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  1. EL Premium Proxy

    I don't understand why I want this?? The only benefit I see (for players anyway) is to be able to connect more often? I don't have trouble accessing the game, and if I did wouldn't it be the servers fault anyway? I believe in supporting the game but I just don't see too much of a benefit for the players.
  2. Why Can't I Start a Fire?

    I realize this a minor problem and not necessary to play the game, but it is annoying me. I can not start a fire. (P.S.- Not a newbie) I follow the instructions, I click "use with", select a log or branch (tried both- at multiple pit locations) and when I click on the fire pit nothing happens besides the branch or log returning to my inventory. Can someone provide a suggestion?? Thanks - Lissandra
  3. Why Can't I Start a Fire?

    When I click "use with" the icon does show under my cursor. I've tried a few pits in TG and MM. I'll try the one VOTD you mentioned. Maybe I've just been incredibly lucky to find all the pits that don't work..
  4. Why Can't I Start a Fire?

    lol, yes I realize that, however I can't get to that step. The instructions say to add the branches and you will get white text on the screen stating you should add the fire essence. That doesn't happen for me. I've tried adding the fire essence first for shizz and giggles but all that happens is the fire essence reappears in my inventory just like the logs or branches.