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  1. Axe manu

    what are the recommended levels
  2. Y Am I Banned Again! I Did Nothing!

    LOL now i am sure they will unban u immediatley oh wait maybe u weren't typing something mean but nice and then ur MOMMY made u do a chore or u had to pee 50 times and your computer typed this message and submitted it
  3. well actually about the bag jumpers getting free stuff while ppl are harvesting. Dont put crap in a bag while your harvesting...is it really that hard to think and come up with a solution. Its almost as easy to just get what u need and head to raven and make crap. just my two gold pieces
  4. Warriors of Necromancy WoN You must have two skills at 25. The purpose of this guild is not PK yet. We like to help each other out and make the game fun. PM tOoLmAn or Necromancer21 ingame to join. Most are welcome.
  5. Boom Crash?

    well this one was expected because cicero (spelling) anounced it
  6. Server Down?

    i cant either
  7. Server Down?

  8. When will making axes be implemented?
  9. Taking Bags

  10. Axe Construction Book

    ok thanks teh banned 0n3na
  11. Axe Construction Book

    I just researched the General Axe construction book. While it was researching, there was the ETA timer but it was blank where it shows what book you are researching. Now that it is done, it don't show up in the list of books I've researched. I will try, when i am done reading my current book, to read iron axe and see if it detects that I have have read the general Axe Construction book. Is this normal cause they aren't fully implemented yet. I will post whether or not it can tell if I have read General Axe construction in about one hour
  12. i think the cost of snd paper is OK it could be able to be made though. but the price of leather is just plain freaking ignorant i mean come on the way the in game economy is right now you can hardly make a 5 or 10 gc profit from making ur leather items 10gc a piece is WAY to much