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  1. New idea

    What if evil players get +5% a/d and good players get +6 p/c ?
  2. Who remembers....

    I miss the wars in KF, and EFE was worth 7k and Serpent Stones were rare....
  3. request

    What about making it permanent? C2 PK map permanently no drop. Great for training and all the fun. Talk about attracting people to C2 as well.
  4. First step

    Good point sMooMs.. I took mine off as well.
  5. How old are you?

    46 here...
  6. All OuT WAR!

    Count me in.
  7. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    Edited for content.
  8. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    My apologies for not doing so. My impression was that the administration was very "heavey handed" and would have not allowed it. And by asking and being rejected, I would have placed myself "under the microsope" of the mods which would have made my situation even worse. I made a choice. I must live with the consequences.
  9. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    I Barnak declare that I am a traitor of the part.. err, community. In the last few months I've cheated in the following ways: (mark with an X the options that apply) [X] Used an illegal client [] Macroed [] Created and distributed an illegal client. [X] Other (please specify) auto mixer I understand that by doing that I deprived other players by their time and effort, since I've gained an unfair advantage over them, and even though Entropy mercifully decided to forgive me, I ASK to be penalized with a 30% of all my skills exp and an overal kill reset if I've been macroing, and a 20% penalty if I've only been using an illegal client without macroing. I give this declaration using my whole free will, because I am ashamed of my wrongdoings. I was NOT coerced into it, nor was I threatened or blackmailed into signing it. I hope that the community will forgive me, and I am terribly sorry for my past mistakes. As a service to the society, I am willing to denounce the following traitors, so that my punishment will be 5% smaller than the one I really deserve: [no one I hate enough to disgrace] With humility, Barnak P.S. I will, of course, never cheat again, and if I will ever do so, please delete my character. ---------------------------- For what it is worth... No excuses... Just some last words from a loyal fan of EL. Since I will probably be banned anyway I have nothing to lose. In spite of my recent 1 week punishment I consider myself a good citizen of EL. I have always helped people (including newbies). Ask anyone who knows me. Yes I am an avid user of an auto mixer. I have been for some time. I have never used it while being AFK. I dont like being AFK to begin with. I have used it even though it is slower than when I click everything myself. Imagine that! I can make everything faster by doing it myself!. Why would I use it if it is slower? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The auto mixer has allowed me to play EL even after my doctor advised against it. I consider the auto mixer to be like the cruise control on your car. You don't turn on the cruise control, and get out of the car... I am not looking for sympathy here. Not sure I would continue to play even if I was allowed. Did I hurt anyone by using the auto mixer? No. It did nothing that I would not have done myself. Was it illegal? Yes. Did I use it knowing it was illegal? Yes. You ever drive over the speed limit in your car? Sincerely, Barnak
  10. ban expired

    Still cannot log in..
  11. Apologies

    First of all let me say that I am sorry for my other apology. It was too brief. I was rushed this morning to get to work. Now let me truly apologize to Enyo for my part in this. As always I never meant to hurt anyone. I just got caught up in the fun of the moment. For this I am truly sorry. My apologies to Entropy and the mods that had to deal with all of this as well. It should never have gone this far. I promise that I will show more restraint in the future. For the record, I posted one time only (New Orleans). There was nothing offensive (bad taste only). Also I did not mention that I posted to anyone. No one in my guild even knew that I had posted. I take my punishment and responsibility for my actions seriously. I hope you all find it in your hearts to forgive me.
  12. The following players were banned for 1 week

    My apologies to Enyo. I got caught up in the moment. Nothing personal. I promise I will never do it again.
  13. A New....beaver :)

    Cool! Heavy Battle Beaver...
  14. Paranormal"

    LMAO I am using Mozilla 1.7, and when I clicked on your link it opened 152 seperate windows before I had a chance to kill it... Freaky.... Maybe that was a sign
  15. EL: An economy of Inflation

    How about charging a fee to go up a skill level? Let's say you finally have enough xp to go to level 21 alc (or whatever). Now you have to go to new NPC and pay a certain amount of cash to actually attain that level (be certified). The amount would be based on the level, low amount for low level, high amount for high level. This would get some cash out of the system very quickly.