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  1. What was your first guild?

  2. The Greatest EL Player

    Has to be the Don, he was and always will be an EL Legend !! That said, it all depends on how you define "the greatest player", if you go by stats its easy enuff to check, but if you mean all round player, then thats a different ball game. I dont know a lot of the new names on here, but I do see a lot of old names from way back b4 the "big crash", brings back a lot of happy memories. Way back when myself and Gunther created Bane, there were a lot of really good all round players, Gunther being one of them, teaching me the ropes and was he was always there when I needed help, not to mention the best friend anyone could ever wish for, Surfy, someone who showed such dedication and gave so much to the game and the Guild and to her friends, always loved, always missed. Then finally, W&W, Crannog and of course Jezebelle, two fine friends, and equally fine EL players who have both given so much to EL over the years. Greatness is just a word, but real greatness comes from within, so to all those players that have stuck with EL over the years, that have played for countless hours......you are all in ya own special way, the greatest.
  3. Illegal Procedures and crashes

    Hiya thought I`d PM you and give you this info, the game has crashed 4 times this morning for me, illegal procedures, and everytime its crashed, I have to reboot my PC before I can get back into the game. It happened everytime as I was using the boat from Lakeside to Desert Pines, I was helping Crannog sell some stuff to Trik and then it started crashing as I was going back n forth. Damn annoying!! And I know its not your fault just saying, I dont mind rebooting once, maybe even twice, but 4 times in an hour does take the p*** some what Anyway, dont know if the info will help you at all, but after the 4th crash, I thought i`d pass the info on to you and see if you can come up with anything. I`ll be ingame for awhile if you need any other info, just PM me, thats if I dont crash again!! If it does I`m gonna call it a day for today, but I will check forums later. Thanx for your time
  4. IP banned

    Shock, horror and amazement !! My IP Address has been banned Anyone tell me why ?? I`m not overly bothered, but it would be nice to know why its been banned Fanx
  5. IP banned

    Erm ok, just a quick follow up, I tried to login again, but this time I turned my firewall off (Thought it had already added EL as a safe program) and low n behold, the message saying my IP was banned was gone, and I logged on without a problem, as soon as I was in, I turned my firewall back on. Hope this might help one or two people that might be having the same problem
  6. IP banned

    Been told I have to apply to be white listed, dunno if I can be bothered with all that hassle. Just wanted to say thanks to the people that looked into the problem for me Cheers guys n gals N yo Doc
  7. IP banned

    Erm ok, my IP is coming up as banned again, I tried Pipers suggestion (which worked last time) but despite rebooting and disconnecting and reconnecting.....still says I`m banned !!
  8. IP banned

    I have no idea wot ya on about Piper, but it worked!! LMAO!! Thanks guys n gals
  9. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    Wonder what the poll scores would`ve been if Ent hadn`t said anything apart from Yes / No on the original thread, without any mentions of "if you vote yes you will get so n so, if ya vote no, i`ll take it away" Either way, I voted NO, get rid of the cooldown.
  10. Calling all guildleaders

    "I never judged him for being bannedfrom the forums, i was merely pointing that out sice he stated never to be in any trouble with the mods, thats all. Jez" Erm thats NOT what I said at all, try READING what I typed, I said that I HAVE NO PROBLEMS with the Mods, I broke the FORUM RULES and was punished for it, I accepted the punishment. If a player gets sent off in a game for a foul, it doesn`t mean he has a problem with the Ref, it just means he broke the rules. The point I was making which you failed to see, is that I have no problem with how the Mods deal with problems or questions aimed at them. As far as I am aware, NO Mods have an issue or a problem with me. As for you comments on the Council being the "middle man", what makes you think that anyone actually wants somebody else to get involved with an argument over a bag jump, or a spawn steal ?? If its NOT breaking the rules, and the Council have NO POWERS, whats the point in even talking to them? If an OFFICIAL GAME RULE has been broken, then the Mods can be called. Who is going to call someone with NO POWER to do anything except say "Plz dont do that, ya being very naughty" I can imagine some of the replies they`ll get. As Vanyel said, most of the issues you are refering to, are part of the game rules anyway, harrasment, name calling, scamming.....its all been covered. Doesn`t someone telling you off for being bad count as harrasment? Esp when that person ISN`T actually a Mod? And again, the helping New Players, yeah its a great idea, but if your going to ask people from ya own Guild to help anyway, WHY do you need a Council to do so ? I still see no reason to have a Council, and you still haven`t given me any real answers. P.S Ladywolf :lol: Thanks for ya support babes
  11. Calling all guildleaders

