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  1. Instance time!

    chris, dht, prohibited, gieras, handyman. sounds like enough for me.
  2. Instance time!

    so we gonna do this instance or what?
  3. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    yeah. how often does that happen? mos evenings there are 30 players online (including bots)
  4. Instance time!

    I'm not talking about finishing it. I'm talking about trying it. And I'm sure we can finish it in like 3-4 tries no prob with good planning. If you cry about losing a pixel or two, this game ain't for you I guess.
  5. Instance time!

    The point if entertainment and teamwork. If that's too hard for you to realise, well, I pity you. And patriot/talon is not active anymore. He left a few days ago due to RL stuff.
  6. I don't say you need to log on your alts to make teams. By no means. This no team fighting comes from lack of people, and when this is fixed, I'm sure people would not care about the cooldown at all. Yes, radu said he'd make the server if there were 100 people desiring for it. And there were. The original proposal what the server should look like is exactly how it is now, you can read the old topics. I know I did. Yes, there actually are tons of player who haven't heard of the PK server, and yes, I'm doing something about that (I'm a bit forgetful but that's another issue). Yes, the lack of events drives people out to some degree, because there's lack of activity, lack of goals and everything. I'm not saying it's 100% the case. By no means I say that you haven't done anything about these aforementioned things. On the contrary. I think you made a great job. I do talk to bkc too you know, and I have proposed several ideas, we discussed the problems, what causes them, and how to fix them. I have been a guildmaster myself, leading a group of relatively new players, organising events, giving tasks and everything (don't ask me why I'm not one anymore, it's a long dramatic story. really long.) I do know a thing or two about what makes people quit, and what makes people stay. I can reveal some of the discussed ideas. (no particular order implied, all issues are just as important) 1. The events. Yes, people want them, people want at least a temporary competition, something to drive them away from grinding and have adrenaline, have adventure. Kill remus was one event in a long time, and we had a lot of fun. 2. The guilds. Guildmasters should give tasks to the guildies, otherwise they wander around with no real purpose and eventually leave. Something like "mix this 20k srs for me", "reach level 30 in engineering" and similar are great to keeping them interested. furthermore, giving them prizes and awards for that is worthwhile the time and energy consumed. This definitely works with newbies, but some oldies just need to be told what to do just as well. I have even developed a reward and goal system, if you wanna take a look at it, reach me in game. 3. The overall activity on the server (follows up the guild stuff). If guildmasters take their guilds on projects, be it harvesting, be it raiding a map and killing all the harvesters, be it anything, they have something to look forward to. It promotes teamwork, establishes good relationship between guild members. And keeps them thinking "wow I wanna do that again". So it's not only about cooldown. You should really look into the old threads about the pk server to see that most of the statistics I give are true. EDIT: and the reason there are 2-5 players or even characters logged in at the time is purely time-zone related. it's midnight in Europe, so all europeans are sleeping. However a few hours ago the server was "boiling", so to say. That's because there are few american players.
  7. Instance time!

