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  1. Map Editor Download

    I found a minor error in the browser.lst. Under Clothes-Rug-Tapestries/Rugs it has both the blue and green big rugs listed as Big Rug 1. No biggie. Just thought I'd mention it. Hopefully helpful, -- Hadrion
  2. Problem with the Grid

    I think I found the problem. From the earlier lack of any "me, too!" responses, I figured it must be my machine, So: I have a Logitech USB keyboard, which runs SetPoint software in the background to access extra key functions. For some reason, when this is running, the mouse wheel/button will not work for moving the camera angle, so I have to disable it every time I play EL. Before running the Map Editor this last time, I disabled SetPoint, and also had to CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the Task Manager to end its process, because it won't completely exit without doing that. (Nice programming, eh?) That almost completely fixed the problem! Almost? Yes. Near the end of my session, I had to do something else for a minute, so I left the Map Editor running in the background. When I came back, the Grid wasn't working again. I fiddled around by clicking on the various menu items in the Map Editor, and after turning the lights on and then back off (show Light_Objects, hide Light_Objects), the Grid started working again. This could be some rare circumstance bug in the editor -- I'm not sure. If you want, Roja, I'll keep you updated with any other times this happens and what cured/didn't cure it. Hopefully Helpful, -- Hadrion
  3. Problem with the Grid

    I was using the Map Editor and wanted to place some things in a specific place about the ground on a raised platform. When I hit the + key on the Number Pad, nothing happened. Just to be on the safe side, I hit NUM-LOCK and tried it again. No movement with either the - or + keys. I tried other combinations to no avail. Have the Grid movement keys been disabled, remapped, or is there something wrong with my keyboard (I hope not)? Does anyone else have this problem? FYI, I'm using the new Map Editor and the other updated files that are elsewhere in this forum. Thank you for your attention. -- Hadrion
  4. Valentine’s Hyerpbag Hunt!

    Picture number 3 in Aeth Aelfan [333,49] 3 red roses, 9 tulips, 4 chrysanthemums, 4 sunflowers, 4 tiger lilies Hadrion in game
  5. The Missing Gods... Would you use them?

    I voted "I am godless," but should I ever find a Remove Godless stone (provided there is such a critter) I would use that and then pick up some gods (silly me doesn't want to reset), just so I could have the extra experience they provide. Since I do a lot of harvesting, that would be one of the ones I picked (especially if the bonus experience was applied to the mini-harvest events as well). Even should I never lose godless, I still think they should be implemented. If not, then why bother mentioning them at all? Personally and being a member of CEL, I think the harvesting god should be renamed #Beaver, but that's really another topic...
  6. Felix Felicis

    Rare ingredient? How about it requires a Rostogol Stone to make it. That should ensure that it's a fairly rare potion to come across.
  7. fishing maybe?

    Some fish like to eat other fish, so you'd have to use your bucket to try to catch minnows. But they die too easily, so you can't stick those in storage. Sometimes you'd be reeling in sunken branches and seaweed (counts as a vegetable?). ...Just not the One Ring of Power... A new "sea map" or two (or more) with a ship in it, for catching the bigger game. You'd walk onto or "use" a row boat (there are plenty of those lying around) to get there. But you'd have to beware of the hapless whale coming by, which might bump the ship, sending everyone overboard and drowning them. Or maybe you have a chance of grabbing hold of something before slipping overboard, depending on your dexterity... Don't forget those exotic fish, which -- if you don't cook them properly -- will poison you. ... Just adding my two brainstorming cents worth.
  8. Submitted, for your approval: For those who would like to concentrate on casting magic rather than fighting, why not create a new item: The Magic Wand. Powers for the Magic Wand could be: A ) Raise your Magic 5 levels; B ) Decrease the amount of Mana needed to cast spells by (say) 50%; C ) Give you more experience every time you cast a spell; D ) Allows a chance that essences are not consumed when a spell is cast; or, E ) Extends the range at which a spell may be cast. The Magic Wand could have any one or combination of two or more of the above mentioned powers. OR, there could be different types of Magic Wands: The Magic Wand of Power ( A ), the Magic Wand of Ease ( B ), the Magic Wand of Knowledge ( C ); the Magic Wand of Recycling ( D ), the Magic Wand of Reach ( E ), the Magic Wand of Easy Power ( A & B ), etc. The Magic Wand would be considered a weapon for holding purposes, so that a person cannot wield both a sword and a wand. (A lot of PKers would probably hate this, but it would ensure that they cannot have an easier time casting a non-fail Restoration. Even though EL doesn't have classes per se, it should still be a tad more difficult for those concentrating on hand-to-hand combat to use magic during fights. But that's just my thought on the situation.) Magic Wands would not break as long as you were casting spells with them; but should you happen to get into combat (should the creature you're Harming suddenly come into range to attack you), it would have a high chance of breaking (and perhaps exploding, doing damage to those nearby). After all, you're not supposed to be HITTING anything with your wand... Magic Wands would be available for purchase from any magic shop NPC. If the option for many types of wands is taken, then the single ability wand should be somewhat inexpensive, with the combination wands being commensurately more expensive. Instead of selling them at magic shops, the Magic Wand could instead be sold at the EL shop. If sold there, though, it should be made of sterner material that would not break very easily (if at all) should you happen to get into combat with one. Or perhaps sell the lesser wands at magic shops, and a more powerful combo Wand at the EL shop. (Depending on the price, I'd most likely end up buying one.) Hmm, I just thought of a new one: The Magic Wand of Renewal (recover 5 Mana Points per minute instead of 1). Anyway, I'm suggesting this because the Staff of the Mage does not give any beneficial magic bonuses, just combat bonuses (except for mana drain/burn -- at least, according to the encyclopedia). I feel that the Magic Wand would fill in a bit of a gap, and make magic use a bit more appealing. If only one type of Magic Wand is made, then I think an A&B combination would be my preference, with perhaps E to make it a bit more ideal. Those were my original thoughts, when I first came up with the idea. There is my suggestion. I hope you like it.
  9. Crafting

