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  1. NMT cape idea

    Lol calm down guys... no one is telling u have to do it, is just a new option for whoever wants or have the gc or usd to make it ... besides did u wonder how much would worth a blessed cape in market since it have the chance to break while enchanting, just think about it. Besides that radu could sell some item from shop to bless it with 100% of sure since it will be breakble anyway or maybe less % dunno but still looks like a good idea for me and i would want have one for sure since the most players dont have all day to play, any + xp percentage is really considerable.
  2. NMT cape idea

    I hear a chat today in channel 6 about enchanted capes and that gave me an idea i think must be somehow usefull. What about make nmt enchanted with some special item (no idea what item perhaps a new one from instance or whatever ) that enchantment would give like 10% + xp attack or defense or both or maybe increase any god rate u follow while wearing nmt ofc, that would expand the enchantment items making it diferent for each god and the process of enchantment would have a percentage of breaking the cape while enchanting like while fixing armors and after enchanted, if sucessfull, it gives nmt cape besides the enchantment a new percentage to break according to the enchantment lvl, like enchant +1 = +10% attack xp + 20% chance to break the cape or 20% less efect on armor nonbreakage. I m sure u guys can figure it out whats the best percentage dont need to be like this, is just an idea so tell me what u think about it. That could raise the nmt price and is up to radu raise the drops or enjoy the selling from the shop or even both ^^.
  3. bug in dp arena 40 ad

    .As I was saying, I do not plan to change it, it's a nice feature so long as people are warned. Anyway, we, the channel 6 committee, decided to give the warning in form of an NPC near the arena that will warn about it. This should encourage people to talk to NPCs in the game as well. That's the most reasonable idea i heard till now... since i was not complaining about lose my items but the way it happened. Like i said before some ppl dont come to forums or stay out of game for somtimes and have no idea about such bug, so i suggest instead you have to talk to the bot (what probably nobody will do) changes that auto warning "only 40 players can attack here" that scared me and made me ask at channel 6 (another issue to fix cuz i tought could be banned and asked in channel 6 and almost got kicked by "scamming" ) you could replace the msg with the warning about drop that would be a great solution, at least until you decide how it gonna works. I logg in that day just to have some fun and die a little as well and when i got into my self i just released that i had lost about 300kgc in gears to a "cheater" that explores a bug. So as i said before the problem is not the bug, cuz if i knew about it i simple dis tele or let it die or would not going there or whatever... but what made me mad was not beeing warned about it. Btw i lost that day 1 col , 1 mol , 1 ice armor , 1 ice boots , plus potions and essences.... and i was carrying a thermal sword, the only thing that left me in gear was the pants, thermal and a cotu. Whoever plays the game knows how hard is tho get such items and than lose it to a cheater... damn it was tuff... gratz for the fixing radu and hope it doesnt happen anymore to anyone else.
  4. bug in dp arena 40 ad