    I'm in for 80-100 instance anytime with a notice in advance. Might be fun to try 100+ instance just for the sake of fun
  8. What? Are you serious? How long have you played the server to not know that there IS actually 1 second cooldown on pots, rings AND food? First off, I didn't mean "fight 3 a/d-ers against 3 a/d-ers", I meant fight in teams: summoners, archers, a/d fighters, maybe even engineers for that matter. Does a football team have only attackers, huh? How do you suppose to guild projects be handled then if all teams are one skill professionals? "We all go as mules and hope at least one of us survives the trip to sto". Nice. Really. Second, the server came out as expected, actually. Radu predicted it to be ~100 active players, but not all of them online at the same time of course, and that's what we have. Look at the statistics - in past week, 100 characters have been logged on, over 150 in the last 2 weeks. Only today there have been more than 50 separate characters logged into the server. Also, 1 second cooldown was exactly what the pk-server-player-wannabes wanted. Additionally, radu said character transferring/copying would never happen, and I hope this rule would be preserved. There are 2 problems we have at the moment: 1) lack of new players (due to lack of advertising and promoting, even eye to eye talking with EL-playing friends about it) 2) keeping the players in (due to lack of events, support, help, AND competition) So I suggest we address those and all give some input to change that instead of shooting nonsense ideas into the wild.
  9. Yeah I have a suggestion. Stop fighting 1on1, get teams together and fight team vs team. Don't have a summoner? no problem. just find a friend who is willing to try the server and help him level up. THAT's how I see the server going.
  10. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    I guess we have to stick to the good ole' giving chars away thingy. But do it more often and stuff. I might have a few ideas. And we need advertisement, that's for sure. E.g. try to find the page about the PK server on the el-wiki -.- I'll try to fix that tho.
  11. IMO we do need to sacrifice something if we want the character copy to run smoothly without ruining the server. Be it cooldown, be it multiplay, I don't care, tho I'd much rather get rid of multiplay instead of cooldown, but I doubt that anyone else thinks the same way.
  12. Who wants to create a poll about it?
  13. I don't understand why people say it's impossible to get a kill on the server. If the fights get too boring then change the tactics. I'm pretty sure the opponent won't be carrying all storage around just to protect from your tricks. And even more, s/he might have an Ace up his/her sleeve as well.
  14. Current CVS errors

    This always happened to me when I had animation program enabled. So I guess Karmic doesn't accelerate the graphics enough to be able to use it.
  15. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    I changed my vote because it's pretty obvious that this idea and duscussion is splitting up the server, many veterans might leave because of this, and quite honestly, not so many active players will join IMO. There are other ways to do it. Slower, but better.
  16. PK arenas change

    How about putting one of the arenas near the bridge in DP? south of tele spot. OR maybe further away, but a sign pointing to it - that skull'n'bones sign with an arrow sign under it, should be clear. It would be far from storage, and people going from DP docks to sto will notice it.
  17. Harv Astrology

    Search general chat forum.
  18. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    gambit was online, kit was online a month ago (that's not so long, I've been longer and was never "quit" during that time). besides, they're veterans of the server, and you only bought this char. so please, keep it to yourself.
  19. PK arenas change

    Maybe it's not the initial idea, but this will get the newbies to know what is essential in PK, one of those things being no fail restore. So that's a plus, not a minus.
  20. I think with cooldown we could forget about the copy-option since the pk-server then offered pretty much everyting people demand -> No more excuses for whiny guys. Perhaps that would be best to do since it would be much less problematic than the copy-option. People will always, ALWAYS, have excuses. "omfg nexus buying!!!1", "omg steel armor ruins game, no no armor", "omg there are actual pk areas on the pk server" and so on and so on. If we keep adjusting, we might as well drop our steel armors on the ground and let them take it. Personally, I don't like the idea. But "for the greater good" I vote yes.
  21. Trade Bot Donkeh

    Rings are good not only for low level alts. They're good to teleporting somewhere fast. Compare dp tele from portals and using ring - which one's closer to storage? also quick ways to get to c2, and back to c1 if you killed poor old Scotty. I'd especially like dis rings and IP rings, might as well put some C2 rings as I already mentioned, to such places like EVTR, Glacmor, maybe PV. I'd delve more into this if I could, but I don't want to
  22. PK arenas change

    Great idea. As for the PK server, how about making it non-pk around the arena, if that's not too much work. (so that mages wouldn't harm everyone to death and shit)
  23. Graphics trouble on Windows re-install

    Tell us what your error_log.txt file says, it should be in the same folder
  24. Graphics trouble on Windows re-install

    I'm not a problem-solving pr0, but first try to change video settings manually in My Documents/Eternal Lands/server/el.ini and disable full screen mode. Proceed with caution
  25. User menu patch

    Great stuff I have a question tho. I created links.menu and player.menu among some others, and Links is now in the middle of the menus. How do I make appear the last one in the list? Because they're sorted alphabetically.