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  1. Bartering was done before money was widely implemented.


    Money is better as everyone can use money and would accept money (provided it was enough money for the item) its also easier to carry around and more efficient.


    Bartering was highly inefficient and difficult, you might spend weeks or months trying to barter for a pericular item, heck you might have to do jobs for the others for example (this was an experiment done recently at a market in England).


    Guy goes to a market to buy a big cooked sandwich, he says he as no money but can trade this book for the sandwich. The food maker says he doesn't want that book but would trade the sandwich to him for a bag of onions (he just ran out of them). Barter person goes to numerous vegetable stalls trying to barter for onions but no luck, eventually he finds one who says she doesn't want what that book as to offer but wants a new frying pan (she as to stay and run the stall so can't get one herself).


    The guy goes off to find someone who sells frying pans in the market, he eventually finds one but he doesn't want he book but wants a plug adaptor so he can use his radio and reading light. Guy goes to another similar stall and manages to barter the book for a adapter. He goes and gives the frying pan seller the adapter for the frying pan, gives the frying pan to the onion seller and takes the onions to the Food maker who is almost about to close up his stall. He accepts the onions and gives the guy the sandwich, time taken was almost 6 hours.


    So you see why bartering is not a good thing, with money as a economy base then everyone as a chance of getting what they want where as very few would get what they want barter wise.

  2. I usually broke 2 steel shields withing 3 days, around 9 leather armours (vary between all of them) every 4 days and 4 maybe 5 Moon Meds a week :-/ I had a huge supply of each item though back then :-)


    Not bad to say I only managed around 2 hours a day back then.

  3. All you need to do is give them some insentives to go to collect resources at a PK place, then its risk Vs reward.


    After playing a game thats PK everywhere (even offline you can be raided out and killed) you get used to dying while trading. I play another game thats slowly going to be PK everywhere (I know that for sure) and its not going to put me off using a mule/ crafter in a PK place if I need a specific resource.

  4. Back when I wasn't busy with other things, I used to train in three places, that Garg cave in Tars and both Nordcarn caves (PK and Non PK). This was when Tars garg and Nord Non Pk caves where first added and where packed with people exploring and training there. I remember sharing the single large garg spawn deep in Tars garg cave with a good 5 people pretty much daily.


    Point being both where packed when I last played, all you need is a little patience, just because something is either few in number or being hunted/ trained on by a dozen or so players doesn't meen anything if you have patience.


    You can't expect the Devs to dish out more of a specific creature cos people are scared of going to a pk map or too inpatient to wait their turn at a camped spawn.

  5. Maybe a Box would be better, a piece of land big enough for one person to stand on and have passing invulnerable monsters keep attacking/ killing them. Auto-Respawn on the box (no underworld), so they are stuck in a death loop eventually the'll loose any items they had on them (as they can't reclaim their bag as they will be attacked once then get respawned).


    In order to stop people logging out and not logging in so they can try to work around the box, make it so they have to spend a certain amount of login time there (time dependant on what they did).


    The box is an adapted idea from an old 2D net game I play :-) (but in that any active staff can take the place of the NPCs).

  6. I previously played a 2D Space RPG I started getting bored (as most people do after playing a game for 2 years or more and went around looking for new games. Perhaps that had limited PK places (in the previously mentioned game, everywhere outside of Ports/ Planets and Stations are PK and those three places can be raided and you will be thrown out of them after a raid as been done and then you'll be killed by the raid escorts :-p), well actually that makes it no safe places in that game....


    But Aside from that I was wanting a game I could do stuff in other then Hunting/ Raiding/ Trading/ Resourcing. Stuff like Manufactuing and perhaps crafting. I looked around and eventually found this game, I noticed it worked on my poor computer and decided to try it out.



    Since then I have stopped actively playing due to commitments I need to keep in the 2D Space game, but if the next round of that game is boring I shall start to be active in EL again :-)

  7. Final Fantasy 7 (Old favourate of mine)


    TDZK (The first net based game I started to play, wouldn't have carried on playing it, but they made lots of interesting changes this round so I decided to carry on)


    EL (I still play every so often but between Real Life, FF7 and TDZK I don't have much time)

  8. Whats the point ?, truly those that continue to make them will be earning money you could be getting. In the end your going to be down however much their getting.


    Also if you make excess and can't sell it, why not just keep it stashed if its essences or even donate it to your alliance..It will be used eventually.

  9. After the subliminal message trick a friend of mine got me with I tend to keep sound down on those things....I still get shivers from that subliminal message one and being partially sighted helps when you aren't wearing your glasses so you can't make much out :-P

  10. Only resyncs I get are when I logg in (I get 2 or 3 for the first 10 or so secs I'am online). I also get them around once a minute near Molgor when there is a big crowd, but other then that only if I'am trying to go to a website while running EL, it tends to send it into overdrive with the resyncs, but thats because my computer as low RAM and a pretty poor connection.