear a rosto. and fyi, those several you were talking about were woodeh and liquid. maybe one more, but even with 5 chars per person, it makes 40 people.
  2. Starting over.

    Since the PK server rankings page was introduced, we could follow how many players logged on (that wasnt so long ago, and you need to log on after it was introduced to get your nick on the page). Since then, almost 200 characters have been logged on, so thats 50-100 people. And many more are on "school vacation" if we could call it that. You don't like PK server? No one gives a shit. But check your facts before bullshitting around.
  3. Archery Bug

    I thought it might be related: The players online page shows that ProHibited was online over 30 minutes AFTER he logged off. Chat Log: [13:21:09] [ProHibited @ 1]: im still under attack [13:21:18] [ironfist @ 1]: by who [13:21:19] [dht @ 1]: by who/what? [13:21:40] No player is in the game with the name of proh Checked several times during that period of he was online or not. At the moment of this post he was online, while players online page still had his name. BTW, other players logging off and on were shown correctly on the page. EDIT: #stats shows one amount of players logged in, while players online page shows +1 (prohibited), so that might be a totally separate bug, but still worth mentioning.
  4. Gold membership

    How long until Ent says his final word on this?
  5. Starting over.

    I get your point, and have only one suggestion - try the PK server (again) lol no gold farming, no yeti farming, killing high level monsters requires teamwork, you can kill basically everyone and very often get drops, etc etc. Seriously.
  6. New monster ideas

    ...and you'd need to use a Sponge on them to catch them. I guess I'll call my Sponge Bob, or maybe Squarepants, haven't decided yet.
  7. Starting over.

    In the first post you said you liked the game better at its earlier years, and that's your reasoning to making a server wipe. That kinda stands for "what I want". Off-topic: PK server is not only about A/D, quite the opposite. You should try it and judge it then.
  8. Starting over.

    The PK server is in its early years, and I like it too. Maybe you should try it. Plus, we're considering character copying to attract new players there (with radu's approval), so reseting the main server before that would not be such a great idea.
  9. Starting over.

    Then explain your motive. I don't see why it would need to be done right now. Server wipes are made when a huge change to the game is made. As for people who can't get up the rankings, they won't even if server was restarted simply because the top players are better at training/grinding.
  10. Another idea to add people

    How's 10 more than 11?
  11. Another idea to add people

    Are you serious?? That would only give tons of players way over the levels of current PK players, those who played when the server was "dead", so no to that. Besides, who knows, maybe you're 140's a/d and stuff, but your OA is low because of recent reset. That's like a soft reset alongside transfer. Plus those players who would transfer the chars would only pop up every now and then to PK somebody, that's all. No need to stay on the server because you have max a/d, high OA and good build. So this would only give $15 for Ent and nothing for the server. And finally, for those who didn't know - you STILL get OA exp from fighting even when you max out your A/D.
  12. Another idea to add people

    Hail to that brother. It's plain and simple - if your Attack and/or Defense levels are over 100,t you can't copy your character. Some high level harvesters, crafters, manuers, or even alchers for that matter would only be a plus for the server. However, as they move, there will be a much greater demand for harvests over time, and we all know it. So we, the PK server players, should inform the newcomers of safe places to harvest, so that they don't get pissed off of constantly being killed and leave.
  13. Puma(alpha)

    I don't see how that would be abusive, since Lenny doesn't announce what map he's in He pops in c1, let's say, one time during his special day, and gets killed, that's it. Then there's a little chance he'll appear again, but I doubt people would roam C1 on lenny day hoping to run into it just for the sake of trying out what it means to be eaten by an angry leopard.
  14. Puma(alpha)

    I'm not fond of flaming ideas down so here goes: How about making a small chance for Lenny to appear on C1 on Leonard Day instead? Same strength, same danger, not too often.
  15. NMT idea

