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  1. Invasion Thread

    Some stuff is hiding inside and outside on C1 and C2. No small places, like a hut or a small island or such. Strongest creatures are 20 fluffies somewhere. #il = 1333 right now. Now hurry, before the PK ants get them! Have fun!
  2. The magical fleet

    [23:06:41] #Message from MrHide: Rumours, spread by sailors in the taverns, say that a strange fleet was seen. Under full sail, but no human being visible on board! [23:07:58] #Message from MrHide: Some say, they are weeks away from our shores, others say, they sail faster than the wind! [23:08:30] [burton @ 1]: Sailing faster than the wind is quite an accomplischment [23:09:07] #Message from MrHide: (maybe this fleet is magic somehow *shivers*) [23:14:51] #Message from MrHide: To arms, Tahraji Desert is under attack, the first ship has arrived! [23:15:24] [Hawg @ 1]: *Gulp* Here we go! [23:16:07] [Hawg @ 1]: I'll go die for the cause! [23:17:02] [MrHide @ 1]: brave warrior *pat*pat* here, a cheap medal for you, now go and die for nothing! [23:17:34] [burton @ 1]: I am checking with me alt ^^ [23:19:00] #Message from MrHide: "Hello, invasion hotline?" "Umm... Viorel here.. i have a problem with something green..." [23:20:16] [MrHide @ 1]: they are coming from the SEA, because they arrived by SHIP [23:20:31] [Hawg @ 1]: Ogre! [23:20:49] [burton @ 1]: Hehehe [23:20:55] [burton @ 1]: Ok, gonna give it a try [23:21:31] [Hawg @ 1]: He ate my lunch... [23:21:55] [Hawg @ 1]: Troll! [23:23:12] [bkc56 @ 1]: I'm coming, but I can't do cyc's. [23:23:21] [burton @ 1]: Me neither [23:25:20] #Message from MrHide: Lynette, magic reporter of A.S.S., reports some undead attack the shore of Morcraven Marsh! [23:25:54] [Hawg @ 1]: That might be more my style! [23:26:11] [burton @ 1]: I hit cyc [23:26:13] [burton @ 1]: For 5 [23:26:17] [burton @ 1]: With my iron sword D: [23:26:48] [Rogue34 @ 1]: i can try and protect it [23:26:50] [Hawg @ 1]: That would be me! [23:33:11] #Message from MrHide: Ivin complains to the Mayor of Portland about a vessel, which damaged his docks and rowing boat! [23:33:14] [bkc56 @ 1]: just killed a clops. Perhaps it's good astro for me today. [23:33:24] [burton @ 1]: Awsome! [23:33:32] [burton @ 1]: Gonna check Portland [23:33:47] [Hawg @ 1]: Heading to MM [23:36:37] #Message from MrHide: A small boat, others might call it a nutshell, arrives in VOTD. Molgor starts to giggle. [23:37:22] [Hawg @ 1]: Armed skel in MM! [23:43:46] [Hawg @ 1]: So far all I see in MM are armed skels [23:44:28] [MrHide @ 1]: then you are blind. i saw at least there some boars, snakes, trees, huts and forts [23:46:58] #Message from MrHide: Thorron contacts Haidir's Termination Service. Dear sir, i have a small problem with rabbits ruining my camping site... [23:55:30] [bkc56 @ 1]: well TD is looking pretty empty... [23:55:51] [sergey @ 1]: stupid cyclops want make me number 1 in manu... [23:56:06] [The_Piper @ 1]: lol, is he dropping needle and thread? [23:56:16] [Hawg @ 1]: Lol [23:56:22] [sergey @ 1]: no, just eat all my armor [00:06:28] #Message from MrHide: The unlucky Alchemist in Elandria's temple reports some strange behaviour of animals. [00:06:38] #Message from MrHide: Maybe he has been drinking diesel oil again.... [00:06:46] [bkc56 @ 1]: opps, there go the deer again. [00:06:47] [Hawg @ 1]: Oho! [00:10:30] #Message from MrHide: The mages at Tarsengaard magic school finally found their crystal balls and start polishing them. Let's hope, thats good news... [00:12:44] [sigtyr @ 1]: armed skells still in mm :s [00:15:54] [Hawg @ 1]: 3 DB's in MM... the skels are winning! [00:17:58] [sigtyr @ 1]: and i just wanted to buy wine-.-' [00:21:18] #Message from MrHide: Kaleb moves from the Tavern back to work on his field, after one, two, tree, who cares, beer. He sees a wrecked ship at the (now damaged) docks. [00:21:27] #Message from MrHide: The mages can confirm that at least! [00:21:51] #Message from MrHide: (Well, looking out of the window of the school shouldnt be that hard ) [00:23:09] [Rogue34 @ 1]: male gobs in tg [00:23:57] #Message from MrHide: The High Archmage of Tarsengaard Magic School officially announces: [00:24:21] #Message from MrHide: There are no more strange ships at sea, all have reached our shores! [00:26:59] #Message from MrHide: Some mages remove dust from their Solar Death Ray Cannon. Soon they will rule.. err.. protect the Eternal Lands! [00:27:24] [Hawg @ 1]: Sounds like more trouble! [00:28:46] #Message from MrHide: Yeah, thats what you get when you trust ppl wearing a pointy hat! Free brandy for all, cheers! [00:31:53] [Hawg @ 1]: Gobs of gobs in Naralik! [00:32:16] [bkc56 @ 1]: Need help? [00:40:17] [Rogue34 @ 1]: fluffs in ruins of tirnym for those interested [00:47:22] [Hawg @ 1]: What was in PL? [00:47:37] [MrHide @ 1]: gobs [00:47:47] [Hawg @ 1]: Aha [00:48:03] [bkc56 @ 1]: and brownies... O.o [00:48:22] [Hawg @ 1]: Oh noes! Not brownies!! [00:52:46] [tigros @ 1]: i find only on brownie [00:52:52] [MrHide @ 1]: lol [00:53:09] [MrHide @ 1]: one 1 out of 100 [00:53:34] [tigros @ 1]: 100 more in votd ?!? [01:07:09] #Message from MrHide: The High Archmage of Tarsengaard Magic School officially announces: [01:07:38] #Message from MrHide: The invasion is over, and we are not going to use the Solar Death Ray Cannon. That was only a test if it's still functional. [01:07:54] #Message from MrHide: And no more brandy for low level mages for the next 3 days! [01:08:06] [Hawg @ 1]: Awww...
  3. A rat is hiding in a building on C1, so are 10 brownies in another building. And a red dragon is hiding in a cave on C2. Have fun finding them!
  4. MrHide spawned invasions