    I like the Ring of Teleport Room. How about this, too: An Enriched Ring of <MAP>. This enriched version of the ring would have, say, only a 25% chance of disappearing upon each use. (Or maybe 10%?) That way, you would probably get multiple uses out of the ring, but it would eventually disappear. Or, you could get a sucky one, and it would disappear upon the first use. Just a quick thought.
  10. The RPing in MMORPGs

    I've been thinking for a long time about having walking NPCs with a schedule, like Ultima 7 or Fallout 3. But yes, it's this kind of NPCs I am talking about, that just tell you daily life things, not how to save the world stuff. I don't have the programming skills, but I've been thinking of trying my hand at making a bot adapted to the EL universe from the Eliza psychotherapist bot. I'd done some groundwork on that a long time ago, but that was in BASIC. Something like that, where you could actually talk with a character, would add a lot to EL. Drawbacks? 1) They'd be in English only (at least at first, provided someone volunteers to do some translating). 2) People would actually have to use proper typing and spelling to get the most out of them (not a problem for most of the people I see posting in the forums; but some players...).
  11. Custom Clothing

    I use our guild's custom cloaks, and I'm considering something special for myself. Not sure what yet, though.
  12. Don't miss that special day or big invasion!

    LKB and I just learned that our plan charges for incoming SMSs. She got a plan where she could send them, but I don't want to send them, so I didn't get that plan. Only later did we find out that any message she sends to me costs me money. Grrr. And then there's the unsolicited one I got yesterday about my qualifying for a cash loan. I'll probably have to pay for that, too. But I'm not sure if it'll be worth the extra $5 a month for a texting plan. Anyway, this is why I won't be using twitter-Gossip. I like the idea, but I just won't use it.
  13. New special day, will you use it?

    Yes, I'd use it. Probably not as much as when I was a little lower in level, as I tend to now work on items I want to keep or sell, but I'd definitely use it some. I like the proposed idea of also having a chance to keep the item you're making. Alternately, instead of keeping the item, perhaps you should have a slightly lower chance of failures and critical failures. Either idea would encourage me to use it even more. (And as I type this out, the angel on my shoulder keeps saying, "Quit being greedy." But I figure, it can't hurt to suggest, can it? Can it?) As it stands, this is a great idea for those of lower level who just want to level a particular skill, and those of higher level who just want to get a little closer to that harder to attain next level.
  14. Hoarding poll

    I'm saving up for some special armor and a weapon. Current goal, 480Kgc. (That may increase, if I find something else I want.) Once I purchase those, I'll start risking Rostos again.
  15. I voted yes with no limits, but I would have liked to have voted yes with a few limits. Saying something every bag of gold or wall collapse would be irritating (unless you had 1000+ random responses to each one...), but a simple greeting (no more than once per hour) or gratz for something special should be easily ignored. (At least, I don't find it annoying...) I do think that when a bot says something, it adds a personal touch to the game -- not by the bot, but by the person who programmed the bot. It's kind of a way of saying, "Even though I'm not here at the moment, I'm still thinking about you and trying to make your gaming experience more enjoyable." That's my 2gc, anyway.