    Thumbs up for the NMT removal, been waiting for it a long time I totally agree with Dilly, making NMW unbreakable would have lots of pluses, including giving tailors something worth grinding for, the item being used more, and NMTs leaving the game. Can't comment on breakable NMT tho, been using the perk all the time.
  16. Another idea to add people

    off-topic #2: can you make tunics with relatively small chance of failure? you can answer me in game
  17. reduce skill level cap

    Yes, in theory it does. I've been playing on the PK server for about a year now, and saw only ONE nexus removal for sale. ONE. Oh yeah, lotsa pp buying going on. Sure you can buy nexuses, but you need the prereqs and there ain't so many people hoarding them and then selling in thousands. As for cooldown, there's still cooldown on spells. Teamwork ftw
  18. Another idea to add people

    halving the skills is just dumb. you can cut level 100 in half to make level 50, but if you cut the exp to get there in half the level would be much higher, so no big difference. There should be an alternative for 100+ A/D main server players, but from my experience, only a handful of them would consider moving cross server. The other skills' professionals would be great on this server - we lack tailors (and it doesn't seem like anybody is going to train it hard atm), archers would be great, as well as other skills. I admit, loader might be pushed down the ranking, but so what? it doesn't mean that there will be thousands of steel/tit armors coming into the game, as there will still be a need for harvesters, and their rare stones. As for multiple transfers of the same character (if this is what you guys were talking about), this shouldn't be allowed. of course, people might sell their copies, but I seriously doubt that they would earn much. also there might be a rule to only get 1 character transfered from the same IP, unless it is whitelisted.
  19. Yeah, it might not fix it totally, but if it makes it more difficult for the farmer, and yet eases the pain for the regular player, isn't that a good thing? It makes it even harder for the farmer, as every hour s/he would need to log on all 10 of his alts to reach the hour change, otherwise s/he doesn't get the harvest exp. I'm all for asgnny's idea about 1 character at a time.
  20. Or just go to the PK server pr0est option evar!
  21. Another idea to add people

    Some more questions. (some part of Chris' post) What if I want to transfer, but there's already a player with my name on the server, and it isn't me? What are my options? a) I get name changed free of charge while transferring? I pay for a name change and the transferred char is name changed before it's copied? c) I have to name change my main server character to be able to transfer at all? If it's c), then there might be quite a few name changes/transfers from the same player. Of course, it might be noticed by radu easily, but still there's a chance. As for limited time, maybe there could be these transfers every now and then, without any pattern, so that people couldn't prepare a char on main to transfer it over and over again. These are all just details, but they matter anyway
  22. Another idea to add people

    Voted yes. I think it's a great idea, I myself might consider copying my main server char over here. Empty storage? So what? It's easy enough to make gcs and get the items you need already, besides, the more manuers on the server the better. I think this would give more good things than bad. I agree, there will definitely be a-holes who just want to have fun, in their own sick way. But as the server progresses, the guilds would become tighter. I always dreamed about teams walking around the server to protect each other, the same goes for the "bandits", if we can call them that. I personally don't play the server at the moment due to some problems with my computer. If anyone is interested in helping me a little: Installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my HP Compaq Mini110, the game worked well for some time, but crashed when I entered a bigger map. I think I need some graphics acceleration, but have no idea how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  23. The PK clash of the year

    Hail all you who have a PK server account! Those who haven't: http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/pkserver.php , go buy one. Starting October the 2nd, there will be quite a few PKing events held on the PK server, dedicated to those who say there ain't enough people there. First event: The Demolition Derby. All players will gather in an area and will start fighting at the same time. The last man standing wins. Gear: Low-end, no rostos. Time: October 2nd, Friday, 9 PM GMT Place: TBA Participants: you. You have one month to prepare. Get training, get supplying (although we might give one or two SRs for you...). More info coming soon.
  24. The PK clash of the year

    So far, there's only 4 people signed in. That's not enough by far. So the event is postponed until further notice, i.e. until more people show any interest in it. Thank you.
  25. The PK clash of the year

    Low end gear means items that you can afford to lose if you die. since it's no rostos, we want players to gain something from the fights, so use leather armor/chain armor, whatever is not too expensive to lose.