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  1. Grahms Village Stampede

    Frukas is recovering in WSC hospital after reportedly upsetting several hundred deer on their annual migration to Grubani Peninsula... Eyewitness accounts of Frukas squealing like a stuck pig when the first 50 deer trampled him are as yet to be confirmed
  2. Boom!

    Count me in with Bombastic
  3. My Maps!

    nice work Aitrus
  4. Thankyou

    Lyanna, underestand me, how does it looks now - critics is moved to flames and "thank you" is pinned, it looks kinda...biased. Regards. teh banned 0n3na - you seem to be wandering off on a tangent of your own, the subject of the post is 'thank you'. On that note I would like to thank all the developers, moderators and players that have weathered the last couple of days with little more than suprise at the changed system rather than outrage and idle threats. The people that were patient and tested Cicero's revised formula on the test server are probably very happy with the outcome. On a personal note thanks for the change, without it I wouldnt have been bothered to increase my attack and defence and thanks for the latest change
  5. Gods And Religions Of Eternal Lands

    I've read all three pages of this post and I am truly impressed with the level of detail and thought being put into the development of the major deities. My suggestion for support of Lyanna's use of the major dieties by all races is simple (simplistic) and provides posibilities for additional storyline threads. The other races gods were the base gods in the game, known by another name to the individual races. Whilst the gods wrestled for power by gathering followers from each race, several gods mimicked or misrepresented themselves to the dwarves and elves (enter naughty Mortos pretending to be the dwarven god of crafting) to sway them to their cause. The dwarves and Elves realising the treachery renounced the naming of their gods and adopted the human deities names.
  6. Npc Blacksmiths

    Had a wild thought that the npc Blacksmiths could be better utilised in game by giving them the ability to break equipment back down to its ingredients. eg 1 steel shield handed to a blacksmith to recover the steel and iron 50% chance of failure on the 8 steel and 2 iron bars, essences are lost and the cost set at base value of esences used to originally make the item multiplied by a nominal value say 2 In the case of an item made with enriched fire essence naturally the efe is lost in the original manufacture of the item but the resulting metals produced from recycling the weapon or armour add a modifier to the base chance of creating a moddable weapon or armour using those metals or maybe a 50/50 chance of the weapon or armour prematurely failing due to a flaw. regards Catweasel
  7. Omfg This Monster Is Teh Ebul!11

    LMAO is that your space hamster named Boo, Satan
  8. Testing New Formula

    Noticed on test server you could still walk and make essence something fundamentally harder than eating while you harvest or talking
  9. Testing New Formula

    Gave test server a go... and love it 35 harvest 35 alchemy no excavator cape or perk play server silver ore 1 every 8 secs creating HE 3 secs test server silver ore 1 every 2 secs creating HE 4 secs does the time taken to create essences decrease as alchemy level gets higher above reccomended level or will that remain constant?
  10. Would there be any point in using the Instinct attribute in tweaking the new formulas in the latest update. It seems for all intensive purposes a redundant attribute at the moment, that could be used to settle the us vs. them flame war that has started over the latest update. If there is another proposed use for this attribute please disregard or delete this post. Regards Catweasel
  11. Testing New Formula

    Thanks Cicero, Will try it tonight as i have low to mid ranged character and will post the results asap
  12. Although this latest update will be a hard pill to swallow for many people that have built their character/s specifically for potion, essence or manufacturing it does make the commodities a lot more realistic. My gravest fear is that the changes will allow the people who have stockpiled ores, essences etc in storage since the big crash will now become the uber elite rich of the community these people know now that they can control the economy and force the rest of us n00b peasants into abject poverty while we whi;e away the day making 15 steel bars. I wonder if the gods will be angry when the online population no longer bring them tithes in exchange for their immortal blessings
  13. Huge New House/real Estate Idea

    There has been some discussion of using guild messenger bots for that purpose with them residing in their respective guild halls/houses and acting as ashared storage for guild members as well as their original job of inter guild messaging
  14. Post Your Mature Ideas About The Harvesting

    The teleport as it stands seem to be inconsistent with the game... Why would a freak wormhole open up and teleport you halfway round the world?? How about changing the teleport to the nearest Tavern with the text "Your fellow miners drag your unconcious exhausted body to the .... tavern to rest" only a thought
  15. Post Your Mature Ideas About The Harvesting

    Is there a way that the level of the harvester be used to increase the possibility of the event occuring. eg. (quantity harvested - 120) in 5000 chance of wall collapsing {negative value disregarded} (harvest level - (quantity harvested - 120)) in 5000 chance of pickaxe breaking {higher chance at lower levels of breaking equip due to lack of knowledge} (quantity harvested - 120)/harvesting level of char obtaining bonus {gold xp etc} just a thought anyway