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  1. Brand new guild recruiting.

    I think you're meaning to know of me? I've been playing EL for 5+ years at least.. LocDavius has always been my main character. I'm a very casual, yet well rounded, player and spend a lot of time chatting (Harving/Alching) and just exploring the beautiful artwork in EL. However I am very fond of the invance and WISHING for instance team 60-80! . as of right now [PM to mercator: about locdavius] [PM from mercator: [ locdavius is a Male Elf. ] [PM from mercator: [ LocDavius KoL is online as of a few minutes ago] [PM from mercator: [########## Attributes ##########] [PM from mercator: [ Physique : 28 Coordination : 32] [PM from mercator: [ Reasoning : 10 Will : 8] [PM from mercator: [ Instinct : 4 Vitality : 8] [PM from mercator: [########## Skills ##########] [PM from mercator: [ Attack : 60 Defense : 65] [PM from mercator: [ Harvest : 65 Alchemy : 58] [PM from mercator: [ Magic : 31 Potion : 12] [PM from mercator: [ Summoning : 22 Manufacture : 25] [PM from mercator: [ Crafting : 29 Engineering : 15] [PM from mercator: [ Tailoring : 0 Ranging : 21] [PM from mercator: [ Overall : 79/79 : ] [PM from mercator: [########## CrossAttributes ##########] [PM from mercator: [ Might : 30 Matter : 18] [PM from mercator: [ Toughness : 18 Charm : 6] [PM from mercator: [ Reaction : 18 Perception : 7] [PM from mercator: [ Rationality : 9 Dexterity : 21] [PM from mercator: [########## Special Levels ##########] [PM from mercator: [ Combat : 159.75 Instancelevel : 62.5] [PM from mercator: [########## Biography ##########]
  2. Brand new guild recruiting.

    You can now also PM _Zodiac_ or Drakula in game to join Tyvm.
  3. Brand new guild recruiting.

    I've started a guild call Knights of Legend (KoL) and I'm looking for people that like to have fun, have a good sense of humor, and that are trust worthy. I plan to do guild events and contests and things in the game to make it fun for KoL members. As soon as there are 5 members i'll starting posting event plans and such. Class or profession is not relevant i'll be accepting all character types. Age isn't really an issue either as long as you're not immature. We'll keep things PG13 at worst . If you think you would like to join send me a private message in game or visit the guild website. http://knightsoflege...uildomatic.com/ Thanks for you time
  4. Selling: RD Greave and MM Cloak

    RD Greave sold. Still have the MM for 12k or equal value(2.4k)in brown snake skins
  5. Selling: RD Greave and MM Cloak

    Selling RD Greave 47k (OR Rosto and 12k) and MM cloak 12k (I'll trade for equal value of summoning matterals also) pm me in game or leave message here. Thanks SOLD ALL
  6. Selling Iron Plate Set

    I have for sale 1 Iron plate, Cuisses, Greave and helm. I'm asking from 45-50K for the lot. Item trade may be possible. PM me in game or leave a message here to discuss an agreement. Thanks ~LocDavius SOLD
  7. Compiling Map Editor

    Im still having a bit of trouble. When I try to open the maps.elm.gz or even 2d and 3d objects the map editor crashes. Any help with this? Keep in mind i've only been using Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) for a few days so im still learning how to train the beast And i'll more than likely need a step by step to figure this out. Thanks in advance. Note: I downloaded the windows version and am using Wine to run it, i've got everything looking how it should (data_dir points to the right location...i believe)
  8. Selling Physique Removale Stone

    Im only going let this last until the 19th of May.. at the latest.. If I dont happen to sell it by then.. i'll have another action sometime in the near future.. Starting Price: 10k By now Price: 60k Place as many bids as you like, however if you chose to bid instead of 'buy now' you will no longer be eligible for the 'buy now' price.. as the biding may exceed that price (lol I hope anyway =p) Happy Biding and good luck to everyone Note: If you want to buy at the 'buy now' price.. PM me or leave me a message with gossip.. It will go to the first person that leaves the message
  9. 1.6.0 Map Bugs

    Im not sure if this is intentional but here's a screen shot of the coords and the rocks
  10. Buying Mirror Cloak

    No longer buying
  11. EL Demographics

    I've only been playing about six months.. but I CAN'T just leave this game alone.. its.. well addicting.. XD Best Mmo of it's type in my opinion.
  12. TAGS Now Recruiting!

    Our main purpose with this guild is to form a group of friends that will stick by eachother through the thick and the thin. We will strive to help each of our members have a great experince playing EL and help them in anyway that we can. We will have guild events, quests, contests, pvp trainging and lots more! Here is a list of SOME of the things that we will have to offer and a short discripiton of each. 1] Hide and Seek: The host will find a place to hide and gives clues to the participants. Number and value of prizes will vary with each match 2] Scavenger Hunt: The host will specify a few items to be gathered and brought to them. Number and value of prizes will vary with each match 3] Toadie Roulette: The participants will each eat 1 toadie per round untill there is only one person left alive {Do not wear anything at all beacause you will more than likely die xD} Number and value of prizes will vary with each match {Special Thanks to Dragonetti of MWAR guild for thinking up this event!!!} 4] Harvest Events: In these will all work together to help gather any specific harvestable item in quantity and split the total amount between each person that participated There will be more going on than just the things listed. I've only showed these for sake of letting you know a few of the things that will be offered For Info on Joining TAGS go here: Join TAGS {You dont have to be registured to our forum to leave a message about joining} Or you can leave me a message in game by typing "/gossip tell LocDavius I'd like to join TAGS" [no quotes in game]
  13. EL videos

    Here are two Videos I made durning seperate invasions Note: The Red Dragon Battle was my 1st vid ever and the sound is pretty s*&^!# to say the least I'll join the group and add them there aswell in hopes of more views, ratings, and some feedback
  14. Harvests!

    10k Swamp Candle plz Leave me a message with gossip when you're done
  15. TAGS Now Recruiting!

    Ok seeing that im being completely Pwnt by like 1,000,000,000 other guild recruiting.. the OA and Harvest of lvl 20 will work! xD