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  1. Help the noob

    I've no vitality atm, that's why i thought about it. Ill do like this, adding 4 vitality and if i need more i have some others free pp
  2. Help the noob

    I'd need some advice for training on trolls and polars with 43/50 a/d, atm i've 24/26 p/c and 8 free pp. I thought ill add the pp in vitality. I can block trolls but they are makin me dmgs like 15-20.
  3. Unban me please...

    Can you unban my char smula please? It has been kicked long time ago now. I'll never do anything bad in this game and I apologize for my errors.
  4. A few things for sale

    Hi, I've some things useless in storage, they're now for sale SELLING * 5k Silver Ore * 8 Iron Broad Sword 1 S2E Sword 7 Wooden Battle Hammer 4 Iron Battle Hammer 3k Bones 16 Steel Longs ** 1 Halberd ** 2k LE's 2 EFE Steel Cuisses & Greaves 1 Mirror Cape 1 Purple Robe Set 1 Black Tricorn Hat * 1 Skull Crossbone Scarf * BUYING Feasting Potions +1k Iron Plate & Greaves Potions of a/d, Physique, Evasion, Wildness, Accuracy Leave a message here if interested or PM LiL_mAAz in game
  5. selling sto

    I'd like to buy BD greaves for 80kgc, pm me ig
  6. Invisibility potions

    Hi, I'm selling 600 potions of invisibility, forum pm me with offer if you are interested please
  7. Selling

    Hi I'm selling 4k coal for 7kgc, 10k BL for 4kgc, 15 augmented pants for 1500gc, 100 polar bears fur (offer), 1 enrichment stone (7kgc). I'm buying 2k diamonds. :happy: :happy:
  8. Hi I post here for a friend, his name is bonjour so if u want an item, pm him ig. The S2E is for sale at 30kgc and the stone for 14kgc. PM him
  9. Selling -->

    Hi I'm selling some items: - 1 PHYSIQUE REMOVAL STONE for 13kgc; - 4k coal for 8Kgc; - 2 wooden staff 100gc each; - 1 steel long sword for 400gc; - 1 long bow for 3kgc; - 600 bones for 1kgc; - 147 black panter furs offer - 360 raw meat for 1kgc; - 59 polar bear furs offer;
  10. Selling

    Hi! I'm selling: - 3k coal for 6kgc; - 1 long bow for 4kgc; - 650 life essences for 2500gc; - 1 book of steel long sword of magic for 3kgc. Leave an offer here or PM me in game
  11. buying special sword books

    I've the Book of Steel Long Sword of Magic if u need it
  12. Selling some Coal

    I'm selling 5k coal for 10kgc, post here or PM me ig when i'm online :pickaxe:
  13. Selling Coal and Toadstools

    All is in the title I have 4k coal for 8kgc and 3k toadstools for 5kgc, Post here or PM me ig I'm Selling "BOOK" of steel long sword of magic too...
  14. Selling this book for 3kgc, post here or PM me in game
  15. I'm selling 5K toadstools for 10kgc and 4k silver ore for 8kgc