    Yay me again!! "Thats weird, I have been talking to lots of bagjumpers and such and none ever #ignored me, THATS why i think it COULD help. Its usuealy the tone of voiced used in such conversation, you know " Tone of voice you say? So jumping down someones throat for having an opinion isn`t something you`ve ever done then? I`m not saying ALL people that you, or your....sorry...THE Council PM will #ignore you, I`m just saying, if people started telling me what I can or cant do in a game, and it wasn`t against the game rules, I`d be thinking, who the hell do you think you are? Who died and made you God? Yes some will see the error of their ways and swear blind they`ll never do it again......others wont take any notice, so one person PMs the "Bad Guy".........again I say, why do you need a Council to do that, when just one person can do it? "Yes..indeed what are they here for..and can they help all those who need help? no, they dont, because even NH's have a rl and deserve playing time, thats where the Council can step in. " Doesn`t it just mean we need a few more NHs in different time zones to make sure there are one or two about at all times, or maybe, like the Ants, we can have Newbie Helper 1 and Newbie Helper 2, and have the NHs play those chars when on "Duty" and when they wish to "Play" they can use their own Chars. And as I said, there are many players who AREN`T NHs, that help new players, again, I see no reason for a Council. "I have spend many hours at beam and at the Wraith, and 90% of the time there was no one responding to them when they asked for help, or looked lost. So yes, I think there should be more help, and the Council if offering that, no strings attached and no technical power asked for or needed." I`ve spent many hours at beam as well, and I`m not sure where you`ve come up with 90% of the time, nobody is there to help. Have you recorded the length of time you`ve been there and the amount of questions that were asked and worked out the % of how many were "ignored". How does a bunch of pixels look lost btw? Just curious Wouldn`t it be easier for Guilds just to ask if any of their members would like to go to Beam to help out for awhile......just one other thing on this topic.....is it going to be the GMs sitting at Beam helping.....if so, who`s looking after their own members? "And why were you banned from the EL forums again?" Erm because I broke the rules.........how does that have anything to do with me having no problems with the Mods, thats irrelevant, case dismissed........moving on......... Everything you mention can be done without the need for a Council, people can give to charity, people can help others, they dont need to be in a group to do so, everyone has their own views on various issues, and their own style of playing, and thats what people are here for, to play.
  12. Calling all guildleaders

