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  1. Hey guys im back

    YAY!! Handy is back(merax)
  2. Unbann please

    ok I know the consequences I think I won't get my char back so sry ths is the best game but my char is not full leveled I just wanted my stoof I got for money but ok then It would have been really cool if it gets unbanned I learned my consequences and they were hard
  3. Unbann please

    but when I create a new char all my stuff would be gone then my lvls everything and I don't want to start from the right beginning.
  4. Unbann please

    ok then I'm not unbanned sry for asking just wanted to play my favourite game again
  5. Unbann please

    Yeah that's kind of what got you in trouble before, isn't it. no sorry I ment I went in in forums with my dad's acc he was still logged in I didn't see that sorry again I didn't wanted to do anything wrong so I think I won't be unbanned now?
  6. Unbann please

    sry wnt in with wrong acc yes I have got other chars on pk server
  7. Unbann please

    I would like to ask for an unbann for my charachter finnerlorn. I know what I did was wrong and I play pk server atm and I know el is the best game I ever played so please please please unbann my charachter I promise I won't break any rules again.
  8. Selling tailoring hats

    Selling a few tailoring hats every hat is 3k gc pm me ingame Name on PKSERVER:merax
  9. My books that I sell

    ok i'm selling it for 1,5k to u if u want Only on PK SERVER name on pk server:merax
  10. My books that I sell

    I would say just offer Only PK SERVER(Pk server name:merax)
  11. PK Server Ranking/Online Pages

    1. Yes 2. Other: All skills except A/D... 3. Yes, there's still privacy for those that don't want it visible
  12. TY Entropy

    es very cool a big big thanks from me merax on pk server
  13. My books that I sell

    ok these are my books I sell: 1 IP ring building 1WS ring building 2 Book of Iron sword of fire 2 Book of Magic sword 1 Book of iron axe constr. 1 Book of steel axe constr. 1 Book of potion of manuing.SOLD 1 Book of crafting potionSOLD 2 Tit short constr. 1 Tit chainmail 1 orc fighting 1 Book of special swords 1 Book of tit smelting 1Book of tit molding Please offer for all books here or pm me ingame(pk server) with the name merax
  14. Please take these Mini-Events off

    Please entropy could you take the mini events off?Because a few players already left the game and it gets less and less we loose to many players on pk server and these mini events don't make it better.What's the reason in having alts if you can't use them to mine because every 45sec. they get a mini event
  15. buying enrichment essences from shop

    I would say yes but for a EFE 20k because for 10k u can buy it from players and then for 10k in shop makes no sence so yes but a bit expencifer is my answer to that question. Ingamename on pk server:merax