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    New Mexico
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    Witchcraft; Politics; Catchy slogans; My boy/girlfriend (When I get one); Hating those whom hate; Loving those whom love; The element of Air; School; English; and Dogs.
  1. New Avatar

    Mine is nonexistent.
  2. I don't want to be called a snake in the grass

    What am I? Oh I'm a boar.
  3. Celtic people

    Go raibh maith agat.
  4. I'm Back!

    Show some respect to your elders. You may learn something.
  5. Celtic people

    Will you teach Gaelge to me?
  6. Vatican City

    Temet Nosce
  7. Word association

  8. Word association

  9. I'm Back!

    Didja miss me? Run away! Indo is here. Muha.
  10. El Is Capitalist Game Right ?

    I'll buy a magic serp as soon as I errr... have a credit card. Unless you accept money mailed to you through snail mail (Yes it will be money sans anthrax)
  11. Black List.

    That's bagjumping. Not scamming.
  12. Whats With The New Ad?

    No, Americans don't use "pimp" correctly anymore... Pimp My Ride, "You're gettin' pimped!" blah it offends me to live here. Anyone want a foreign exchange student in their house? :lol:
  13. Selling Things

    900 gc for leather pants? o.o
  14. Buying Water Essences

    50K a piece, but I'll be fair and say 4.5 gc a piece. (2K essences minimum)
  15. New Manufacturing System

    Well since a goal is to make this game more interesting and to draw attention away from leveling up and being an uber-player run game, I think that sitting in a room and making a sword for 15 minutes isn't so bad. And isn't another goal to draw money away from people with too much of it?