    I dunno what happened but i fought today in dp arena (nd always place) and in the end of fight i fleed and ran away from the fight , thats when i got engaged or hitted for other player ( not poisoned or any other spell ) and died. In hell i figured out that i had lost half of my ice set plus some stuff in a no drop arena. I talked about in the channel six but was warned to keep my mouth shut... the log is a little long but worth to read believe me. [ppaulosantos @ 6]: LOOK IMA ASKING FIRST ....WILL I GET BANNED IF I FIGHT IN DP ARENA??? CUZ IM TIRED OF GETTING BANNED [01:47:16] [l33t @ 6]: or pk map [01:47:35] [l33t @ 6]: no, your a/d will be reduced to 40/40 and attributes to 20 [01:47:39] [CherUT @ 6]: ppaul I answered you, The arena will cap your a/d at 40 [01:47:41] [AnibalG12 @ 6]: lol ppaulo... it will cap your a/d @ 40 [01:47:42] [Fancy @ 6]: NO PPAUL [01:47:44] #Message from God: Shayli was eaten by a Grue (lagged out)! [01:47:55] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: ok thx [01:47:57] Fancy: come on ppaul [01:48:06] [ghio @ 6]: and attribs capped at 20 [01:48:28] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: Lol man i fart and get banned so dont worth to ask [01:48:36] [agnieszka @ 6]: lmao [01:48:46] [agnieszka @ 6]: banned for bad body odor some fights after... [02:16:19] (*) Violater summoned a Rat [02:17:38] Ok, you are disengaged from combat, now run (err, walk away)!!! [02:17:41] [@PK central @ 6]: newhope killed ppaulosantos. [02:17:41] You were killed by newhope [02:17:41] ppaulosantos should have looked both ways before crossing the street.[02:17:42] You have died and gone to the Underworld! [02:18:15] [PM from Violater: buy a bronze sword] [02:18:25] [PM from Violater: acc/eva and u will own ] [02:18:28] [PM from l33t: careful newhope can kill you outside of the arena and u can drop bag] [02:18:32] [xBarackOdramAx @ 6]: lolololololol [02:18:37] [Galactus @ 3]: trading my 1k poolished rubys and 1000 hes for 1k poolished emeralds. [02:18:55] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: lol i droped at dp arena [02:18:59] You recovered 100 material points [02:19:12] [PM to l33t: how can he do that] [02:19:29] [xBarackOdramAx @ 6]: youve been newhoped [02:19:33] [PM from l33t: its a ranging thing, its lame] [02:19:44] [xBarackOdramAx @ 6]: lol [02:19:48] [Violater @ 6]: u were ranged when u tried to move out [02:19:52] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: lol what is that?? [02:20:05] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: someone told nd at dp arena and i got naked [02:20:13] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: i was in ice [02:20:41] [@PK central @ 6]: newhope killed biscuit1. [02:20:45] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: ranged outside arena? [02:20:50] [biscuit1 @ 6]: dam [02:21:01] [Ghost @ 6]: newhope <3 [02:21:08] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: how is it possible? [02:21:11] [biscuit1 @ 6]: hey paul did u lose anything when newhope shoot u? [02:21:27] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: yeah i loose my ice set half [02:21:32] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: and stuff [02:21:44] [biscuit1 @ 6]: dude sux dick D: [02:21:54] biscuit1: dude that really sux bad [02:22:01] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: no problem man [02:22:04] [xBarackOdramAx @ 6]: at least u didnt drop thermal :< [02:22:05] [ghio @ 6]: is that possible? dpa non drop afaik..? [02:22:08] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: but i asked here before [02:22:12] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: if it was nd [02:22:18] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: i they told yes [02:22:19] [xBarackOdramAx @ 6]: It is nd [02:22:24] [Violater @ 6]: yes its no drop inside arena..not outside [02:22:26] [Ghost @ 6]: no- it;s not possible - they're making it up [02:22:32] [l33t @ 6]: it is, but u took the damage outside [02:22:38] [Ghost @ 6]: everyone come to dpa in best gear now [02:22:39] [Fancy @ 6]: inside arena it is no drop, outside it is now [02:22:42] [newhope @ 6]: arena is nd, even around arena is nd... [02:22:43] [Fancy @ 6]: is not* [02:22:56] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: outside is dp you cannot attack other p layers in no fight maps is that right? [02:23:01] [sampaio @ 6]: gratz ppaulo =) [02:23:08] [shayli @ 6]: lol [02:23:17] [ghio @ 6]: seems like a bug.. [02:23:18] [PM from CherUT: I also sent you a pm about walking out of arena while being ranged way before you went there ] [02:23:36] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: expensive bug [02:23:49] [ghio @ 6]: xcept if poisoned inside and died outside [02:23:50] [xBarackOdramAx @ 6]: sell thermal to get everything back :< [02:24:06] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: but thats ok... i just logged today to have some fun [02:24:07] [biscuit1 @ 6]: wel thats a waste [02:24:16] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: i have no time to play anymore anyway [02:24:17] [radu @ 6]: ppaulosantos, you are beginning to piss me off [02:24:19] [PM from newhope: there was discusion about that ... its not bug, i aim in arena ... you just should not exit it] [02:24:27] [Fancy @ 6]: :X [02:24:32] [PM from newhope: you should read updates and discusions in forums] [02:24:36] [PM from biscuit1: what if i get itr back for u?] [02:24:50] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: sorry radu [02:24:51] [shayli @ 6]: Oh u better shut ur hole PPaul [02:24:57] [radu @ 6]: he just got back [02:24:58] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: im just out of date [02:25:25] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: ok sorry I tried to talk in channel but i was really .... to shut up [02:24:50] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: sorry radu [02:24:51] [shayli @ 6]: Oh u better shut ur hole PPaul[02:24:57] [radu @ 6]: he just got back [02:24:58] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: im just out of date [02:25:25] [ppaulosantos @ 6]: ok sorry Look... im not trying to flame nothing, im just trying to explain a bug that is too much expensive since i lost half an ice set plus some adds ... so since i got warned there i thought that maybe i could post here where nobody probably will read and that will cause me not another ban (from game and forum... from forums is the worst, they block you than you cannot deffend your self, you just get blocked and dot.) My question is... if the arena is nd ( no drop ) and the map is non agressive ( cannot atack the other players ) how the heck i got killed in such place FOR A PLAYER NOT A MOB and droped a bag!!! There is a bug and the players should be warned ( IN GAME NOT IN FORUMS CUZ ONLY A FEW COME TO FORUMS ) i perhaps may even get banned for posting this but dont you think i have at least a point here for god sake!!!
  5. Buy unlimited quantity life essences

