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  1. Newb instance guide

    NOT FINISHED Just wanted to post because I have to go to sleep and needed to save this, please look at any mistakes I might of made, or something I have missed, I will finish this tomorrow. Thank you Well, I've done a few n00b instances, so I decided to right a guide. INTRO You need a channel over 1000 and have it be your MAIN channel. Leave all other channels. So first, you have your instance team of 8-9 people. There are different jobs for different people which I will go into later. But, first, Instances start at the MM battle halls. Talk to the npc and in this case, take the n00b instance. When going, make sure that you go near :30, because most monsters are really hard to see at night. An instance will take from 1-2.9 hours depending on experience. My quickest instance i've done was done in 1 hour and 2 minutes. For instances, you are going to need Health Essence and Potions of spirit restoration. My recommendation for magic levels is at least 35, and a restore above 100. If you want to fight, I would recommend 73 def and above with only 24+/32+ p/c. Monsters!!! Feros/dcw (40/35) Drops: regular Melteans (25-30) Drops: health essence, potions of spirit restoration, Gc ranging from 0-1000, and magic arrows Scarba (2) Drops: GC (if you have found any other drops, please post) Yetis (3-4) Drops: regular Dilimacs (2) Drops: gc ranging from 0-50kgc, Red Dragon of Life and Mana, Bronze swords, Harvest medallions, and rings of power List of what you need: Armors (will go indepth with each roll a player(s) have) Weapons( same thing) Health essence and potions of spirit restoration, and other potions(will go in depth) *** Note: the ratio for health essence to potions of spirit restoration is 160:50. So don't bring 300 health essence and 20 potions of spirit restoration, that won't cut it. It is always good to plan your emu before the instance! Diss rings (at least 15) At least 1 rostogol stone. A cape (NMT, mirror, BP) CoL Titanium Shield Essence (will go in depth) Requirements: 8-9 players Mule (1-2 people depending on how many people you have) This person/people is responsible for bringing all the extra health essence, diss rings, and potions of spirit restoration You should have decent emu, and it doesn't matter what lvl you are. In the first 2 waves, you stay at the beginning of the instance until the third wave. At the beginning of the third wave, you move to the 1st bridge an let your team mates restock. You stay there and let your team mates restock if possible after the 4th wave. The 5th wave, you move with your team to fight the dilimacs. This is the part where you help your team mates, you attack the dilimac, and give the tank 2-3 seconds of no tanking which can be helpful. After you are dead, you can go afk until they are done or wait on ip and cheer on them on you instance channel. **In short** Fill up your emu with a ratio of 160:50 he/sr's and about 5-10 diss rings. Optional Summoning stones (not many) Bow A cheering attitude Tanker (usually 2-3 people have this role) As tanker, you don't have a high defense level and you will be getting all the damage. Being a tanker isn't fun but it is one of the keys to having a successful instance. Best if you have 250+ health, a 120+ restore, mirror cape, 20+ diss rings, some healing potions, some potions of extra mana, accuracy/evasion pots, magic pots, CoL, and a MoL/uni med. (obviously health essence and potions of spirit restoration) You should have at least 2-3 rostos if possible. (NOTE: minumum requirements are in bold cept for mirror cape, but it is strongly recommended) I have also seen success with the shield spell too while tanking. Armors to take into consideration: dragon armors, or steel armor. In my opinion, Titanium armor isn't the best. A nice combo is Steel plate+ titanium cuisses+greaves. Plus a titanium shield. Weapons Weapons to take into consideration is either that jagged saber or the cutlass (cutlass so you don't do much damage so the dmg mirrored from the monsters isn't so much) What to do when: On the first wave, it isn't that hard, basically all it is is dcw or feros which are easily to handle, just focus on not wasting he/ sr's. 2nd wave: This is considered as the hardest level of the whole instance. Melteans that spawn about 25-30 monsters. They hit hard, and have the mirror perk (about fluff a/d). Also, Melteans have 1.2k health. The secret is to take each meltean 1 by 1. Also, since you are taking large amounts of damage, be sure to use the diss ring so you don't die and let your team down. If you run out of he/sr's, ask the strongest person on your team for some. 3rd wave: After melteans, bring the mule person to the 1st bridge in the swamp instance map. Restock, and get ready to fight the Scarba. They only spawn in 2, have low defense, but high attack. These guys also have mirror perk, so be careful. There may be 2, but Scarba have 12khp. This shouldn't be to hard, so just focus on tanking and letting your instance mates do the damage. Diss at the right times, and let some of your other team mates tank when you are getting back mana and waiting for the cooldown. 4th wave: The 4th wave is either 3 or 4 yetis. This is a really hard wave, and all your focus must be on tanking and again, letting your instance do the dmg as quickly as possible. Restock if possible. 5th wave: The final wave, is 2 dilimacs, who have 20khp, and are giants. This is basically everything combined. These guys have mirror perk and hit hard. You might be low on sr's and he, and have to drop out, which is fine. Usually dilimacs are hard to tank at low 70's def and you can range with the magic arrows dropped from melteans. Just drop all your he and sr's and give to the next person in line. Normal/Tanker player (2-3, maybe even 4) You are the person who is smack in the middle. You are 75 def+ but below 78 defense. What you need: Since your are a normal/tanker player, you will need a jagged saber when not tanking, and cutlass when tanking. A bp when not tanking, a mirror when tanking. Armor is your choice, just higher than iron armor. You can have 1 rosto, but it is not recommended to bring 1 if you aren't experienced. 1st wave: The first wave is feros/dcw, and just focus on not dieing or losing he/sr's. Conserve resources. The 2nd wave is melteans. (fluffy levels and mirror perk) Focus on doing damage, and pay attention on when the tanker is going to diss. If you see him diss, you have 5 seconds to switch from jagged saber to cutlass and from BP to Mirror. Keep tanking until the tanker comes back, and then switch back. ****** Make sure you have items swap checked. Just right click on the top of inventory and check it Take each meltean one by one. The third wave is scarba. (def lvl of female orc, and high att lvl, mirror perk) Restock if needed. Same thing with melteans, switch back and forth when tanking or not. The fourth wave is yetis. (regular yetis) Try and do damage whi
  2. ipod touch/phone