    Yay I`m back......and now I can reply to this epic thread!! Let me be honest here, I only read about 3/4 of the posts, coz I got bored, so if I mention something that someone has already mentioned, sorry, forgive me, or ignore me, which ever takes ya fancy,I`m not really bothered. So let me see if I have this right.....this Group will discuss good and bad issues within the game, they will identify "outlaws" and "bad players" that have broken the unwritten "Moral Rules" of the game and give them a ticking off....as they have NO powers to do anything about it, someone will PM that player and give them a stern ticking off........lemme see how this could turn out....... PM from Jezebelle : You know its wrong to bagjump and scam people, its not right and it upsets people Response from "Naughty_Player #ignore Jezebelle Yup I can see how that would work really well So its designed to help new players in EL, good idea.....wait.......whats a NH for again? What are all those people at beam doing? Whats that? Helping New Players because they want to and because they enjoy it? So wots the Council for again.......to do something that people have been doing for a long time anyway? I`ve done it on many occasions, I have lots of New Players that I have helped PM from time to time, sometimes just to say hi, other times to ask a few questions, I`m sure I`m not the only one that gets those kinda PMs. In MY opinion, we DONT need a council to do that job, just a few players that enjoy helping others, and most of the time, you`ll find those kinda players on IP doing just that. Given the fact that I was in W&W for quite some time, and given the fact that I`ve seen quite a few posts in the Guild section, I`m a little worried that this Council will turn into a Mod Bashing exercise. If a Mod isn`t doing his/her job, its down to the people that hired them, to make sure that they either correct that error, or that they are replaced by someone that can. As I`ve stated before, I`ve NEVER had ANY problems with ANY Mods at all, on the few occasions I`ve needed their help, they`ve been there for me, and they`ve helped me and I`ve been greatful for their help. I`m now a proud Member of CEL, and I cant help but agree with most of the issues Kit / Ghrae brought up, having listened to him, and having read his posts, I think he`s right, and if he decides CEL should NOT be a part of this Council, I will support him 100%. I dont need anyone telling me who I can, or cant help, its my choice, if I want to go to beam to help some New Players, I`ll go, if I cant be bothered, I wont, its that simple. Any Guild, or any player has that option, you dont need a Council to impliment that. Once again, the whole "Making the world a better place" creeps in.........its a GAME!! As mentioned before, if someone wants to roleplay an arsehole, who`s to say they cant ? As long as they play by the OFFICIAL Rules, there`s nothing anyone can do about it. We`ve all been PKd, we`ve all been bagjumped, so what ? Yes its annoying and frustrating, but as, Kit/Ghrae I believe, said, for everything bad that happens, something good happens, isn`t that what the "World" is about? Treat others how you wish to be treated yourself, hopefully that will rub off on New Players. I`ve helped lots of people, and in return for that help, many people have helped me, thats how the "World" goes round. But as I said, lets not forget the fact, EL is a GAME, NOT a reality, people play the game to escape R/L for awhile, they play to escape the rules of life, they dont need to have more "Moral Rules" thrown in their face in a game. Thanks for your time
  13. Cooldown log

    Awww wot the hell, I`ve always said wot I thought, so why stop now?? If I get a forum ban......who cares.....wonder if I can break the 1k forum Ban?? Anyway, to the matters in hand.......if this is being done to improve the "ingame make believe economy" then surely this is the wrong way to go about it. The best way of improving any economy, is to provide people with something new and exciting, give them something new to make / buy, create more armor, weapons, potions and items in general that will spark interest, and while being new and different, will probably increase the economy`s revenue. But another point, I think is worth mentioning......apart from new players wanting a full set of plate after 5 mins of play, does anyone really care how much money is in the EL Bank Account?? I`m sorry guys, but I loved this game to bits, and all I`ve seen is a steady decline over the last few updates, all that hard work and effort that went into the new continent and new monsters will go to waste unless something is done soon. I understand its going to be adjusted, and tweaked and its only a test as such, but please, surely anything that slows an already slow game down even further, CANNOT be a good thing. I fear a lot of good players and EL Veterans may leave to find other games, and I know Ent has always said, who cares, let them go.....but Ent, I`m a PAYING player, I`ve put money in ya pocket, and so have a lot of others, how many wont renew there P2P when their year is up?? I know I wont be, and like I said, maybe you really dont care, after all, I`m only one person.....but I know I wont be the last. I`m taking a break for now anyway, but I would like to come back at some point, I`ve made some wonderful friends in EL, and it would be sad to say goodbye. We know you`re trying to improve the game, but maybe you should listen to those that have played this game for over a year or so, let them help you make this game great again. Thanks as always for your time. WiLdCaRd
  14. Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to wish all my American friends ingame and out, a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy ya day
  15. Privacy [SOLVED]

    Hiya, just a quick question, how do ya make ya skills invisible to others on the players online screen ??
  16. Privacy [SOLVED]

  17. Still having problems

    No Anim: ./animations/player_slash1.caf No Anim: ./animations/canine_pain.caf No Anim: ./animations/canine_pain.caf Error: Can't open file "./textures/particle5.bmp" Error: Can't open file "./textures/particle6.bmp" Error: Can't open file "./textures/particle7.bmp" Error: Can't open file "quest.log" Game crashes and I have to reboot everytime before I can log back in......except now I CANT even do that, tried uninstall and reinstall in new folders, game still not responding. Can someone help me plz
  18. Still having problems