    I need as many les as you can produce so if you have some for sale just pm me in game or leave your name here and qty and i pm you ingame.
  6. Water reflection

    Well i dunno if this is the right place to post this kindda problem but i figured out that when you download and install the game first time it starts with water reflection wich causes a big problem on certain video cards kindda like freeze and fps goes to 1. My video card is a fx5200 but i have a friend who started the game from a lanhouse with a much better video card and had the same problem and tought it was lag from game, if wasn't me to tell him to turn off water reflection he probably would give up from play. The point is, for sure so many new players have the same problem and probably dunno how to fix it so i strongly suggest you set off standard water reflection and perhaps a few other effects (perhaps even poorman) to avoid this problem and the player could set it on later if his video card supports. I hope this can help someway, thanks.
  7. Iam sorry

    thx again
  8. Iam sorry

    ok ppaulossanto will be my only char ever and ill stop spamming you if you could please unban my ips too cuz im having trouble on that too thx.
  9. Iam sorry

    ok i understand and i will make it right this time i promiss... thanks again!
  10. Iam sorry

    I know i did a lot of crap and i really sorry for all of that, I understand that this is my last chance, and I am not supposed to have ANY alts at all, If I break the rules again, I request for my charactes to be deleted, and will never ask anyone to unban me. Thanks again and sorry for all mystakes.
  11. IP banned and char locked

    I'am been ignored here and i would like radu or any other mod please review my case and if possible unban me cuz i got banned another month for multiplay and i guess this is fair enough so please radu answer if possible.
  12. IP banned and char locked

    Come on aislinn set me free please, i don't diserve this kindda treatment and you know that
  13. IP banned and char locked

    Not the point here but i never traded with my alt. The things you said about my behavior is truth cuz that time i got really pissed off and was a guild war and the guild master was the mod i always mention. You have the logs so you can check that all abuses and complains about me came always from that guild wich prejudicated me a lot in game and never from any other player. You can ask for me at brazilian channel who am i, I always helped newbies and the brazilian population even grow up because of my patience with newbies on the channel and my always helping behavior. The point is that i guess is not fair i pay for things i did in the past and i had my reasons, just judge me about what iam and not about my far past and I will agree fast. I know you hate me but ask about me to any other player who knows me about giving me a chance and listen what they have to say about me, stop judge me about that infortune ocasion that i have shame and believe or not i was the victim. And again ( I really can't remember that ) but sorry about any crap i may have done or say to any mod ingame.
  14. IP banned and char locked

    I did understand but you the one not listening, you talk like i had been banned several times and it is not true it was just one time and because of an enemy who become mod. I would like to know why did you take it so personal, what did i make for you or any other one, i never messed up with any mods or players i just play the game dot. You talk like if i playing the game would offend somebody or something like that, i said i know what i did was wrong but iam here asking for sorry and telling you it won't happen again so please even very important ppl like you may take back on his words and that what iam asking just gimme another chance and you won't have any more troubles and never hear my name again, that was what happen last time but you listen to me talking in the market channel about pop and investigate me and checked i had give it some stuff and that was all, omg how bad can that be for worth a permanent ban, sometimes you get ppl really scared with your attitudes sorry about telling you that but taking a so radical decision up on nothing is beyound my understanding.
  15. IP banned and char locked

    I got banned last week cuz i made an alt and gave him a bunch of books and armor to have some fun while harvesting with the main char, no big deal, nothing meaning, and got banned again. I would like to ask sorry for that and any other thing i may have done in the past but for that i also paid with 4 months banned last time. I am a usuall player and have a p2p char and really think that a permanent ban is a little to much for a givin a noob a bunch of crap. Who am i for contest your decision but i really would like to have my char back and sorry again for what i may have done but i just wannna play my game with no problems and no breaking rules. I ask another chance if possible and remember i already paid for the last disagree with that brazilian who became mod and we had a fight before that so it was 4 months ban. Thanks for attention and i ask for another chance please think about my case and no worries i will not do that again, the matter fact i guess a simple warning instead a permanent ban would be enough but anyway thanks for all.