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  1. New Harvesting System!

    can we stay on topic plz....
  2. New Harvesting System!

    <_< died again..
  3. Lvl 100 Reached!

  4. New Harvesting System!

    ok i want to complain about the new harvesting system, i think instead of killing u, it would only teleport u, or if u havent moved for 5 mins the system should kick u. Yesterday i died from a bee taking off 20 hp! and lost 1.3k
  5. The Eternal War

    ill be in it my name is kingben, if im in a guild already can i still join it? i never been in a war b4
  6. Repair Quest

    k but where is ELderia?
  7. Repair Quest

    Plz could some1 tell me where to find the start of the quest of the guy who repairs ur armor?
  8. King_george Banned

    by the way my lil bro says ty but plz try and unban king_george2 as quick as u can
  9. King_george Banned

    uhh excuse me it wont work, wat shud i do to get it to work?
  10. King_george Banned

    ok the reason that king_george changed accounts was becuz he didnt like being a dwarf, thats the reason... i dont know wat u cud but if u could destroy king_george that would be ok just plz unban me
  11. Admins Read This

    can u plz read this?!
  12. King_george Banned

    look im really sry bout wat he did but can u still unban us, we have now read the rules atleast 5 times now! my lil bro has been crying cuz he wants to play so bad, plz unban me
  13. Multiple Acounts

    its worse for me...me and my lil bro's comp got band for having the same IP adress i found out....
  14. Plz Unban Me!

    i also discovered that me and my bro have the same IP adress so that cud also be a reason y it wont let me play
  15. Plz Unban Me!

    Ill be really good now, i promise just plz let me play :(