    post all the games and apps that other people should get. I got dungeon hunter which is a nice game. If anyone else has finished this game, i feel like the ending isn't big, am i missing something? I also got pocket god (torture all the littler fellas) and F.A.S.T.
  3. Screenshot Thread

    Hehe I get same or even bit more exp at normal day from PV triple ogres Too bad I don't have screen atm iirc, PV blacksmith cave has 2 ogres...
  4. Instance 60-80-100

    why is ellstren there?? , joo went w/o meh!
  5. Instance 60-80-100

    well, i haven't done a nub instance for sometime, and i need to do one, so tell me anytime u r going to do one.
  6. About finding stones

    i'm experienced
  7. Screenshot Thread

    noooo, rock must stay.
  8. The LION Guild are bag jumpers

    geez, i don't know want to know what you think of me imo, it was only 50 bones, not a big deal.

    i <3 joo.
  10. static / dynamic fighting

    so ur saying that we should have a standlock? where even you click, u can move?? or are you saying that when u kill something, you don't move foreward?
  11. About finding stones

    someone found a binding stone the other day. it was Xenamt.

    omg, nuuu, i want a nice cuddely teddy bear and spam a bit bigger plx.

    Can I have one? Make sure to have spam somewhere on the siggy.
  14. Screenshot Thread

    @ rasberry: Can i sign up my fluffy for fluffy School? @ Dugur: I can't even get that much xp fighting...lol
  15. Traffic in NC Near Storage

    ja, the rock needs to go, i will protest at the rock spot until it will be moved!
  16. Gwood

    i love leonard. sorry for ur loss koddy
  17. Sole

    Gd luck AlddrA and Cardome
  18. Pay to PvP...

    Would be nice idea to have a place where you could play team PK games w/o people coming in that aren't playing and killing you, but couldn't you just go to a guild map that is all pk?
  19. GODz

    gd luck with many big family
  20. Possible Spells

    that heal over time would be a very nice spell for instances. Get like 1 mule, 7 fighters, and a mage/summoner.
  21. Screenshot Thread

    i'll hold that against you.
  22. Screenshot Thread

    been 4 years and i'm not even 80's a/d. My harv is 50's, alch is 20's, and oa is 80's.
  23. GODz

    I love the pics tiger, makes me want to join GODz........ Off topic: Why are all the DEAD members not in DEAD anymore?
  24. were you thinking of me when you typed this?? I think it is a good idea as long as it is high ranked. If a guild wants to host an event for allies, or has some project thing to strengthen the bonds with each other, it would be a lot easier typing one time then 5-10 times. I'm not sure how the allying thing goes, but I think that the message should only work if the other guild is allied to you too. We could get some abusers that just ally random guilds and spam them. But as I said, I don't know how allying works.
  25. Boycott Learner

    kk senzon.