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  1. banned and i dont know or understand why

    thx alot thank you
  2. banned and i dont know or understand why

    Please,I beg you in the name of God to help me unbanned me i want to play
  3. banned and i dont know or understand why

    ok i want you 2 unbanned me plz with wipe storeg... but i hope u will just remove evry thing harvistable. if thats cant happend.. and u want to wipe evry thing in the storeg im ok with that wipe it ... thx for unbanned me
  4. banned and i dont know or understand why

    ok ppl do what u want just unblock me plz and i swear that's not gonna happend again thx
  5. banned and i dont know or understand why

    aha i know what u mean now well some time i was making harvist with moi she was harvist and me harvist in same time and i was curry for her 2 sto cuz i have EMU more than her thats why and we deside whin we have the hrvisting things i'll sell them and have her COL i swaer that was the all idea but i talked about the iron cuz some ppl buy it @ 3gc each and we juat want to harvist iron and u can see the log's we stoped just for harvist iron cuz it's faster for sell and 3gc for each>> btw im IT guy and i know u have log's and erorre log's and evry thing about evry move in the game ( so why i'll gonna make lie's) finaly if log's say that thats right ok i accept what u said <but log's cant say why i was having them and for what> it's just an ideia and log's cant know about it so it's up 2 u dudes if u want to emty my sto ok i accept >> i miss talking and #GM & #IG my friends in the game they dont know me now so anything u want to do just do it i'll accept it cuz it's my foult from the biging, i should make her do all the things alone by her self.
  6. banned and i dont know or understand why

    hi aislinn thx for ur addy i always make supplies and some time i sell them all and im sure im not lieing & all what logs u saw it's from zico harvisting and u can saw what i always harvist from logs>>>im sure i dont make lie's but a/w if no one believe me.. what should i do i just asked help. ok gimme back my acount and do what ever u want but plz can u back for the log's cuz im not lieing and sorry for the mess
  7. banned and i dont know or understand why

    ok got it >> but last request i want from u asgnny ...plz dont empty my sto >> i didnt make any wrongs in the game >> so plz help me i swear i dont have from moi any thing else the 3k iron ore and they was for her >> if u want remove them i dont want them any more and btw she own me alot in her sto and i dont want them >>> can u with ur kindly help for me again plz dont empty my sto...... and if u still want to empty it ok empty it but i want to tell u that i'll gonna be so sad and that's not fair 2 do this with me cuz i was completly honest with u ASGNNY i dont make lies..and i dont know why u dont believe me >> finaly >> i learned my lesten now and i'll never & ever gonna make this happend again i promise u Asgnny cuz i spend evry day alot of time in this game cuz i love it >> and i dont want 2 lose the sto cuz i lost 2 much in the game befor and i hate losing things.... hope u can help me and leave my sto alone cuz i indeed need it >> if u can't accept this last request and help me it's ok.(hope u'll accept it) thx for help and give me back my account and i'll delete the new character.
  8. banned and i dont know or understand why

    Zico and Moi are locked for illegal multiplaying. As you mention, you shared your character with Moi (or vice versa?) either way, Moi was helping Zico to harvest (or Zico muling for Moi, depending on how you view it). Please read the above rule, and get any translations you need to. I would like to hear an explanation of what you were doing up until being locked. I read all the bost and ok I accept evry thing u said asgnny and sorry for what happend from me >>> and u want to know why we was working 2gather >>> cuz i have a COL and my HP is 245 whin i waer it >> so whin moi saw that i have 245 HP she asked me about how u have all this HP and i answered her it's the COL make 150HP+ for ur HP.... thin after that she want one and i dont have 60Kgc in sto to buy one for her so i thinked maybe we well help each ather and bring much we can from iron ore's so we can sell them ast in market and i'll have the iron ore and she have her COL >> thats why i was helping her.... and im not cheating and i hate ppl who cheat cuz i had been scammed million times cuz of my poor english and u can saw the outlaw and whats happing with me and thats one of the scammed happend for me or thats the one who my friends helped me and if didnt helped me that day i'll be completly lost(http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38604) and sorry for the long post Zico
  9. sry for posting here cuz i cant post in another place ;( so if any one can help me and put it in banned forum plz well i dont know what happend until my GM tell me about it all and thats after i made a new Chara>> thats what happend with me and I didn't understand WHY Asgnny was asking something' Now I do, I promise not to share wtih MOI again.] and thats the chat log from what happend [18:54:36] [PM from asgnny: hello] [18:54:44] [PM to asgnny: hello] [18:55:32] [PM from asgnny: are you working on a project with someone?] [18:55:47] [PM to asgnny: not that broject ] [18:57:49] [PM from asgnny: is moi a friend of yours?] [18:58:55] [PM to asgnny: yes but in real life 2] [19:01:28] [PM from asgnny: hold on a moment, please] [19:01:37] [PM to asgnny: what ?] [19:01:38] [PM from asgnny: (after you give the bag back, if you prefer)] [19:02:17] [PM from asgnny: can you count down from 200 by 3's (I am going to ask moi to do something similar)] [19:02:52] [PM to asgnny: well we r working here ] [19:03:00] [PM from asgnny: This is important.] [19:03:27] [PM from asgnny: I am a moderator.] (i was trying 2 leave) and zap [19:03:32] Zap! You were sent to asgnny! [19:03:35] [PM to asgnny: no sry ] [19:03:56] [PM to asgnny: what u want] [19:05:56] [PM from asgnny: I need you to do this now.] [19:06:03] [PM to asgnny: what is it ??] [19:06:15] [PM to asgnny: count from 200 ] [19:06:19] [PM from asgnny: Yes.] [19:08:09] [PM to asgnny: from 200 until 1] [19:08:19] [PM from asgnny: Yes, by 3's (e.g. 200, 197,...)] [19:09:09] [PM to asgnny: camoon that will take long time] [19:09:21] [PM from asgnny: Start now, you may not need to finish.] [19:10:13] [PM from asgnny: I am giving you 30 seconds to start, or I will lock your character for illegal multiplaying.] and btw moi queat from the game cuz of what happend after she was happy for a littel of LVL's #EDIT im arabic guy and im sorry some time i dont understand what any one ask from me untill i translate it in google translate website thx alot for help thats me zico