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  1. Help Me

    I have tried to play this game and i am haveing trouble getting on so i have takin the game off but i would love for it to be on so would any of yall that are in charge of this banning thing plz take it off becuase i have not done anything wrong to be banned and i have already read the sticky things so could yall unban me and reply at this topic that i have been unbanned that would be nice, and after i have been replied i will download it again so thx.
  2. Help Me

    it was installed and when i go to run it when it was installed it says that my ip address has been banned becuase i or someone else on my address has done something bad and so on so could someone help me
  3. I Was Banned And I Just Started

    HELP ME i had just downloaded the game and i go to play it and bam out of nowhere iis the message that my IP address was banned, so i think to myself How can this be i have never played it to be banned so i ask you , How can this problem be solved?? Please someone help me i really look forward to play your game
  4. I Was Banned And I Just Started

    I have read the sticks on this forum
  5. Read first.

    Plz help me i was banned and i had just started this game so someone help me becuase i really want to play this game