    Think I did something wrong!!
  19. Still having problems

    Ok I`ll give that a go, thanx hun
  20. Macroing Hall of Shame

    A quote from Learner I believe....." Any macroing or automation is considered illegal whether you are AFK or not." Erm so wots Auto Harvesting then if it isn`t automation?? Is using an auto clicker over a make button also classed as macroing?? This is getting beyond a joke now, in any land people have the rights to a fair trial, if people are accused of Macroing, you have to provide the proof to those accused, a simple list of names, and someone saying you did it, is NOT proof. I think the least you could do, and I`m refering to those in charge, is provide proof via PMs, not all over the forums, and sort this out in private.
  21. Insanity Central is Recruiting

    wOOt Good luck you two, I hope ya have a lot of fun
  22. Patriotic work

    I still think they should all be locked up in a dungeon somewhere so everyone can walk past and throw rotten fruit n veg at them :lol:
  23. The hall of shame

    I s`pose I should add a sensible post before I`m banned for being too cheeky, but like my attempt at sarcasm, this is all a joke. Personally, I couldn`t give a flying steaming lump of dogs turd wot JoeBloggs (Sorry if there is a JoeBloggs) stats are, and I really dont give a hairy rats ass how they got them. El is a game, its s`posed to be about having fun, and having a laugh, EL isn`t a government, it isn`t a law, its not a way of life....its a GAME!! People cheat, thats a fact of life, and no matter how much you try and get rid of them, they will keep coming back, and no matter how smart you think you are in catching them, there will always be someone smarter than you. Like many others, I eagerly waited for the new and improved update, and like many others, I was over the moon when it arrieved, I must confess I was getting a little bored with EL and was thinking about looking elsewhere, but as I`ve been playing for longer than I can remember, I stayed and waited to see what was in store for us all. Yes the new maps look good, the new monsters look cool, but is that it? Surely there must be a lot more to come ? This isn`t a jibe at the EL HQ or the programmers that have worked so hard, the point I`m trying to make here, is we`ve been here before, Ent and the gang went on a mad crusade to get rid of the people using illegal clients, and while I agree with what they are trying to do, I cant help but think that the game will suffer again like it did last time. We had all the new random events, teleporting, Mother Nature on her time of the month, how long did it take to recover from that? How many people got fed up with being killed or teleported to lose all their items that they had worked hard for? The answer is LOTS!! Are we now gonna see the same kinda thing happening all over again? Is the game gonna suffer while the HQ goes on another crusade? Are the problems people are having gonna be sorted before this crusade takes place, or are the honest players in this game gonna suffer yet again? Plz lets not lose sight of what this is all about here, I`m not supporting people that have been using illegal clients, but I DO think its wrong that people that have only used a zoom, or a coloured GM be punished in anyway shape or form. I`m sure I read somewhere that those people wouldn`t be punished, I really hope that is the case, because if thats the way the game is gonna go, maybe I`ll reconsider my gaming options. Slightly miffed........... Thanks for ya time. Edit - NitageR.........DOH!!
  24. The hall of shame

    Anyone know where I can download the EF Client, sounds like it would save me a fortune in batteries for my cordless mouse
  25. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    Omg we`re back to this again are we, chasing people who use Macro programs......I haven`t read through all the posts, main reason is, I really cant be arsed, but surely people CAN`T be punished for using colour GMs, Zooms or something that tells u how much XP they`ve just gotten by doing something. I`m sorry, but if these people are punished, then everyone in EL HQ has gone raving mad I`m really hoping that ISN`T the case and that will be cleared up asap. As for using other programs to actually GAIN XP while ya not even there, then yes those people should be punished. But just a thought, shouldn`t we be trying to iron out all the bugs that are still in the game, and also preventing some people from even playing before we start chasing the cheats again. So much hard work has gone into improving the game, it would be a crying shame if thats put to one side while we`re chasing cheats all over EL. Just my opinion Edit Opps seems Ent was replying to wot I just said as I was typing this post!! Sorry, and thanx for clearing that one up