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    Well, after lots of thought about this situation, I have come to the realization that it is not possible to prove or disprove that I do not use bots of any kind, and this situation will probably drag on for some time to come. So I've decided to cancel (quit) my account with Eternal Lands. I cannot justify playing a game that takes so many countless hours of play time to advance, and where another player (with administrator rights) can ban me on a whim or pure speculation. Its just too much work to have it all taken away like that, and there are no guarantees that even if my account is un-banned this will not happen again in the future. It is now clear to me that in this game, one is guilty untill proven innocent. And the time it takes to prove I'm innocent, is just not worth the hassle. So having said that, I will completely remove the game from all my computers. I wish for my account to be completely deleted, from both the game server and the forums. To all the players who were kind enough to help me when I first started, thank you. To the developers of Eternal Lands: Thank you for considering Linux while developing this game, I only wish more game developers would do the same. I hope you (the developers of this game) use higher standards on who gets administrator privilages in the future. This has been a fun game, and although it may seem to some that I am blowing this completely out of proportion, I have made up my mind. I will continue to recommend Eternal Lands to my friends (with a strong warning based on what has happened to me). Maybe in the future once the game goes commercial and all the rules are better (clearly) written, I will reconsider joining again. Keep up the good work. Moheb
  2. Moheb

    There are no bots involved here, and as far as being afk, I regularly switch the game to the background and bring other applications to the foreground, every once in a while I switch back over to the game and click on the sapphires to see if I'm getting exp points (which means my hour has passed). If I dont get any harvesting points then I drop what I collected, and again put the game into the background while I work on something else. I keep doing this untill the hour has expired and can continue to get exp while harvesting. I believe it is this instant that mihaim was referring too, when he said he found 4 sapphires in the bag. AFK which I think means 'Away From Keyboard' implies I have left the computer unattended, which is not the case. I'f I'm wrong and afk includes putting the game into the background while I continue to work on other stuff and wait for my hour to pass, then I'm guilty and should be banned. But at the moment I have no idea if this is a temporary ban or its a permanent ban. If someone could clarify that for me, I could stop wasting your time (and mine) in an attemp to get my character unbanned. Thanks again
  3. Moheb

    Perhaps I should have been paying more attention. In the future (given what has happened here) I will pay more attention to the game while I'm logged on. I'm not going to argue that point. The only point I'm attempting to make here, is that I was banned for a reason which was incorrect to begin with. I have no desire or intention of ever using bots of any kind. If your intention is to permanently ban me, please let me know so I can stop replying in this forum.
  4. Moheb

    The last thing I saw was a message that said 'look who's back' and before I could respond I was disconnected from the server. For starters I just did a google on that program (gmouse) and its a mac or windoze program only, I use linux. Secondly like I said in my first message I dont watch the game window 100% of the time, I'm usually multitasking with other app in the foreground. I harvest sapphires because I get the most exp from them, and when I'm full or I've reached my maximum harvesting for the hour. I drop all the stuff... and wait another hour to harvest again.. you probably caught me when I quickly switched over to the game and dropped more stuff. I dont believe in cheating, and I've worked very hard to get where I am in the game. I enjoy it and always recomend it to my linux friends because its one of the few MMO games that have linux clients. I've read the rules (several times) and do not see that I broke any of the rules. Since I'm a relatively new player I have not interacted much with others.. but the few ppl I have spoken too will probably tell you I was polite and helpfull when I could be. If you would like to discuss this further I can certainly provide you with other means of contact that would give us better dialog than a message forum. Please reconsider your decision to ban me, as the reason given was incorrect to begin with, and besides was complete speculation on your part. Thank you
  5. Moheb

    Guys.. I dont always pay attention to the game.. I dont have any idea how to setup bots or anything like that.. I dont understand what the problem is with bags.. And I'm confused as to what I did wrong. Could someone please tell me what happened? Could this have something to do with my earlier post this morning? thanks