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  1. UFC

    Henderson ftw. FO Bisping. \o
  2. Cyberwulf reached Level 100 !

    Gratz. Worthy of being recognized. -Pain
  3. Selling + Auction.

    Auction: 10k Life Essences Essences Sold! Few other items: Hydro Bars Sold! Camo Cape Post your offers. Thanks. -Pain
  4. Selling + Auction.

    no ty.
  5. Michael Jackson dead.

    Shivar pr0 is actually 100% right. The kids admitted to lieing. Being in a bed with Michael Jackson? You know that screams lawsuit to any person looking to make some $$ in a cheap way and from a strange situation. Michael Jackson did in fact want his outside appearance to match his inner emotions. People think of his physical changes as strange (and they are to us) but to him he was only trying to make an image which mirrored his inner child that he never got to experience. Sadly, he was mentally offset and yes he was an OC addict, but nonetheless a music icon. Kids sleeping in a bed with him, to him, was like a slumber party full of abunch of kids. For being a kid on the inside I will say he made some damn good music. -Pain
  6. Selling + Auction.

    Found you ingame. Camo Cape whats left.
  7. Selling + Auction.

    I'm guessing Dchles wins the auction. Ingame name? Guessing its Davy? O_o
  8. Selling Iron Ore

  9. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    0 I don't fight anymore, so all I do is make steel bars and mix LE. Fluf training comes around rarely. Back in pk, i used to try to keep atleast 3. had the money then to buy 1 if i ran out aswell. -Pain
  10. storage sale

    1273 Feasting Potions 18k?
  11. 10k LE

    10k LE. starting: 30k buy it now: 50k increments: 1k minimum Happy bidding.
  12. 10k LE

    Auction ends in 2 hours.
  13. Soulja Boy

    This topic gave me cancer.
  14. best pk drop ever

    1) SoM, tit cuiss+greaves, shield, JS, 3 red capes. ty zamora. 2) CoM, like 5 ELE and EME, and other stuff. -Some random CoLs and stuff in tahraji 3)full steel plate set, tit shield, JS
  15. BroD - beware !

    40-50 a/d? since when? i been out of the game too long. darn noobs. -__- -GodFatheR
  16. Selling.

    Selling: 5 Titanium Shields - 25.5k each 1400 Death Ess - 11.9k (if you buy in smaller bits it will cost more)
  17. Whose been in the most guilds?

    Like 2 years back i counted 20 guilds atleast....wonder how many it is now.
  18. Auction.

    7000 Death Essences up for auction. Starting bid: 49k Buy it Now: There is none :| The starting bid prices each DE at 7gc ea. If there is no bid eventually, smaller amounts can be bought. However, the cost/per DE will be over 7 gc each. Auction ends in 3 days. Tyvm. Happy bidding!
  19. Auction.

  20. Auction.

    ~5 hrs left folks. Highest: Dugur (60k)
  21. Auction.

    1 day left.
  22. Quote of the week submissions

    [PM to Toban: buy 8 hydrogenium bar] [PM to Toban: O.o] [PM from Toban: XD] [PM to Toban: you sneaky bastard] - some useless text - [PM from Toban: timing is everything] [PM to Toban: inv] [PM to Toban: FUCK] [PM from Toban: LMFAO] lol poor me.
  23. The Greatest EL Player

    woot. \o/
  24. 100 S2E

    Wolfwitch wins Auction #1 - BIN 92k (100 s2e) Alberich wins Auction # 2 - 90k (100 s2e) Alberich wins Auction #3 - 45k (50 s2e) **NOTE: If interested in purchasing S2E swords, check this post often. I will perform many auctions from this one section in the market from now on. Thanks