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  1. I beg you, unlock me!

    Good answer Learner. It is true I have been unlocked and locked so many times before. If you do not want to unlock me, I would understand, but please, accept my apology and give me one last chance. You can copy and paste this and use it against me if I ever get locked again. Captain_Smile.
  2. I beg you, unlock me!

    No one is answering my first call... Please, unlock my character. Ive spent lots of time to get my character to what he is now, I do not want to start again. I beg you, EL staff, to unlock me! I am sincerly sorry for the trouble I caused, sorry Aislinn for involving myself into moderation... will definately not do it again! sorry, Captain_Smile
  3. I beg you, unlock me!

    I beg you, please unlock me! I know I have done things wrong, but I swear to god I will stay quiet in the future. Please, please unlock me! I am truly sorry for all the trouble I caused! Thanks, Captain_Smile
  4. Captain_Smile

    I beg you once again, unlock me...
  5. Captain_Smile

    Learner, thats a whole big bloody lie that is. I never insulted Entropy of Nazi/asshole in channel 4 recently...
  6. Captain_Smile

    That was said before, when I was particularily pissed off after being banned from the forum for expressing my opinion. You mean you actually took 3 months to realise I was back ingame then O.o I will stop acting defensively then... Please unlock me, give me one last chance...
  7. Silliest thing you did ingame ? :)

    Wrong....yours was getting banned If your only purpose in saying that is to annoy me, please kindly keep quiet.
  8. Captain_Smile

    Ok that I admit and im sorry for. Again, true. But I wasn't requesting a lock. When ? I don't remember that Anyone right minded spits on Chance. Again, that was simply a bloody joke. Not a real intention to annoy Chance. Im sorry if he took it the wrong way
  9. Invisibility

    Come to think of it I just realised my character is locked. >.< what have I done again... :-)
  10. Captain_Smile

    May I ask why I have been locked O.o I was perfectly ok last night, I was still ingame, and this morning im locked. I can't have done anything wrong while I was asleep >.< I might have understood why I was banned, and im sorry. I will return to staying quiet like I was for the previous 3 months. Please unlock me...
  11. Invisibility

    Oho, seems promising... Im awaiting it eargerly
  12. A story needed to be told........

    Whatever the hell he did, I still think that if he is honnest he deserves a chance... if he isn't he deserves a permanant ban
  13. Silliest thing you did ingame ? :)

    After some tough thinking about what I did in my 2 years experience, I found something even worse than the needles. It was at the time when I thought that Mead could be drunk. I bought at least 100 Mead before realising its absolutely useless for a newbie... Good cash thrown away. Hunting with conjurer or excavator cape is also quite a silly thing to do...
  14. Silliest thing you did ingame ? :)

    What is the silliest thing you ever did ingame ? Mine is probably buying 50 needles, pressed the wrong button, thought I was buying thread Otherwise its probably the Kilaran running event I do with Gurgeh we run from desert pines to VOTD, and the first to die looses Captain_Smile
  15. Me Deceneu

    Well I suppose you could allways leave him a chance...