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  1. I voted "Yes it is against our community rules," but I don't agree with "community rules," I just think that it's a mean thing to do. Edit: By that I mean that if anything should be considered dispute worthy, or if there are to be community rules, then this should definitely be a part of them. However, I disagree with many other aspects of "community rules," including the idea of them. Democratic justice just leads to mob mentality, and the lynching of innocence.
  2. Important notice for young people

    "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation" -Adolf Hitler Ripe within society? Are you kidding? It's extremely rare, it's just that almost every case is posted on the news. It gives a distorted view of a the truth. Imagine if every murder was posted on the news, it would make the world look like a pretty grim place indeed. Why? I see no reason why those people should be told they can't play EL.
  3. Should selling gc for $ be banned

    Why would anyone want to spend countless hours creating and supporting a game where the very players who enjoy it so much are the ones underselling its creator, taking sales right out of his pocket? [snip] Most players who farm and sell gc (outside of in-game transfers for EL shop purchases) are effectively stealing income from Radu. It is, of course, up to the creators if they wish to continue the game development, or allow/disallow various game practices. However, that being said, this poll was directed towards the players, presumably to determine the community's stance on gold farming. In regards to the effects of gold farming on the official shop's income, I would contend that shifting focus to a more (unique) service oriented business model would help to alleviate any problems that may or may not exist. This is basically what Radu suggested in the other thread with the Gold Member proposal. I would think of it more as practical than despicable. And, at any rate, with the current gc drop and conversion rates it's hardly possible to make decent income from this method. Previously, it had been posible to make 20-25k/hour and sell for 4-5k/$ yielding an estimated $5-6 per hour. Now, at an exchange rate of 6-8/$1, and after all the drops reductions, you would be lucky to make $2 an hour. Perhaps, if the gold farmers made a union, similar to the manu union that was proposed in the other thread, the gold prices may stabilize a bit and people could get rostos again for cheaper prices, Radu would still have improved income from the shop and gold farmers would make better $/hour. And again, I don't see how this could remotely qualify as stealing money in any reasonable sense. It would be akin to saying that not participating in invasions or other money sinks is stealing money, and therefore "despicable."
  4. Should selling gc for $ be banned

    I voted Yes selling gc for $ should be ALLOWED. But the poll options were kind of confusing, first it says "should it be banned?" then the poll option right beneath it says "should selling gc for $ be allowed?" with Yes/No option. People could get confused and think they are voting "no it should not be banned" or "yes it should be banned" instead of what the poll option actually says, because of the text that proceeds it.
  5. Gold membership

    This is a good suggestion, but I also think adding in the ability for items to be bound would help a lot. For instance there could be cheaper bound rostos (say $2-3 each) and then normal tradeable ones, or just remove the tradeable ones all together. Now, at first, with the tradeable rostos gone, there might be decreased profits from less people buying for a $->rosto->gc carry trade, BUT, once the current supplies of rostos dry up, people would start buying the bound rostos for own use. Or, a player who offers gc->$ conversion would sell them rostos, but the $ would still be guaranteed to go to the shop. Another solution is just to make rostos shop-only items
  6. Gold membership

    I voted no to both options, since I won't buy it and don't really agree with the idea. *But*, upon reconsideration, if this can help to keep goldfarming in game, then I will support it. After thinking about it, I believe that there should also be some shop items that have nothing to do with the player's wealth, but which give small advantages. Like un-tradeable armor with stats that are around that of tit, for a price that's cheaper than what one would get if thet bought rostos and sold for gc.
  7. Selling specials

    I can't say on this forum, sorry. (I think?)
  8. Selling specials

    Look at first post, osmn has already sold...
  9. Selling specials

    I just collected them over time. But now I feel it's time to sell them.
  10. Selling specials

    Selling: - Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense - Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain - Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal - Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification - Sold (private arrangement) - Cutlass of the Mage offer Post offers here please, do NOT send me a forum PM. Thank you. (I won't check forum PMs right now, my inbox is full.) Edit: Alternatively you may contact me in-game, my IGN is Senia. I won't be online a lot though, so if you want me to see your offers it may be better to post here.
  11. Serping spawns

    Hmm.. Well, while I think that if the spawns were not designed (intentionally or not) to be multitrainable and the exp per single mob is decent, then spawn sharing isn't really a bad thing. But they should still ask the other party who was there politely if it's ok. Now, on the other hand if it's a double spawn that is only good exp with both mobs, and someone comes over and starts attacking one of the mobs on the spawn (even if they dont attack the mob you are fighting), then I feel the trainer who was there first would be perfectly justified to pull out their best weap and serp the spawns of the spawn stealer indefinitely. Infact, if this ever comes up, and if I'm playing, let me know, I'll help serp the spawn stealer. I don't think that the "nobody owns a spawn" thing can be used with a double standard, atleast in so far as a 'community rule' goes. That is, if it's ok to steal a spawn, then it's just as ok to serp it. Therefore, if someone steals your spawn, serp them! -Senia
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order another 10k Red Roses, ty.
  13. Most *used* Weapon

    1) Staff of the Mage 2) Dragon Blade 3) Jagged Saber
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k Red Roses and 10k Sunflowers please. Senia ingame