    Someone took some screenshots? Post them here.
  5. Anyone up for Capture the Flag?

    Sounds interesting, but the only problem is, if i invade a creature, it will attack you. Except shy rats, since they tend to run away. So your chance to protect the *flag* from getting killed is very low (like zero). It might be better to use a low leveled player as the *flag* and try to protect that player. Anyways, nice idea, Sy, work on it and i will try to help you hosting that contest (but i can't guarantee that i have the time in advance, so lets do it with advertisement just a few days (or even hours) in advance, maybe i can be here and help)
  6. GAIWS Event!

    Erm.. you can win something, when i announce it, not by just donating stuff. But after i announced the link to this thread, we got donations for GWIS like 15k sulfur and 20k gc in just a few minutes! Keep up the good work, guys 'n gals!
  7. GAIWS Event!

    Interesting idea... That might even be a new contest. The first one who does blue spam that s/he donated sulfur (5k minmum for blue spam, right?) wins 10k gc or something.. I will think about it, and you better have an acceptable amount of sulfur in storage!
  8. MrHide spawned invasions

    100 fluffies outside on C2, its a big map. 100 goblins hiding outside on C1. 100 foxes are hiding inside on C1 and 100 brownies outside on C1. Have fun hunting!
  9. MrHide spawned invasions

    Do you want to kill some shy rats? There are now 100 hiding on C1. They are inside, that place is quiet big, PK, and a little bit dangerous. Happy hunting and good luck! Edit: And just to increase the fun, i invaded one brownie there!
  10. MrHide spawned invasions

    For some unknown reasons, some fluffies are visiting a PK map on C2. Well, its even a PK map on the main server and a quite dangerous one... And a map, which is not a PK map on main server on C1, has some angry wolves. And if you like to go exploring, 10 shy rats are hiding inside a building on C1 too. Have fun with them!
  11. One white rabbit is hiding on C2 in a quite big building. 70 white rabbits are hiding in a quite small building, theres not even space for 99 rabbits And you might think, which rabbit(s) you would like to fight Edit: Ok, less than 70 white rabbits, you cant even enter the house with 70 in it..
  12. The yeti & 99 rabbits

    Ok, one Yeti hides in a cave on C2 and 99 brown rabbits in a house on C1. Have fun exploring!
  13. The yeti and the 99 shy rats

    Ok, now something different. There is one Yeti hiding in a cave on C1, and 99 shy rats in another cave on C2. The different thing is, in this caves is at least somthing. Something to harvest, a NPC, monsters to kill, etc. pp. Second hint: Mines. Good luck!
  14. The feros & rabbit

    Finally off they are, and the feros too, well done Prepare for something completely different now!
  15. The feros & rabbit

    Finally the brave fighter little killed the bored to death 3 feros, who were hiding since more than 2 weeks in one of the Bethel caves, only there with water and dry bread. Congratz, well done! To keep you entertained, there are now 5 shy rats hiding in a building on C1. Find and kill them, then i put again some creatures on both C1 and C2.